Living in Bellevue: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

About Bellevue in Nashville, Tennessee

Wild, wooded, and only 13 miles outside of downtown Nashville, Bellevue offers a lifestyle alternative to cosmopolitan living without having to sacrifice convenience. During the 1950s, Bellevue was a simple farming community with a few shops. As it was slowly folded into the greater Nashville real estate market, the farmland was converted to subdivisions filled with single-family homes. But, the area’s reputation as a peaceful, green shelter persisted. Today, it stands as one of Nashville’s largest and most established suburbs, and a pleasant aesthetic contrast to the bustling city life.

Where Is Bellevue located?

Bellevue is located approximately 13 miles southwest of downtown Nashville and is situated directly adjacent to I-40. Bordered to the north by the Cumberland River and to the west by the Warner Parks, Bellevue is known for its close proximity to beautiful natural areas. Both the Harpeth River and the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway run through this location as well, further adding to the serene setting.

How’s The Vibe In Bellevue?

Featuring several homes and apartments for a mid-range budget, Bellevue is an excellent location for first-time buyers, young professionals, and families. Although a longer commute into downtown Nashville, Bellevue is positioned directly in the midst of several of Tennessee’s most picturesque locations, a major perk for lovers of the outdoors. While Bellevue offers a suburban feel, potential residents shouldn’t expect a cohesively upscale vibe, nor the vibrant bustle of neighborhoods closer to the heart of downtown.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Bellevue?

Bellevue’s plethora of delicious restaurants is a major perk for residents who have settled down in this area. Voodoo Gumbo serves authentic New Orleans cuisine, while Honeyfire BBQ offers a taste of Nashville’s classic barbecue. Potential residents looking for upscale dining should visit The Eastern Peak, a spot specializing in Asian cuisine. For a casual, downhome experience, head to Jonathan’s Grille or The Loveless Cafe, the latter of which is a huge draw for hungry tourists in search of Southern comfort food. Meanwhile, Pizza Perfect offers some of Nashville’s best pizza, while El Agavero serves savory Mexican dishes.

Bellevue’s nightlife is not this area’s strongest suit, especially compared to downtown Nashville. However, there are still activities to enjoy in both the daytime and when the sun goes down. Alley Pub, Plantation Pub, and Red Line Bar & Grill are all popular weekend hangout spots for classic bar food, a variety of live music, and karaoke. For those seeking out a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere, The Well Coffeehouse is a trendy spot for young professionals to relax on weekday mornings. This area’s main shopping hotspot is One Bellevue Place, a spacious mall featuring several popular restaurants and stores, as well as a movie theater.

One of Bellevue’s most well-known daytime attractions is Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. With over 55 acres of gorgeous gardens to explore and several outdoor art exhibits, as well as charming children’s gardens for all ages, Cheekwood is one of Nashville’s most beautiful and picturesque areas.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Bellevue?

For nature lovers, this is simply the place to be. Percy Warner Park, a mountainous tract of land full of fields, hiking, and mountain biking, is the headliner. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind urban park complex big enough to handle as many visitors as the greater Nashville area can muster. If you want more off-the-beaten-path options, though, the Harpeth River Greenway, Bellevue Park, Harpeth River State Park, and Hidden Lake Entrance Park all rest along the meandering Harpeth River. The northern end of the Natchez Trace Parkway, a scenic route that follows the path blazed by Native Americans and settlers through the area, also originates near Bellevue. Once you’re done with your exploring, get a bite to eat at Bellevue’s tremendous restaurant district along Highway 70; and if you’re willing to travel, the famous Loveless Cafe is right down the road.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Bellevue?

Bellevue’s age and proximity to downtown have allowed the neighborhood to cultivate a wide range of properties, nearly all of which offer impressive value. The vast majority of single-family homes in the area were built between 1970 and 1999, which keeps property values from appreciating too rapidly. A typical three or four-bedroom house usually sells for anywhere from the mid-$400,000s to the low-$700,000s. New construction in the area tends to provide modern updates at a similar price. These homes tend to be built on smaller lots that contrast with the more sprawling spaces of earlier construction eras. If you want this kind of space along with new construction, one of Bellevue’s advantages is an abundance of available and reasonably-priced land for building. Lots of all shapes and sizes are fairly common and can provide a custom suburban Nashville experience. One of the main reasons all this land is available so close to downtown is that, over the years, Bellevue has become a haven for upscale apartment living.

