Living in Oak Hill: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

Key Takeaways

  • Oak Hill is a tranquil, upscale neighborhood south of downtown Nashville, known for its luxury living and exclusive atmosphere.
  • The real estate market in Oak Hill features competitive luxury homes and estates, catering to those seeking privacy and sophistication.
  • While Oak Hill itself offers a more reserved food scene and nightlife, its proximity to Nashville allows residents easy access to the city's vibrant culinary and entertainment options.
  • The area boasts top-rated schools, making it an attractive location for families prioritizing education.
  • Oak Hill is celebrated for its safety, community spirit, and the natural beauty of parks like Radnor Lake State Park, providing a peaceful living environment with city conveniences.


Oak Hill, nestled in Nashville, Tennessee, is a haven for luxury living with its serene environment, opulent real estate, and strong educational offerings. Despite its reserved local nightlife and dining, the neighborhood's close proximity to downtown Nashville ensures residents enjoy the best of both worlds—secluded luxury with easy access to urban amenities. Its safety, community atmosphere, and commitment to preserving natural beauty make it a highly desirable location for high-end clientele.

Where Is Oak Hill Located?

Oak Hill is situated just south of downtown Nashville, enveloped by lush greenery and expansive estates. This prime location offers the perfect balance between secluded luxury living and access to the vibrant city life of Nashville.

How’s The Atmosphere In Oak Hill?

The atmosphere in Oak Hill is one of tranquility and exclusivity. With its rolling hills, mature trees, and spacious properties, it presents an idyllic setting for those seeking privacy and elegance. The neighborhood prides itself on its strong community spirit and well-preserved natural environment.

What’s The Food Scene Like In Oak Hill?

Oak Hill’s food scene, while more subdued within its immediate boundaries, benefits greatly from its proximity to Nashville's culinary delights. Residents can enjoy upscale dining experiences in nearby neighborhoods such as Green Hills and 12 South.

What’s The Nightlife Like In Oak Hill?

Nightlife in Oak Hill is quiet and reserved, mirroring the neighborhood's overall ambiance. However, its close proximity to Nashville means residents are never far from some of the best live music venues, bars, and clubs in the country, offering a plethora of options for evening entertainment.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Oak Hill?

In Oak Hill, leisure activities abound. The area is home to the Radnor Lake State Park, offering beautiful walking trails and wildlife viewing. Cultural events, community gatherings, and local farmers' markets also play a central role in the community’s lifestyle.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Oak Hill?

The real estate market in Oak Hill is highly competitive, known for its luxury homes and expansive lots. It attracts those seeking privacy and opulence, with a range of architectural styles from modern mansions to classic estates, reflecting the area’s affluent nature.

Single-Family Homes:

  • Average Sales Price: $2,463,519
    • Average Sales Price/Sqft: $499
  • Median Sales Price: $1,950,000
    • Median Sales Price/Sqft: $500
  • Average Days on Market: 37 Days
  • Average % of List Price Received: 96.24%

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How’s The Cost Of Living In Oak Hill?

Reflective of its luxury status, the cost of living in Oak Hill is above average, particularly in terms of real estate. However, residents find the investment worthwhile for the quality of life, safety, and community atmosphere it offers.

How Is Transportation In Oak Hill?

Transportation in Oak Hill is convenient, with easy access to major highways and thoroughfares connecting it to Nashville and beyond. While public transportation options may be limited, the neighborhood's layout and location make it easy for residents to navigate the area by car.

What Are The Top Public Schools In Oak Hill?

Oak Hill benefits from Nashville’s public school system, offering access to top-performing schools like Percy Priest Elementary, known for their excellence in education and commitment to student achievement.

Elementary Schools:

Middle Schools:

High Schools:

What Are The Top Private Schools In Oak Hill?

The neighborhood is also near some of the most prestigious private schools in Nashville, including Franklin Road Academy and The Ensworth School, both offering rigorous academic programs and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

What Are The Best Parks In Oak Hill?

Radnor Lake State Park is a jewel within Oak Hill, providing residents with an oasis of natural beauty ideal for hiking, bird watching, and enjoying the outdoors. Additionally, the community boasts several smaller parks and green spaces, maintaining its commitment to preserving nature.

Is Oak Hill A Safe Place To Live?

Oak Hill is regarded as one of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville, with low crime rates and a proactive approach to community safety. This sense of security is a significant draw for families and those seeking a peaceful living environment. You can see the latest crime mapping data on

Pros To Living In Oak Hill

  • Exclusive and tranquil residential setting
  • Proximity to Nashville’s cultural and entertainment amenities
  • Luxurious and spacious real estate offerings
  • Access to top-rated public and private schools
  • Strong sense of community and safety

Cons To Living In Oak Hill

  • Limited nightlife and dining options within the neighborhood
  • Dependence on personal vehicles for transportation

Our Final Thoughts On Oak Hill

Oak Hill stands out as a premier destination for luxury living in Nashville, offering residents a unique combination of privacy, natural beauty, and access to high-end amenities. Its serene atmosphere, coupled with the convenience of city life and the warmth of a tight-knit community, makes Oak Hill a coveted locale for those seeking the pinnacle of sophistication and comfort. Whether drawn by its distinguished schools, lush parks, or exquisite homes, Oak Hill provides an unparalleled living experience in one of Nashville’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

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