Living in East Nashville: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

Key Takeaways

  • East Nashville is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood known for its artistic community, diverse food scene, and historic charm combined with modern luxury living.
  • The area boasts a thriving real estate market, featuring a mix of restored historic homes and luxurious new developments, catering to high-end clientele.
  • East Nashville offers a wide array of dining and nightlife options, from upscale restaurants to cozy dive bars and live music venues, reflecting the neighborhood's dynamic cultural scene.
  • The neighborhood is served by top-rated public and private schools, including Lockeland Design Center and Episcopal School of Nashville, highlighting its appeal to families.
  • East Nashville is a desirable place to live, thanks to its strong sense of community, access to quality education, and abundant green spaces like Shelby Park.


East Nashville stands out as a premier destination for luxury urban living, characterized by its rich artistic culture, diverse culinary landscape, and booming real estate market. With its blend of historic and modern aesthetics, and vibrant community atmosphere, East Nashville appeals to those seeking an upscale, dynamic lifestyle within the heart of Nashville. Despite challenges like reliance on cars for broader city access, the neighborhood's unique charm and array of amenities continue to attract a discerning clientele.

Where Is East Nashville Located?

East Nashville is located across the Cumberland River from downtown Nashville. Known for its eclectic mix of old and new, this area has become synonymous with creativity, community, and luxury living within the urban tapestry of Nashville. There are many individual neighborhoods within East Nashville from Cleveland Park to Lockeland Springs each with its own atmosphere and community. Check out this deep dive into East Nashville's eclectic mix of neighborhoods to learn more about the pros and cons of each one.

How’s The Atmosphere In East Nashville?

The atmosphere in East Nashville is vibrant and bohemian, with a strong sense of community and an ever-present artistic flair. This neighborhood is a melting pot of musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs, making it a dynamic and exciting place to live.

What’s The Food Scene Like In East Nashville?

East Nashville boasts a diverse food scene, from fine dining to trendy cafes and bistros. Restaurants like Folk and June offer sophisticated menus in chic settings, while Redheaded Stranger and Five Points Pizza cater to those seeking a more casual yet equally delicious experience.

What’s The Nightlife Like In East Nashville?

The nightlife in East Nashville is as diverse as its population, with a range of options from cozy dive bars to stylish lounges. Spots like The 5 Spot and The Basement East showcase live music, serving as pillars of the neighborhood's vibrant after-dark scene.

What Are The Top Things To Do In East Nashville?

East Nashville is brimming with activities, from shopping at unique boutiques like The Shoppes on Fatherland to exploring local art galleries. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy Shelby Park, a sprawling green space perfect for jogging, biking, or picnicking by the river.

How’s The Real Estate Market In East Nashville?

The real estate market in East Nashville is thriving, with a mix of beautifully restored historic homes, modern condos, and luxurious new developments. The demand for properties here reflects the area's popularity among those seeking a blend of urban living with a suburban feel.

Single-Family Homes:

  • Average Sales Price: $710,206
    • Average Sales Price/Sqft: $367
  • Median Sales Price: $615,000
    • Median Sales Price/Sqft: $353
  • Average Days on Market: 24 Days
  • Average % of List Price Received: 98.12%

PRO TIP: Check out the latest homes for sale in East Nashville

How’s The Cost Of Living In East Nashville?

While East Nashville offers a range of lifestyle options, the cost of living, especially real estate, is on the rise due to the area's growing popularity and luxury market development. However, many find the neighborhood's charm, amenities, and community worth the investment.

How Is Transportation In East Nashville?

Transportation in East Nashville is convenient, with easy access to major highways and thoroughfares. The area is also bike-friendly, with numerous bike lanes and paths, though residents often rely on cars for longer distances.

What Are The Top Public Schools In East Nashville?

East Nashville is served by several top-rated public schools, including Lockeland Design Center and East Nashville Magnet School, known for their strong academic programs and community involvement.

Elementary Schools:

Middle Schools:

High Schools:

What Are The Top Private Schools In East Nashville?

The area is home to esteemed private institutions like Episcopal School of Nashville and Davidson Academy, offering excellent education options and fostering a strong sense of community among students and parents.

What Are The Best Parks In East Nashville?

Shelby Park and Shelby Bottoms Greenway are jewels of East Nashville, providing vast spaces for outdoor activities, nature observation, and leisure, contributing significantly to the neighborhood's appeal.

Is East Nashville A Safe Place To Live?

Like any urban area, safety varies by neighborhood, but East Nashville has seen significant improvements in safety and community policing efforts, making it a comfortable place for families and professionals alike. For an in-depth look at the progress that's being made, check out our article outlining safety in East Nashville. You can see the latest crime mapping data on

Pros To Living In East Nashville

  • Diverse and vibrant community
  • Rich artistic and cultural scene
  • Wide range of dining and nightlife options
  • Growing luxury real estate market
  • Access to quality education and green spaces

Cons To Living In East Nashville

  • Some areas still in transition
  • Dependence on cars for transportation outside the neighborhood

Our Final Thoughts On East Nashville

East Nashville represents the epitome of luxury urban living, offering an unmatched blend of cultural richness, community, and convenience. With its diverse food scene, lively nightlife, and booming real estate market, it caters to those who seek an upscale lifestyle in a dynamic setting. Whether drawn to its historic charm, artistic community, or modern amenities, East Nashville provides a unique and fulfilling living experience for those who call it home.

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