Most residents rent at one of the large complexes along I-40 and Highway 70 in the direction of town. For this close to the city, rent can be quite reasonable, ranging from $1,000 to upwards of $3,000 per month depending on the space you need. However, rent in the area averages around $1,700 thanks to Bellevue's great features and convenience.

Homes in Bellevue have always been a sound financial commitment, but all indications are that the next few years should see things really take off. Already median home sale prices have increased by 21% over the last twelve months, and the infusion of new construction should keep property values surging. Many new single-family housing developments are taking advantage of the available land, and the numbers suggest that people are clambering to fill the new spaces. Just over 6% of homes in Bellevue are vacant, which is an impressively low percentage considering the high number of apartments, townhomes, and condos available. Such a low vacancy rate, combined with a new and diverse array of properties, leads to home value appreciation. Therefore, it’s no surprise that property values are expected to grow by 8% in 2024.

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How’s The Cost Of Living In Bellevue?

Bellevue’s average sales price for a single-family home was approximately $680,000 or $259 per square foot in 2022. The average rent falls around $1,800. Most residents in this neighborhood are middle-income. There are also plentiful townhomes and condos in Bellevue which typically sell for between $250,000 - $400,000 making this location a solid option for those on a budget. Additionally, Bellevue is more suitable for first-time home buyers than 86% of Tennessee neighborhoods.

How Is Transportation In Bellevue?

The Nashville MTA makes a couple of stops in Bellevue. As per most cities, Lyft and Uber are also viable options, but residents should be prepared to commute with their own vehicle, as nearly 88% of locals utilize their personal car for transportation. In order to have easy access to downtown Nashville and the surrounding areas, residents shouldn't rely on public transportation, as this is one of Nashville’s weakest attributes.

What Are The Top Schools In Bellevue?

For younger grades, both Gower Elementary and Harpeth Valley Elementary are the two top choices. Although Bellevue Middle School is an option, it is not particularly highly rated. Families with children in 6th-8th grade may want to seek elsewhere before committing to moving to Bellevue. However, for older grades, Hillwood High School is a solid choice for families.

The most popular private school is Ensworth Frist Campus, a highly-rated school for K-12th grades, located near Percy Warner Park. For younger grades, Holy Trinity Montessori is another potential option for private education.

While Bellevue offers a couple of gems that can certainly be reputable options for families, this area does not provide the strongest schools, often a dealbreaker for some potential residents with children.

What Are The Best Parks In Bellevue?

Bellevue is home to several lovely, sprawling parks that consistently attract locals and tourists alike. Percy and Edwin Warner Parks span over 3,000 acres and are a highlight for outdoor enthusiasts. With extensive hiking and biking trails, as well as a nature center, these parks offer immersion into some of Tennessee's most beautiful natural areas.

Harpeth River State Park is a prime area for canoeing, fishing, hiking, and birdwatching. With 40 miles of river to explore, beautiful summer wildflower trails, access to historical archaeological sites, and featuring a beautiful lake, this park is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts.

Named for its iconic red train car placed in the middle of the park, Red Caboose Park was built in 1996 as part of Bellevue’s Bicentennial Celebration. This smaller park features plenty of activities, including an elaborate playground, amphitheater, and the Bellevue Farmers Market.

Is Bellevue A Safe Place To Live?

Most residents agree that they feel safe in Bellevue, as crime is not a particularly pressing issue in most sections of this area. Specifically, One Bellevue Place is considered a very safe and secure area to reside.

Pros To Living In Bellevue

  • Many of the homes in Bellevue are affordable for young families or first-time homebuyers.
  • Easy access to beautiful outdoor spaces and parks.
  • A variety of restaurants, convenience to I-40, and a safe environment are all significant perks of living in this pretty suburban neighborhood.

Cons To Living In Bellevue

  • Residents who balk at anything longer than a 15-minute commute should reconsider residing in Bellevue.
  • Although this area is priced well for families, unfortunately its schools are not the most well-known or highly-rated.
  • While pretty, Bellevue lacks the charm, widespread appeal, and diversity of activities that other Nashville neighborhoods offer.

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