2023 Top Custom Home Builders in Tennessee [See Our List]

Most people dream of building the perfect home, but few people can make that dream a reality. When you move to Tennessee, building a custom home may be within your grasp. We’ve rounded up custom home builders from each corner of the Volunteer State. You will find builders who specialize in every architectural style. They offer numerous amenities, from custom kitchens to fantasy-inspired outdoor spaces and even the perfect wine cellar for your collection. If finding the perfect green builder who can create an environmentally friendly home is more your thing, we’ve included those builders. There’s something for everyone in the custom home design realm.

What Are The Different Types Of New Home Builders?

Not all home builders are created equal. We’ll break down the different types of new home construction builders to know what you are getting for your money.

Tract home builder

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Hawkins Homes.

Tract home builders are typically the cheapest of the three types of new home builders. Just as the name implies, builders buy a tract of land and build a housing development. They build many houses that are often similar. These builders are often referred to as production builders because they are building for quantity. They make money by of selling large amounts of affordable houses.

High-production spec-home builder

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Grant Construction, Inc.

High-production spec-home builders bridge the gap between tract and custom home builders. These builders are interested in selling many houses and often have a handful of customized plans. You usually sit down at a design meeting and get just a few design choices to customize your house. For example, you may get 2-3 options for kitchen cabinets. This is different from custom home builders who can make anything happen for you as long as you pay for it.

Custom home builder

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Davis Properties.

Custom home builders provide a completely different experience because you are getting a truly custom home. Custom homes are typically built by niche low-production custom home builders. Due to their smaller scale, new custom home builders will specialize in one type of house, area, or customer. This is why they are attached to the more high-end projects. Custom homes cost more because there is more personalization and craftsmanship.

If you’re interested in a new luxury home in Tennessee, it’s worth it to go the custom home builder route. We’ve rounded up all the information to custom build a house in Tennessee.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Custom House In Tennessee?

It’s difficult to calculate the exact cost of building a custom house in Tennessee. First, you have to consider location. Areas around Nashville are more costly than other Tennessee cities, affecting costs. You also have to consider materials. Because custom houses come with infinite options, it can be hard to give a price estimate before thoroughly doing your research. However, estimates for a custom house in Tennessee range from $90 to $400 per square foot.

Who Are The Best Custom Home Builders In East Tennessee?

If you’re eyeing a move to East Tennessee, you have many options in custom home builders. The major cities in East Tennessee are Chattanooga and Knoxville. Homebuilders typically call these cities home base and build in surrounding areas.

GreenTech Homes

Image of the interior of a new construction home built by GreenTech Homes.

Are you envisioning a dream home in Chattanooga? GreenTech Homes builds sustainable homes in one of Tennessee's most outdoor-centric cities. You can find GreenTech Homes in the Northshore, Southside, North Chattanooga, and St. Elmo neighborhoods. Founded by two Chattanooga real estate veterans, Paul Terura and Jim Storey, you’re getting a builder who knows the Chattanooga construction industry.

GreenTech emphasizes its green status by using durable materials that last, like high-performance siding and subfloors. They use paints, caulk, and hardwoods that are environmentally friendly. You can also expect things like water-efficient toilets and energy-efficient appliances. Not only green and environmentally friendly, but their plans are also fully customizable. You can choose from various options like shaker cabinets, coffered ceilings, fireplaces, built-ins, and more. Homes are between 1,900 and 2,400 square feet.

Collier Construction

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Collier Construction.

Collier Construction may be for you if you’re planning a build in Chattanooga and want a home builder with accolades. Collier Construction builds family homes that are quality, healthy, and energy-efficient all over Chattanooga, TN. Founder Ethan Collier is LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) who builds in Tennessee and Georgia. Collier is well-versed in home building trends and leadership positions on the U.S. Green Building Council and the Home Builders Association of Southeast Tennessee (HBAST).

