Living in Green Hills: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

About Green Hills, Nashville

Green Hills offers a slice of peak suburban living just a stone’s throw away from downtown, which makes it a rare find even in a market as diverse as Nashville. It’s truly one of the original homes of suburban swank, with delightful boutiques tucked between sprawling lawns and elegant houses. The style of living caters to Nashville’s high-powered professional class, as well as to retirees looking for a comfortable community. Combine these groups with the intellectually-inclined populations of Vanderbilt, Belmont, and Lipscomb Universities, and you get a diverse mix of white-collar residents. What binds them all together? Their love of the exquisite Green Hills lifestyle.

Where Is Green Hills Located?

Green Hills is located only 7 miles south of downtown Nashville. Although it has a desirable close proximity to downtown, Green Hills often suffers from heavier traffic. Those who plan to commute by car and find traffic congestion stressful may want to consider this factor before settling down in this neighborhood.

How’s The Vibe In Green Hills?

Green Hills is a vibrant, lively, and city-oriented area. For those wanting to reside in an area filled with energy and activity, Green Hills is an excellent choice. Because Green Hills features a safe, yet exciting environment with a variety of housing options, it is a top choice among retirees moving to the Nashville area. Green Hills is also a popular option for upper-income families and established young professionals seeking to network. It should be noted that the expense of this area may be a dealbreaker for a number of potential residents, but many consider the amenities and convenience of this area to be worth the higher cost of living.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Green Hills?

Green Hills is one of the best neighborhoods to experience a variety of delicious cuisines and nightlife activities. Char Restaurant features live piano music in a chic environment, offering an appealing menu of burgers, seafood, and salads. Residents rave over the Detroit-style pizza of Emmy Squared, a trendy favorite of locals for a night out of appetizers and drinks.

Potential residents searching for a more upscale dining experience will find just that at etc., a restaurant perfect for adventurous taste palates. Those looking for a middle-ground of familiar Southern cooking with a fresh twist should head to Green Hills Grille, a more casual eatery with a variety of delicious dishes.

One of Nashville’s most iconic attractions, The Bluebird Cafe, is located in Green Hills. With a variety of nightly shows – from major artists to independent newbies to hopeful auditioners – crowds often gather at this exciting hotspot where many superstars played their first concert.

Shopping is the main attraction at Green Hills and a major perk of living in this area. Locals have convenient access to one of Nashville’s premier shopping areas, the spacious Green Hills Mall. This mall offers a variety of popular shops and eateries, as well as a movie theatre, making this attraction a favored weekend hangout spot for all ages.

For bookworms, Green Hills harbors one of the best public libraries in the state, notably featuring the NPL enrichment program for aspiring youth that draws many families to the area.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Green Hills?

Besides being one of the top places to live in Nashville, it’s also a top place to shop. The Mall at Green Hills has high-end, name-brand stores — like Nordstrom and Gucci — that place it in an elevated consumer echelon. Right down the road, Hillsboro Village is home to a tempting mix of boutique-style shops. Around these two shopping centers cluster a selection of first-rate restaurants as broad as almost anywhere in Nashville. If you’re looking for something with more of a neighborhood vibe, the area still has you covered, since the shops and restaurants of 12 South are just a few miles away. If you’re into the music history side of Nashville, just south of all the shopping is The Bluebird Cafe. In this famous, off-the-beaten-path music venue, a slew of country music stars, including Garth Brooks, were discovered. Now, like the neighborhood that calls it home, it’s one of the most striking and enjoyable spots in the city.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Green Hills?

Green Hills started as one of Nashville’s earliest commuter communities, with ranch-style houses on large lots. Over the years, the look and feel of the neighborhood have evolved. Bigger houses have been built on the generous acreage, and many of the lots have been subdivided to fit extra housing. The large homes (and even some of the smaller ones) fetch some of the loftiest prices in the city. It’s not at all unusual to find homes priced from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.

