Living in West Nashville: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

Where Is West Nashville Located?

As the name suggests, you can find West Nashville in the western portion of metro Nashville, Tennessee. The location spans a large area, encompassing several smaller communities. Located within West Nashville are Sylvan Park, The Nations, Charolette Park, White Bridge, and many consider its borders to include Belle Meade.

How’s The Vibe In West Nashville?

The battle between East and West Nashville is one that’s up for constant debate. West Nashville gains its notoriety for its available greenery and developing neighborhoods. The suburban atmosphere makes it an ideal fit for many families. However, the west side of town is by no means just limited to families. Several parts of West Nashville are undergoing great change and appealing to a younger and trendy demographic.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In West Nashville?

West Nashville is home to the famous L&L Market, a one-stop center with shops, wellness, and spectacular eats. The destination has Five Daughters Bakery, Gracie’s Milkshake Bar, Penne Pazze, and much more. West Nashville also has a variety of other standout restaurants located throughout the neighborhood, including Pho T&N, The Ridge, and Big Bad Breakfast.

Within the communities of Sylvan Park and The Nations, you’ll find a number of bars and different breweries. M.L Rose offers a vast selection of craft beer and gourmet burgers. Harding House and Southern Grist Brewing Co. are two local favorite breweries. While West Nashville is more relaxed compared to Downtown Nashville, you’ll still have a fair share of bars available for nightlife entertainment.

How’s The Real Estate Market In West Nashville?

Purchasing a home in West Nashville is a great investment considering the amount of development occurring within the neighborhood. Home values will continue to rise as more local businesses, shops, and restaurants expand throughout the region.

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How’s The Cost Of Living In West Nashville?

Although each community within West Nashville slightly differs with an exact cost of living metric, in general, the cost of real estate is higher throughout the area. Real estate properties in West Nashville are predominantly small to mid-sized single-family homes or small apartment buildings. You’ll also find an even mix between renters and homeowners. The median home price is $680,000, and the average rental price is about $1,800 per month.

How Is Transportation In West Nashville?

As in many areas of Nashville, the majority of the residents in West Nashville choose to drive their own car as their primary method of transport. Approximate commute times vary depending on the region, however, typical one-way commute times for West Nashville residents range between 15-30 minutes. Charlotte Avenue is the major roadway that runs through the neighborhood, along with I-40, to ease accessibility.

What Are The Top Schools In West Nashville?

While the direct area of West Nashville doesn’t have the highest-performing public schools, you’ll still find a variety of options available. The leading public school within the area is MNPS Middle College High School, followed by Nashville Prep and The Academy at Old Cockrill. West Nashville is also home to a leading private institution, Saint Ann School, which offers classes for grades K-8.

What Are The Best Parks In West Nashville?

West Park is a 33-acre park located in The Nations neighborhood in West Nashville. It is a local favorite, featuring a community and recreational center, various sports fields, picnic shelters, and a playground. 51 Dog Park is another popular outdoor spot in West Nashville for locals and their pups. In the eastern region of West Nashville, you’ll find Boyd Park Greenway, a popular walking trail for many residents.

Is West Nashville A Safe Place To Live?

Many locals say that the western portions of Nashville are some of the safest areas within the city. The communities are often tight-knit and highly involved with one another. Specifically, the areas of Belle Meade and West Meade are often highlighted for low levels of crime. You can verify reported criminal activity in all of the areas of West Nashville by using CrimeMapping.

Pros To Living In West Nashville

  • Real Estate Home Values in the area are incredibly stable.
  • The area is undergoing tremendous growth.
  • Many consider the western portion of Nashville to be one of the safest areas in the city.

Cons To Living In West Nashville

  • The neighborhood doesn’t have the highest-performing public schools.
  • Housing prices are slightly higher within this region of the city.
  • Although not a con for everyone, West Nashville does have a slower pace than some of the surrounding neighborhoods.

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