Collier Construction has collected numerous awards over the past few years. These include the HBAST President’s Award, the President’s Award from the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga, Small Business of the Year by the Chamber Award, and the Torch Award from the BBB. Collier Construction has an A+ rating for its dedication to customer service.

Mike Stevens Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Mike Stevens Homes.

Mike Stevens Homes is in Knoxville, TN. Mike and Marquita Stevens have been building dream homes for East Tennessee families for over thirty years. They are a member of the Southern Living Custom Home Builder program. They were even selected to host a Southern Living Showcase Home in 2021. You can see this home in the Northshore Town Center. Mike Steven started as a carpenter and worked his way to the superintendent, general contractor, and land developer. So he has experience at each level of the home building process.

McCamy Construction

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by McCamy Construction

Located in Knoxville, McCamy Construction builds custom homes. Founder Sam McCammy III aims to build houses in Knoxville tailored to the customer. McCamy Construction caters to Knoxville and its surrounding areas. The firm is committed to excellence and is a part of the Home Builders Association of Tennessee, the Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville, and the National Association of Home Builders. They were also awarded Cityview Magazine’s Best of the Best Award 2012-2018.

Matt Noss Construction

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Matt Noss Construction

Matt Noss builds custom homes out of Knoxville, TN. Matt Noss Construction helps clients maximize their investment by developing exceptional homes. Founded in 2007, Noss has built numerous high-quality homes throughout the Knoxville area. Well-versed in many design types, Matt Noss Construction has built rustic cabins, modern farmhouses, and contemporary homes.

Who Are The Best Custom Home Builders In Middle Tennessee?

Nashville is Tennessee’s most luxurious metropolitan city with its culture, music, and “it” city status. Make sure your home matches that. Build a custom home in communities like Arrington, Brentwood, Franklin, and the greater Nashville area with one of these talented custom home builders.

Davis Properties

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Davis Properties

Davis Properties builds high-end custom homes in Nashville’s most exclusive communities. These include Belle Meade, Green Hills, Oak Hill, and Brentwood. Founded in 2002, Davis Properties is a member of HBAMT (Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee) and NAHB (National Associate of Home Builders). As a second-generation home builder, founder Justin Davis works with clients in each part of the home building process, including project management. Davis Properties uses some of the most skilled subcontractors in the region to build some of the most luxurious homes in Nashville.

Hidden Valley Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Hidden Valley Homes

Hidden Valley Homes designs upscale homes and large estates all over Middle Tennessee. Bringing thirty years of experience in the industry, Trina and Jim Spangler build in upscale developments that include the Grove, the Preserve at Echo Estates, Avry, and Bennington. You can find their homes all over Brentwood, College Grove, Nolensville, and Franklin. Homes start at $500k and go up into the millions.

If you’re eyeing a home builder for Nashville, Hidden Valley Homes has an urban division called HV Urban. They are developing Vibe in East Nashville, an urban community of 38 homes. HV Urban specializes in the modern prairie home.

Hart Custom Homebuilders

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Hart Custom Homebuilders

Hart Custom Homebuilders are a hands-on building group run by brothers Michael and Christopher Hart. The Hart brothers are talented craftsmen in their own right, appearing on an HGTV series called Best Practices, where they showed their building experience. They have a hand on every project and choose only to take a few at a time. Hart Custom Homebuilders build in many exclusive Williamson County communities like Governors Club and Hampton Reserve. But they really excel at large country estates with luxury backyards and pools.

Grove Park Construction

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Grove Park Construction

Brandon Jenkins, the founder of Grove Park Construction, knows about building beautiful luxury homes. He’s come from a long line of custom home builders– five generations. Grove Park assists clients at each stage: picking lots, designing the home, and choosing materials. Grove Park Construction has experience making its client’s dreams come true. This includes building indoor basketball courts, high-tech showers, and gorgeous wine cellars. Frequently included in Nashville Parade of Home, award-winning Grove Park Construction may be a great fit for your new build if your price range is between $700k to $3.5 million.

