2023 Top Home Builders in Tennessee [See Who Made The List]

Have you been dreaming of a new home in Tennessee? You have a lot of options to consider all over the state. You can head over to Nashville for its music, food, and thriving economy. Maybe Memphis is more your speed? Areas like Germantown and Collierville are thriving and full of new developments. Or try out East Tennessee, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, for a beautiful mountainous outdoor setting. Tennessee has something for everyone.

We broke down the best high-production home builders throughout the state. You can find a builder to suit your needs anywhere you go.

What Are The Different Types Of New Home Builders?

So you’re going down the route of building a new home in Tennessee. Which type of home builder is right for your project? Let’s look at the differences below.

Custom Home Builders

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Grove Park Construction

Custom homes are typically built by niche low-production custom home builders. With custom home builders, the options are endless. If you can dream it, they can build it. This will come with added cost. But your possibilities are truly endless with a custom home.

Semi-Custom Home Builders

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Regency Homebuilders

Semi-custom homes are often the best choice for people who feel overwhelmed by too many decisions but want to avoid having a cookie-cutter home. You can choose a floorplan, but you likely won't be able to customize it beyond adding a room or two. You have more choices on finishes and materials that go into your home. Some of these choices are included in the price of your home, but others will raise the price of your home.

Spec Home Builders

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by The Jones Company

High-production spec-home builders usually build large planned urban developments and subdivisions. The benefit of these builders is that you can save money by not going fully custom. They give you a handful of options instead of endless choices. This will lower your bottom line. You also will, most likely, get your house built faster. This is because the home builder has all their resources inside just a few developments in an area. A high-production home builder can be an excellent option for someone who wants a brand new house but cannot afford a complete custom house.

Tract Home Builders

Image of the exterior of a home.

Tract homes are similar to spec homes because they are new construction homes that the buyer did not customize. Tract homes get their name because builders build subdivisions on large tracts of land. You benefit from the builder buying materials and building at scale. (It lowers the price.) The downside is that the subdivision can come off as cookie-cutter in style. But this is an excellent option for someone who needs an affordable new home quickly.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A House In Tennessee?

It depends. Different areas of Tennessee have different costs of living. Nashville is the most expensive metro area in Tennessee. Such things as land and labor will be much higher in price. But on average, you are going to pay about $110 per square foot when building a home in Tennessee. So this means that a 2,500 square foot house will cost you about $280,000 on average in Tennessee. The more customizations you go with, the more your house will cost. You can lower your total cost by choosing a builder who uses predetermined house plans rather than building from scratch.

Who Are The Best High-Production Home Builders Near Nashville?

If your big move to the Nashville area includes a new home, then a high-production home builder may be right for you. The Middle Tennessee area includes communities like Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Mount Juliet, Gallatin, Hendersonville, and Nolensville.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best home builders in Music City.

Beazer Homes

Image of the interior of a new construction home built by Beazer Homes

Beazer Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in the country. They also have a tremendous amount of experience: 9 generations of homebuilding. In fact, genealogists can trace the Beazer family back to the 1600s in England building houses. Beazer builds in thirteen states and builds in many subdivisions around Nashville. With Beazer’s scale, they have access to various resources and they can build homes fast. You will experience their knowledge at each step: planning, designing, building, and inspecting.

David Weekley Homes

Image of the interior of a new construction home built by David Weekley Homes

David Weekley Homes has been on the home building scene since 1976. During this time, David Weekley Homes have developed a reputation for innovative design choices and service. They have developed hundreds of neighborhoods across the country. David Weekley Homes are in various communities throughout Nashville, so you should be able to find something that fits your budget. David Weekley Homes will help you each step of the way. You even get their help after the build with a multi-level warranty program.

Centex Homes (Pulte Homes)

Image of the interior of a new construction home built by Centex Homes

Centex Homes, or their subsidiary, Pulte Homes which you may be more familiar with bills itself as an affordable solution for entry-level homebuyers. This may be your best bet builder if you’re new to the home building process. Centex Homes offers flexible floor plans with classic designs. They create a real sense of community with every new development they make. Centex is used to walking people through the design and build process. They want the home buying process to be easy to understand each step of the way.