Even smaller single-family homes with two or three bedrooms usually fall in the $700,000 - $1,200,000 range. Fortunately, there are alternative options for those who aren’t keen to make such a financial commitment. Condominiums, albeit at somewhat dated developments, can be found for under $300,000, and there are plenty of high-end complexes with rental properties available. Even for the Nashville market, this rent can be high, with most studio apartments and small homes renting for at least $1,600 per month. Prices for larger rentals usually plateau around $3,000, but serious high rollers can find properties renting for upwards of $15,000 per month.

Buy-in for the neighborhood can certainly be elevated, but that doesn’t mean home values are stagnant, or even flagging. Median home sale prices in the neighborhood over the past year have increased by over 13.5%, and the price per square foot has seen an even higher appreciation in the same time frame. Over the next year, property values are expected to continue their upward trend with an increase of over 5%. Property values may already be high, but this is one of Nashville’s oldest, most lavish, most conveniently-located bedroom communities. Don’t expect the market to struggle any time soon.

Purchasing a home in Green Hills is a good investment as it provides the best of both worlds. The location offers a variety of activities, shopping, and restaurants, but you’ll also find an abundance of green space. It is also less than 20 minutes away from Nashville, which aids in driving up the demand for living in Green Hills.

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How’s The Cost Of Living In Green Hills?

The many perks of Green Hills do come with a price tag, as it is one of Nashville’s most expensive neighborhoods. With an average cost of living above both the state and national average, and a median housing price of nearly $1,500,000, prospective residents will need to consider their budget before surveying this area.

How Is Transportation In Green Hills?

Since Green Hills is conveniently located near many businesses, some fortunate residents have the ability to walk to work. Otherwise, travel by personal vehicle is the most popular method of transportation or utilizing Uber and Lyft. Additionally, the Nashville MTA does make a stop in Green Hills.

What Are The Top Schools In Green Hills?

With average test scores 39% higher than the national average, Green Hills has several reputable school options for families. For younger students, Julia Green Elementary and JT Moore Middle are excellent public school options. Hillsboro High is a popular public school choice for older students.

Green Hills is mainly known for its reputable private schools, including St. Paul Christian Academy, The Covenant School, Lipscomb Academy, and Montgomery Bell Academy. One of Tennessee's most popular private universities, Lipscomb University, is located within walking distance of Green Hills.

What Are The Best Parks In Green Hills?

Green Hills is only 4 miles away from Nashville’s most popular park, Centennial Park. This huge park features miles of jogging paths, picturesque picnic areas by the pond, a full-scale replica of The Parthenon, and a multitude of summertime programs for all ages (such as swing-dancing under the pavilion or catching an outdoor theatre show).

Green Hills Park is another green space filled with engaging outdoor activities. With 3 baseball fields, a tennis court, a playground, and a natural obstacle course, families will enjoy the amenities this smaller park offers.

Additionally, Woodmont Park is a convenient park option for all ages. Also featuring a playground, tennis court, and baseball field, Woodmont has plenty of wide-open space to set up a game of frisbee or host a picnic.

Is Green Hills A Safe Place To Live?

Green Hills is a very safe place to live. With a crime rate 30% lower than the national average, residents can feel confident about their safety in this area.

Pros To Living In Green Hills

  • Green Hills is one of Nashville’s most coveted areas to reside.
  • Green Hills features top-tier shopping, a multitude of dining and nightlife options, and convenient grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.
  • Its close proximity to downtown Nashville, safe environment, and variety of beautiful housing options make this area a top choice for families, retirees, and established young professionals.

Cons To Living In Green Hills

  • Because of its many perks and desirability, Green Hills has become an expensive area with a high cost of living, which can be a major deal-breaker for many potential residents.
  • The bustling environment of Green Hills may be overly stimulating for those seeking a quieter, more peaceful, and more secluded area to settle down.
  • Driving around Green Hills can feel congested with so many cars on the road.

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