Castle Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Castle Homes

Castle Homes builds luxurious mansions in Williamson County and the surrounding Nashville area. Sought after due to their high level of quality, Castle Homes constructs multi-million dollar homes in upscale communities like Brentwood, Forest Hills, Green Hills, and Belle Meade. Southern Living Magazine awarded Castle Homes the Custom Home Builder of the Year Award and has Castle Homes on its list of elite regional builders. In 2018 the custom home builder won the “Most Livable” award from the HBAMT Parade of homes. Memberships include the U.S. Green Building Council and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

Who Are The Best Custom Home Builders In West Tennessee?

There are so many great options for building a custom home in Memphis, TN. We’ve rounded up our picks for the best custom home builders in and around Memphis.

Klazmer Sklar Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Klazmer Sklar Homes

Klazmer Sklar Homes is a partnership between Scott Klazmer and Ron Sklar. The two home builders personally visit and work at each homesite every day. Klazmer Sklar homes services the entire Memphis Metro area, including outer suburbs like Bartlett and Collierville. Custom homes range from $500k to $800k in places like Harper’s Trail, Massey Green, and East Memphis. Each home comes with a 10-year limited warranty, and Klazmer Sklar specializes in environmentally friendly houses. Klazmer Sklar Homes is a member of the West Tennessee Home Builders Association.

The Dave Moore Companies

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by The Dave Moore Companies

The Dave Moore Companies are a longstanding and trusted home builder in Memphis. With three decades of experience building and remodeling homes, The Dave Moor Companies builds desirable homes. As a West Tennessee Home Builders Association member and the NAHB, The Dave Moore Companies have won the People’s Choice Award in 2013 and 2014. Their eye for design also emphasizes outdoor living. Founder Dave Moore focuses on craftsmanship, communication, and quality.

Magnolia Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Magnolia Homes

Are you looking for an elegant home in Germantown in the Memphis area? Magnolia Homes may be the perfect custom home builder for you. Karen Garner started Magnolia Homes to create distinctive homes in Memphis. Their in-house design team will guide you through the process. Owners are hands-on from design to inspection. They have also built over 800 homes in 30 different communities around Memphis. You can find Magnolia Homes in Magnolia Preserve, Shepherd’s Creek, Cypress Grove, Saunders Creek, and more. You will see luxury touches like Hardie Board exteriors siding, huge covered porches, and custom cabinets. You also automatically get a limited 10-year warranty when you build with Magnolia Homes, and you can trust their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

RKA Construction

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by RKA Construction

RKA has been in Memphis for the last decade. They have homes in luxury neighborhoods like Harbor Town, Chickasaw Gardens, Collierville, and Fayette County. RKA Construction has garnered some big attention as a newer company. You can find them featured in Architectural Digest, The Memphis Daily News, and the Memphis Magazine. RKA Construction aims to transform houses into homes that fit each family’s modern lifestyle. Founder Ryan Anderson has a passion for high-quality luxury homes.

Arc Con Construction

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Arc Con Construction

Arc Con Construction has been around since 1988. Founder Bud Hurley takes the old-school hands-on approach of overseeing all work done on job sites. He not only owns the company but acts as superintendent as well. Bud attends the National Home Builders Show each year to stay current on new trends. He brings his expertise to every job that he does. Homes can cost up to $3.5 million, and Arc Con Construction can build many different home styles.

How Do I Build A Custom House In Tennessee?

Before starting a big project, it can feel daunting to know where to begin. Here are the basics for building a house in Tennessee so you can get started on your custom house.

Step #1: Find land

The best part of a custom home build is the ability to put your house anywhere. You are not confined to a subdivision or neighborhood. So you can have a lot of flexibility with your location. Depending on your situation, you may want to do steps one and two simultaneously. It can be helpful to discuss the land you select with your builder to anticipate potential challenges.