The Jones Company

Image of the interior of a new construction home built by The Jones Company

The Jones Company has been building homes since 1927, and it is a construction company that has been built by generations of builders. They build homes from $400,000 - $800,000. So there is something for a wide variety of price points from entry-level to a move-up in size and quality. The Jones Company often sees customers buying multiple homes from them throughout their lifetime. It could be the warranties that they offer on a new home: a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials and a ten-year guarantee on major structural components.

Goodall Homes

Image of the interior of a new construction home built by Goodall Homes

Goodall Homes has been building homes in Nashville since 1983. You can also find their homes in Huntsville, Chattanooga, and Bowling Green. They have seen success through the years by staying true to their core values. This has produced a work team that produces exceptional results for their customers. They value craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to every home that they build. Goodall Home is a home builder that values affordability for every homebuyer.

Celebration Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Celebration Homes

Celebration Homes is another Nashville-based builder that’s motto is: “More space. More Style.” This means that they have well-designed floorplans that help you use your home. They also want your home to have more style so that you have more design choices to bust out of the feeling of having a cookie-cutter home in your neighborhood. Celebration Homes has something for everyone: starter homes, sprawling single family homes, and empty nester escapes.

Drees Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Drees Homes

Drees Homes has been in the business since 1928. Their respected position in homebuilding comes from quality combined with staying current on construction trends. Drees puts energy-efficient techniques at the forefront to have a home that works for you. Award-winning Drees Homes will help you each step of the way with updated floor plans, in-style materials, and uncompromised service. A company of this size can help you each step of the way in the home-building process.

Ryan Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Ryan Homes

Since 1948, Ryan Homes has built beautiful spaces that families call home. They are now one of the largest homebuilders in the country but still committed to the values of when they started as a small family-run business. Over 96% of Ryan Homes customers would recommend Ryan Homes to their family and friends. You can find a Ryan Home in over 400 communities across the country. Music City is one of them!

Who Are The Best High-Production Home Builders Near Clarksville?

You've come to the right place if you’re looking for a high-production home builder near Clarksville or Fort Campbell. We’ve rounded up our picks for some of the best home builders.

Hawkins Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Hawkins Homes

Hawkins Homes builds in Farmington, Campbell Heights, Clear Springs, Eagles Bluff, Autumn Creek, Chalet Hills, Charleston Oaks, and Mills Creek subdivisions. With quality craftsmanship, open floor plans, and beautiful architectural plans, you can’t go wrong with Hawkins Homes. The builder chooses developments full of amenities like parks, playgrounds, and trails. Hawkins Homes builds homes with charm and character.

Grant Construction, Inc.

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Grant Construction, Inc.

Grant Construction, Inc. is a builder bringing 50 years of experience to their home building. They strive to get you to experience the feeling of walking into your own home. Homeownership is attainable in Clarksville because quality construction can be affordable. Grant Construction wants you to be satisfied with the homes they build for you. You can find Grant Construction in the Clarksville communities of Wilson Way, Summerfield, Locust Run, Copperstone, Bentley Meadows, Wellington Fields, Easthaven, and Crosswinds.

MRG Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by MRG Homes

In Clarksville, you can find MRG Homes in Bentley Meadows, Crosswinds, Eagles Bluff, Promenade Hills, and Wellington Fields. MRG Homes is owned and operated by Mark Grant. Mark prides himself on being hands-on with his business and is on the job site every day. MRG Homes are committed to building homes in the Clarksville and Fort Campbell area so that the area prospers. Committed to the most popular housing trends: quality craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and the latest designs, MRG Homes is consistently raising the bar.

Reda Home Builders

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Reda Home Builders

Reda Home Builders specializes in new home construction in Clarksville, TN. They are client-focused, and they will work to make your dream home possible. They specialize in three and four-bedroom homes. Reda Home Builders have numerous floorplans to choose from, and they are invested in building the community of Knoxville.

Baldwin Builders LLC

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Baldwin Builders LLC

It seems like Baldwin Builders LLC is all over Clarksville. You can find their houses in the neighborhoods of Clover Glen, Eagle’s Bluff, Easthaven, Farmington, McAdoo Creek, Renfroe’s Landing, Summerfield, Sycamore Hill, Farmington, and Autumn Creek. Baldwin Builders is owned and operated by Reed Baldwin. They bring over a decade of experience to the job. You can find Baldwin’s homes all over central Tennessee and southern Kentucky. Baldwin Builders specializes in new home builds, renovations, and garages.

