Living in Thompson’s Station: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

About Thompson’s Station, Tennessee

We’ll pardon you for thinking that this land of arching back roads and rolling pastures couldn’t possibly exist only a half-hour drive from downtown Nashville. As areas like Spring Hill to the south, and Franklin to the north have emerged as real estate hot spots, Thompson’s Station—at least until recently— has managed to stay out of the spotlight. The result is a pastoral wonder that feels a little out of place right off of I-840. Let’s just say, at the end of the day, this well-kept secret is a special place to call home.

Where Is Thompson’s Station Located?

Thompson's Station is a 30-minute drive south of downtown Nashville via I-65. It’s just south of Franklin and north of Spring Hill. Its location in relation to I-840 makes it an ideal home base for those that enjoy road trips or have family scattered throughout Tennessee.

How’s The Vibe In Thompson’s Station?

Despite being just 30 minutes from Nashville, Thompson’s Station feels like another world. For those that want to escape the city and raise their family in a more semi-rural setting, this makes Thompson's Station a great fit. In fact, Thompson’s Station is ranked as the fifth-best place to raise a family in Tennessee according to Niche.

This lovely city is also a top choice for grandparents wanting to be close to their kids and grandchildren in Nashville while enjoying a slower pace. This historic town has excellent schools for growing families and is a 30-minute drive from downtown Nashville.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Thompson’s Station?

While Thompson's Station is anything but a destination for nightlife, there are many great places to enjoy a beer or have a delicious meal with family and friends.

There have been some excellent, eclectic restaurants that have opened in Thompson’s Station alongside mainstay mom-and-pops that have been operating for decades. One of the newest restaurants that's stirring up a lot of attention is W'lin’s Asian Cuisine & Spirits.

Frankie’s Pizza & Grill makes unbeatable stone-fired pizza and many other family favorites. If you’re looking for a relaxed dining experience that will please the whole family, head to Frankie’s. Some other restaurants locals recommend include 55 South, Acapulco Mexican Grill, and Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries.

The Wild Hare Beer Co. offers a great selection of draft beers with a fun and hip atmosphere. You’ll find a regular and lively crowd of enthusiastic trivia aficionados there every Wednesday.

For a bit more variety, many residents head over to Franklin’s historic Main Street.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Thompson’s Station?

The town itself may not have much of a restaurant district, but Franklin’s alluring downtown is only fifteen minutes away, and the up-and-coming communities of Spring Hill and Columbia are just to the south. For those looking to make the most of their escape from the big city, Thompson’s Station also offers an astounding lineup of parks to serve its community of just under 8,000. Three gorgeous parks rest along Highway 31, and locals claim there’s no better spot to watch the sunset in Nashville than the Battlefield Trail Hilltop right in the township’s heart.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Thompson’s Station?

Historically, this place is home to large houses on sprawling lots where you might barely see your neighbors. It’s not unusual to find four-to-five-bedroom homes set on 5+ acres. Lately, though, new construction—especially around the interstate and toward Spring Hill—has nudged Thompson’s Station into the modern real estate market. Neighborhoods like Tollgate Village, a recent Lennar Homes development, are pairing the rustic surroundings with updated touches to offer buyers the best of both worlds. Generally, these developments are skewing toward the upscale, with most newly constructed single-family homes commanding anywhere from $600,000-$1,000,000.

For those not quite ready to make an investment in a house, apartments are just starting to appear on Thompson’s Station’s real estate menu. Condos at Tollgate Village and apartments at the swanky Vintage Tollgate offer more affordable living options just south of Franklin. While these properties often rent for around $1,500-$2,500 per month, those looking to buy into the area at a more affordable price can often find condos and townhomes selling in the low-$400,000s.

If none of the dwelling options suit your fancy, however, Thompson’s Station offers a rare opportunity that makes it something of a unicorn in the Nashville market: land. Take a quick glance at the real estate options, and you’ll find yourself beguiled by unspoiled tracts of Tennessee countryside—the only thing missing from the property is your house. While some of the properties are geared toward developers, those wanting to craft their own Nashville retreat have plenty of options; and while the cost can be a little steep, with many of the lots going for at least $300,000, there might not be a better spot in the metro area to make your own.

Thompson’s Station may feel rural, but it offers the kinds of amenities that most countryside towns could only dream of. This influx of countryside luxury has kept housing prices on the rise, with homes selling for a median price of $750,000 in the past year.

PRO TIP: See homes for sale in Thompson's Station

How’s The Cost Of Living In Thompson’s Station?

The cost of living in the rural and historic city of Thompson’s Station is steep. Much of this cost is reflected in the price of real estate. A detached single-family home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms costs about $750,000.

How Is Transportation In Thompson’s Station?

You won’t find public transportation in Thompson’s Station and the small roadways are not the safest for commuting by bike. This quaint but spread-out town is most easily traversed by car.

What Are The Top Schools In Thompson’s Station?

One of the biggest draws of Thompson’s Station is its top-ranking schools. This town is in the Williamson County School District, which ranks as #5 in the state and #1 in the greater Nashville area for best school districts. Some of the best schools include Thompson’s Station Middle School, Thompson’s Station Elementary School, Heritage Middle School, and Independence High School.

What Are The Best Parks In Thompson’s Station?

Thompson’s Station has a great collection of parks and green spaces. For playgrounds that will please the kids, Port Royal Park is a great choice. It even has a splash pad for hot summer days. Heritage Park is also an excellent place for a hike or to do some bird watching.

Is Thompson’s Station A Safe Place To Live?

This family-oriented town is one of the safest you will find with low crime rates. The tight-knit community is welcoming, friendly, and active in making the city the best it can be.

Pros To Living In Thompson’s Station

  • This town offers some of the best schools in Tennessee.
  • For families and outdoors enthusiasts, there are plenty of parks to visit and explore.
  • Thompson’s Station is a safe place to live, has some excellent restaurants, and is just a stone’s throw away from Nashville.

Cons To Living In Thompson’s Station

  • This town may not be right for everyone. Young professionals may find neighborhoods closer to downtown Nashville a better fit since they have more restaurants, nightlife, and other young people.
  • The cost of living in Thompson’s Station can be quite prohibitive for those on a limited or fixed income.
  • Many of the new homes in Thompson’s Station are in HOAs with high monthly fees.

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