Living in Belle Meade: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

Where Is Belle Meade Located?

Although Belle Meade falls within the Davidson County boundaries, it operates as its own independent city. The tiny area stretches only 3 square miles. It borders the neighborhood of Green Hills to its east and Sylvan Park to its north. The city also expands down to reach Cheekwood and the main entrance of Percy Warner Park.

How’s The Vibe In Belle Meade?

Receiving its name from the famous Belle Meade Plantation, the city of Belle Meade showcases a wealth of history and luxury estates. The exclusive area is home to only 3,000 residents. Those living within its quarters benefit from its affluent charm and neighborhood privacy. Families with children account for the majority of the Belle Meade community.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Belle Meade?

The area is famously known for the Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery. However, you’ll also find some spectacular dining options nearby the Plantation site. Standout restaurants include Belle Meade Meat and Three and Sperry’s Restaurant. If you’re searching for the best area breakfast, you’ll be sure to find it at Le Peep.

There is not much of a nightlife scene in Belle Meade. For any late-night options, it’ll be best to check out the surrounding areas near Green Hills or Hillsboro.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Belle Meade?

Purchasing a home in Belle Meade is a good investment due to its level of exclusivity. Development projects are extremely rare making the desire for homes in the area even higher. The neighborhood also functions as its own incorporated city, with a private police patrol, which keeps crime incredibly low.

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How’s The Cost Of Living In Belle Meade?

Belle Meade showcases a prominent affluent lifestyle. Encompassing primarily large, luxury estates, the median home cost is $2,357,500. Renting is almost nonexistent in this exclusive neighborhood, and almost 95% of the local residents are homeowners. The area’s housing prices are the driving reason behind its high cost of living. The other expense categories, such as groceries and healthcare, are relative to the nation’s average.

How Is Transportation In Belle Meade?

The standard commute time for those living in Belle Meade is nearly 25 minutes. Since the city operates independently of Nashville’s metropolitan center, public transportation is not readily available within the area. The majority of the Belle Meade residents have a car as their primary form of transport. Highway 70 and 100 merge together alongside the area of Belle Meade, making travel relatively easy.

What Are The Top Schools In Belle Meade?

Although you won’t find any public or private schools located within Belle Meade’s city limits, the area is home to several neighboring schools. Julia Green Elementary and Hillsboro Comprehensive High School both sit within close proximity to Belle Meade. Additionally, Harding Academy is a private institution just north of Belle Meade’s border.

What Are The Best Parks In Belle Meade?

The main entrance to Percy Warner Park is at the end of Belle Meade Boulevard. Percy Warner Park and Edwin Warner Park collectively meet together to form The Warner Parks. The land stretches across 3,100 acres of forest and fields. The area features golf courses, sports fields, biking & hiking trails, scenic viewpoints, sheltered picnic tables, and even an equestrian center.

Is Belle Meade A Safe Place To Live?

Belle Meade is widely recognized as the safest neighborhood in Nashville. However, Nashville’s metro police department is not the one patrolling this area. Since the city functions independently, Belle Meade acquires its own police force, which proves to be favorable. The city crime rates for violent and property crimes are significantly below the nation’s average.

Pros To Living In Belle Meade

  • The area showcases stunning, luxury properties.
  • It has a very low crime rate.
  • The location offers a wealth of history.

Cons To Living In Belle Meade

  • The cost of housing is extremely high and limited.
  • Since it operates independently, you’re required to pay taxes to both Nashville’s metropolitan city and the city of Belle Meade.
  • With a population of only 3,000, it’s safe to say you’ll know everyone.

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