The Tucker Corporation

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by The Tucker Corporation

You can find homes built by The Tucker Corporation in Savannah Crossings and Savannah Lakes. Richard and Paula Tucker have owned and operated the Tucker Corporation since 1976. They started in real estate and over time transitioned to construction. So they understand both sides of the home building puzzle. The Tucker Corporation is truly a family affair, and their son Bryan oversees all residential builds. The Tucker Corporation is an excellent option for a new home in Clarksville, committed to building unique and quality homes.

Who Are The Best High-Production Home Builders Near Knoxville?

Are you eyeing East Tennessee for your brand new home? Knoxville has a lot to offer with its city amenities and outdoor activities. You will have the Great Smoky Mountains in your backyard. Also, a Saturday at Neyland Stadium just can’t be beaten. There are many builders in Knoxville that are building in communities and subdivisions. You just have to pick the builder that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Smithbilt Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Smithbilt Homes

Smithbilt Homes can meet any home need you may have: first-time homebuyer, relocating, upsizing, or downsizing. Family-owned and operated, Smithbilt has been building homes in the Knoxville area since the 1950s. You will work with professionals at each step, from design to building and inspections. You can find Smithbilt Homes in Creek Valley Estates, The Farm at Riverbend, The Meadows at Shannon Valley, Avalon, The Highlands at Copeland, Sweetwater Creek, Creek Bend Farms, The Manor in the Foothills, The Preserve, and Ely Park. There is truly an option for everyone.

Turner Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Turner Homes

Turner Homes brings 50 years of experience to building your home. They build brand new communities with semi-custom homes to complete custom homes. They pride themselves on honoring your timeline, budget, and quality. They are a local company that hopes to build your home and celebrate the Knoxville community. Their communities are in Everett Woods, Stamford Bridge, Harper Village, Snowmass, Goodison Park, Alpine Meadow, Black Forest, Hanover Court, and Highbury Park.

Sentinel Builders

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Sentinel Builders

Sentinel Builders has been building in East Tennessee since 1997. Founder and president Gary Duncan, brings his knowledge and experience to every house he produces. With over 20 years of experience, he has a team of professionals and craftsmen who will build you a quality home. You can find Sentinel houses in communities like Plantation Springs, Creekside Plantation, Hannah’s Grove, Copperstone, Turnberry, Chanterelle Glen, Joshua’s Landing, and Cherrybrook.

Healy Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Healy Homes

Healy Homes brings 35 years of building experience to the Knoxville area. They believe that your home is your most significant investment and a place for your family. Their eye for quality and focus on craftsmanship make them a great choice for a high-production home builder in Knoxville. You can find their homes in Bluegrass Bend, The Annex at Jefferson Park, and Concord Crossing. Healy Homes is a small family-owned business.

Who Are The Best High-Production Home Builders Near Chattanooga?

Chattanooga is an excellent option for those looking for an outdoor-oriented city in Tennessee. Out of Tennessee’s major cities, it is smaller. It is perfect for hiking, rock climbing, boating, and more. Check out our picks for builders near Chattanooga to build your dream home today.

Queen Construction

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Queen Construction

Queen Construction brings 30 years of experience to the job site. You can find their homes in the Pine Lakes subdivision of Ringgold, Georgia. You can find a variety of floor plan options, and there is truly something for everyone. Typically, Queen Construction builds houses that range from $350,000 to $600,000. In the Chattanooga suburbs, that’s about 3-4 bedrooms. Their attention to detail will mean that your house build will go smoothly and you will be stress-free.

RP Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by RP Homes

RP Homes creates luxury homes with a passion. They will be with you at every step: lot selection, floor plans, material selection, and construction. Because communication is everything, an RP Homes professional will meet with you at each construction phase: selections, pre-drywall, home orientation, and final inspection. You will be getting the best workers and craftspeople working on your home during each stage of construction. You can find houses built by RP Homes at Moss Landing, Baldwin Park, and The Oxford.