Step #2: Pick a builder for your dream home

This may be the most crucial step of the home-building process. You want your house built well, which comes from the right builder. Make sure you evaluate your builder by looking at reviews and references. Meet with the building team, and ask questions. You want a custom home builder who has a good reputation. But you don’t necessarily want a huge firm. Smaller groups are more likely to be hands-on. You also want to make sure their process works with you. Weigh the pros and cons when comparing custom home-building companies.

Step #3: Choose or create house plans

Many custom home builders have house plans that they can customize, and others can take your vision and run with it. If you want complete creative control over house plans, you will have to factor in the cost of an architect coming up with custom plans.

Step #4: Personalize the details

This may be the best part of the custom home-building process. You get to personalize the details. Choose every fixture, color, and material for your new home. Be careful not to go over budget here because it’s easy to do when you get so much choice!

Step #5: Live in your dream home!

Once the house is complete, the only other thing to do is move in. It will be so rewarding to see the materialization of your dreams. It’s also a great way to enjoy your investment. A custom house in the right location can provide you with a great profit if you ever decide to sell.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom House In Tennessee?

It depends, but typically it takes between 6-18 months to build a custom house in Tennessee. There are so many factors that affect this number. Here are a few things to consider when estimating build time:

  • House size: This one is a little obvious, but we have to say it. Smaller houses are faster to build.
  • Changes: You can change your mind when you build your house. You will pay for it in time and money. So make sure your changes are worth it.
  • Materials: Supply chain issues are affecting the construction industry. If your contractors don’t have the materials for a task, they cannot do it. This can create a chain reaction because other parts of a project get delayed as well.
  • Labor: Access to quality labor is another key for getting a house built faster. If your home is located further out from a city, it may take workers longer to get to it. This time loss can add up.
  • Landscape: Not all land is created the same, especially in Tennessee. Our beautiful hills can create challenges for building. If your lot needs a lot of prep work, this can delay building time.
  • Weather: Weather affects the job site. For example, if workers perform a task that requires drying time, they can’t do it in the rain. (By the way, it rains a lot in Tennessee.) Extreme temperature can also slow down construction for certain tasks as well.

What Are The Most Popular Design Trends Of New Homes In Tennessee?

Tennessee is home to many different home styles. Homeowners can find Antebellum homes, Craftsman, Ranch-style homes, log cabins, and many newer modern styles. With so many different homes, a few design trends hold Tennessee’s diverse regions together.

Classic Design With Modern Finishes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home.

There are many traditional homes in Tennessee. But as Tennessee becomes more modern over time, we see a fusion of where old meets new. You will often see a traditional home updated with modern lighting, kitchens, and accents. Interior designers include white quartz counters, brass fixtures, and steel doors and windows.

White Houses

White houses are having a moment in Tennessee. You cannot go down the street without seeing a handful of white or ivory houses. Painting a house white seems to add a fresh layer to the home. It also is a way for new or remodeled houses to look more modern but still fit into more traditional neighborhoods.

Open Floor Plans

Image of the interior of a new construction home.

People desire the open floor plan, whether you’re building or renovating in Tennessee. It makes sense for entertainers and families alike. Why wouldn’t you want all of your entertaining spaces constructed together with a wide and open feeling? It’s possible to build a variety of homes with this layout. You will even want to consider connecting your open floor plan to the outdoor spaces you are creating. Tennessee is outdoor-friendly for much of the year!

What Is The Best Way To Find A Custom Home Builder To Build Your Dream Home In Tennessee?

The best way to find a custom home builder is to reach out to one of the experienced agents at Felix. We'll look out for your best interest. If you work directly with a builder, they do not have any duty, agency, or responsibility to look out for your best interest throughout the process. A Realtor can help you navigate hidden builder fees and other issues that arise from a typical builder contract. You can also depend on a Realtor for all issues that occur during the buying process. Finally, an experienced Realtor can help you select the right custom home builder. This can be one of the biggest hurdles of building a custom home in Tennessee.

Join Felix to begin the process of building your custom home today. We help people navigate the custom home-building process from start to finish! Plus, if you use Felix as your buyer's agent, you could get up to 1% off the sales price!

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