Smith Douglas Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Smith Douglas Homes

Smith Douglas Homes is building communities all over the southeast. You can find their community, Collington, in Dalton, GA, a suburb of Chattanooga. This is a more affordable option for the family looking for their first home. Invest in a home that will retain its value for years to come. Because Smith Douglas Homes is a large company, they can get materials at lower costs. This means you save money on the bottom line. But they never sacrifice quality when they are getting you these savings. They believe that once you buy one of their homes, you become a part of the Smith Douglas family.

Collier Construction

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Collier Construction

Collier Construction is the builder you turn to if you need a home in urban Chattanooga. They develop communities based on the Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) principles. Each community is walkable, environmentally friendly, and higher density. The result is a longer-lasting and healthier household. You and your family will love to live in Chattanooga’s core. They bring good communication, honesty, and customer service to each of their jobs. Collier Construction is our choice for the most environmentally friendly and green builder in Chattanooga. Check out their communities at Waypoint South, The Stockyards, Chamber Hill, and Slayton’s Crossing.

Dwell Designed Construction

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Dwell Designed Construction

Dwell Designed Construction is made up of the duo of Bryand and Julie Bledsoe. Bryan is the managing partner who manages subcontractors, vendors, and job sites. Julie is the head designer with a unique eye for each project. This family-owned business will ensure that you have a personalized experience on each project they work on. Dwell Designed Construction is an excellent builder option if you want a semi-custom home near Chattanooga. You can find their homes inside Wolfcreek and Woodbury subdivisions.

Brown Haven Homes

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Brown Haven Homes

Brown Haven Homes builds in Tennessee, North Georgia, western North Carolina, and South Carolina. So they might be the perfect fit for your new home in Chattanooga. Brown Haven builds over 1,000 homes a year. This gives them the ability to negotiate the best prices from suppliers and craftspeople. You can expect to pay less for your home. The extra money can go into upgrades or your down payment.

Who Are The Best High-Production Home Builders Near Memphis?

Are you making a move to Memphis? You have many semi-custom home builder options in Memphis’s western metro. Here are a few options for high-production home builders near Memphis.

Regency Homebuilders

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Regency Homebuilders

Regency Homebuilders has numerous communities and subdivisions in the Memphis area. They are well established with over 30 years of experience. They are passionate about helping families and individuals reach the goal of homeownership. Regency Homebuilders have the priority of helping people. They are committed to excellence, including architectural design, craftsmanship, and service. Your family will have a safe home for years to come. Some of Regency’s communities include Brunswick Village, Parkview, Cordova Ridge, Grays Hollow, Woodland Hills, Kensington Manor, Winstead Farms East, Williams Ridge, Chickasaw Gardens, Fairway Village, Cypress Trails, and Huntington Pointe. Regency Homebuilders give you a lot of options in the Memphis area.

Dickens Built

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Dickens Built

Dickens Built believes in a family-focused approach. They are, after all, building a home for your family that will last. Founder Chris Dickens launched his company in 2006 after working alongside his developer father for most of his life. Chris aims to be the quintessential Collierville, TN home builder. Dickens Built will dig deeper and look at every detail in the home building. You can find their homes in the communities of Whittmore, Porter Farms, and Piper Hollow.

Master Design Builders

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Master Design Builders

At Master Design Builders, John and Deanna De Sanctis bring 30 years of construction industry experience. It is a true family-owned business, and they even have their daughter Sherry working alongside them. Master Design Builders maintain good relationships with homeowners, realtors, developers, tradespeople, and the community. It’s why people turn to them for homebuilding. John started in the sheetrock business, so he knows what it takes to build a home from the ground up. You can find Master Design Builders houses at LaFayette Station, Rossville Reserve, and the Village at Cotton Bend.

Astor Fine Builders

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by Astor Fine Builders

Astor Fine Builders offers homes with a custom-built feel. Their attention to detail means that each customer has their own building experience. Their experienced designers and craftspeople will assist you in any building decisions you make, so you are getting an exciting new home. Each new build comes with a one-year new home builder warranty. They currently offer twelve floorplans.

APEX Home Builders

Image of the exterior of a new construction home built by APEX Home Builders

You can find most homes built by APEX Home Builders in Tipton County, outside of Memphis. They build homes that fit the need of your family, and they work through the process as if it was their own home. Owners, Steve and Tony, are involved at each step of the build. This type of passion creates an unmatched final product. You can find APEX homes in the communities of Glenview Estates, Oak Creek, Wilson Manor, and Sterling Ridge.

How Do I Build A House In Tennessee?

It can be tough to know where to start if you’re building a house in Tennessee, especially if you’re relocating. We’ll walk you through the steps on how to build a house in Tennessee.

Step #1: Decide on a location

If you’re going the semi-custom builder route in Tennessee, it’s best to pick a location and development first. At Felix, we can help you select the right community to fit all of your needs. Acting as your buyer’s agent we will work on your behalf to negotiate the perfect deal at your ideal location. Plus, when you use Felix as your agent, you could save up to 2% off the sales price!

Step #2: Handpick a builder

Once you have an area narrowed down, you can choose from the builders in that part of town. If you pick a subdivision, you may have just a handful of choices. If you’re going for a broader area like a school district, you should have more builder options.

When looking at builders, consider reviews and testimonials carefully. A new home is often a family’s most significant investment, so you want to ensure you are getting quality. Here are a few questions that you should ask builders while you’re considering your options:

  • How can I communicate with you during the build process?
  • Who will be at the job site each day?
  • What types of materials do you use?
  • Where can I see reviews of your work? Can I talk to a current homeowner?
  • What’s your timeline for new homes?
  • Do you have a model home that we could tour?

Step #3: Choose house plans

Semi-custom builders typically have a handful of plans to choose from when building your house. You can do minor tweaks to these plans, but you will not have the full ability for complete personalization. You would have to opt for a complete custom home for this.

Step #4: Select details

This may be the most exciting step. You can choose every material, fixture, color, and countertop for your new build. Most home builders will give you a few choices in every category. This helps you narrow down your options, and it's much easier to stay within budget.

Step #5: Enjoy your new home!

Once your home is complete, it’s yours to enjoy. You will make memories in this house until you decide to sell. At that point, your new home becomes a stepping stone for your next big investment.

How Long Does It Take To Build A House In Tennessee?

You can expect a house in Tennessee to take 6-18 months to build. There are so many factors to consider when calculating this estimate.

  • House size: Smaller houses are faster to build.
  • Changes: Any time you change your mind, additional cost and time are added to your total.
  • Labor: If a subcontracting crew is delayed, your construction timeline can be pushed back.
  • Weather: Unplanned weather events and conditions affect every construction site. So this can add delays to job sites.

How many houses are built in Tennessee each year?

Over 41,000 new build housing permits are pulled in Tennessee each year. That number continues to grow. There is a new home in Tennessee for you.

What Are The Most Popular Design Trends Of New Homes In Tennessee?

Tennessee is diverse, and there are so many home styles to choose from in the Volunteer State. But there are a few common threads in each new home today. Here are some of the most popular trends that you will see in Tennessee.

Open Floor Plans

Image of the interior of a home with an open concept floor-plan.

Everyone seems to want open floor plans nowadays. It’s an entertainer’s dream with all of your living areas flowing into one another. Open floor plans are also suitable for families because you can see your kids very easily. It also makes sense to connect your interior open floor plans with outdoor living spaces in Tennessee. Our mild climate lends itself to indoor/outdoor living.

Classic Design With Modern Finishes

Image of the interior of a home with a modern kitchen

The classic and traditional design aesthetic is popular throughout the South. But one thing that you will see is the modern finishes used to enhance these classic designs. These enhancements come in modern kitchen accents, lighting, steel doors, and more.

White Houses

Image of a new construction home with a white exterior

White houses are in style in Tennessee. White and ivory are the preferred color for new builds in Tennessee. You will also see this in many renovations. It makes sense because white makes everything feel fresher. It’s a simple way to make modern accents pop.

What Is The Best Way To Find A Home Builder To Build Your Dream Home In Tennessee?

You can find a home builder in Tennessee by reaching out to Felix. One of our experienced agents will learn what you are looking for in a new home and alert you when a home matching your criteria is under construction. Felix will guide you through the process from start to finish. You will be better equipped to choose a reputable builder, select the right customizations, and manage the sale.

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