Living in Hillsboro Village: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

About Hillsboro Village, Nashville

As one of Nashville’s early streetcar suburbs, the Hillsboro Village area has been serving as a prime residential district for generations. The neighborhood runs from just southwest of Centennial Park, curving below Vanderbilt University’s campus until just past 21st Avenue, where it meets the 12 South community. This location lends itself to a diverse population of professionals, intellectuals, artists, and students, who have helped turn Hillsboro into one of Nashville’s most distinctive districts.

Where Is Hillsboro Village Located?

Hillsboro Village is located only 3.5 miles south of downtown Nashville. Situated directly adjacent to the popular 12th Ave S strip, Hillsboro is within walking distance of many of Nashville’s most popular restaurants, shops, and amenities – a major perk of living in this area.

How’s The Vibe In Hillsboro Village?

Hillsboro Village is truly a “college town,” as it is situated within walking distance of Tennessee’s most well-known universities – Vanderbilt, Belmont, and Lipscomb. This trendy area is a favorite of both locals and tourists, featuring unique, funky house designs and plenty of activities to keep locals invested in their community. Most residents are students, young professionals, and couples who are working on their degrees or are beginning their professional careers.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Hillsboro Village?

Hillsboro Village is bordered by two very popular shopping and dining strips. Both of these streets are lined with the best of Nashville’s entertainment and eats, becoming especially lively during the evening hours.

12th Ave S is a major highlight of living in Hillsboro Village. Bordering the east edge of Hillsboro and only a short walk for most residents, 12th Ave S features some of Nashville’s trendiest restaurants. Sample delicious donuts at Five Daughters Bakery, try the famous tacos of bartaco or Ladybird Taco, dine on surf-and-turf at Urban Grub, enjoy unique upscale dishes at Josephine’s, and taste a new kind of burger at Burger Up.

On the west side of Hillsboro, 21st Ave is another strip filled with modern, chic restaurants and shops. Tourists and locals alike line up hours in advance to dine at the famous Pancake Pantry. Residents love the hip, yet welcoming atmosphere of Fido’s and Double Dogs, both quick-service restaurants with a stylish atmosphere. Taco Mama’s savory Mexican food and The Grilled Cheeserie’s unique spin on the classic grilled cheese are also fan-favorites. Pizza lovers should be sure to head to both ‘za Wood Fired Pizza and Pizza Perfect.

No visit to Hillsboro is complete without a visit to the wildly popular Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Residents have the opportunity to stop in at either the 21st Ave or 12 Ave S locations and sample delicious, freshly-made, and unique ice cream flavors.

Hillsboro is filled with locally-owned, novel shops. 21st Ave boutiques Molly Green, Blush Boutique, and The Impeccable Pig are all popular with fashion-forward residents. On 12th Ave, locals head to boutiques Serendipity and Emerson Grace.

Film connoisseurs should be sure to catch a flick at the Belcourt Theatre on 21st Ave. This small theatre’s atmosphere harkens back to the Golden Age of Hollywood and features a variety of eclectic, independent films.

Located a short 5-minute walk away, Belmont University offers concerts open to the public nearly every night. These concerts can range from classical to contemporary, with genres to suit every taste. Hillsboro residents are also welcome to meander about Belmont’s beautifully picturesque campus. Additionally, tickets are available for purchase to tour the historic Belmont Mansion, located directly on the campus.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Hillsboro Village?

Vanderbilt University and Belmont University are within walking distance of many neighborhood residences, which means easy access to school-related functions like sports and concerts. Centennial Park, Nashville’s most iconic public greenspace (complete with a Parthenon replica) nearly backs right up to the area. The park even has an expansive dog park and sports complex. For dining and nightlife, Midtown’s famed restaurant district is just on the other side of Centennial Park, and 12 South’s mix of shops and food options is to the east of Hillsboro. If you don’t want to leave the neighborhood, right at the heart of Hillsboro, 21st Avenue is also full of local restaurants that cater to the Universities as well as the surrounding community.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Hillsboro Village?

With a few exceptions, this area is mostly a mix of upscale cottages and high-end apartments/condos. Quaint, attractive 2-4 bedroom homes dot the grid-like streets that run between upscale restaurant and shop districts. The location yields a high baseline for home sale prices, which swell with additional square footage and modern updates. Although new construction is slowly reshaping the market, older homes are being replaced at a much lower rate than most of Nashville’s other original neighborhoods, which lends properties a coveted authenticity.

Even cozy bungalows built before 1920 sell for between $700,000 - $1,000,000, while larger single-family homes with 4-5 bedrooms command prices approaching two million dollars. Hillsboro houses rarely come on the market, and when they do they don’t stay there for long. Usually, they’re under contract within thirty days — which is impressive for homes with such a lofty price range.

Approaching West End Avenue, properties start to provide a contrast to quiet neighborhood streets. Here high rise condos, apartments, and townhomes make an appearance in the real estate landscape. One to three-bedroom units often cost anywhere from $350,000 - $1,000,000.

Those looking to rent in this community will find options ranging from $1,200 to well over $2,500 per month. Renters seeking a house also tend to have good luck in Hillsboro, where plenty of rental properties are available for a similar price range. Basically, whatever your preference or budget, there’s likely a place for you in the Hillsboro area.

This celebrated suburb, despite the market’s dips and recessions, has seen considerable appreciation for most of its history. All signs suggest that this trend will continue. The median sales price has risen over 30% over the past year, which suggests that sellers are getting more value than ever out of their properties. The demand to live in this neighborhood is quite high, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. The combination of this buyer interest and the low number of available properties ensures steady, and sometimes rapid, rates of growth for years to come.

Purchasing a home in Hillsboro/Belmont is a good investment as it sits between two of the city’s prestigious universities. It has a vibrant shopping and entertainment district and is also home to a number of great restaurants. Its central location to so many great things makes it highly sought-after.

PRO TIP: See homes for sale in Hillsboro Village

How’s The Cost Of Living In Hillsboro Village?

Because of its close proximity to downtown Nashville, Hillsboro’s housing prices definitely tend towards the expensive side. With a median single-family home price of $1,227,000 and a median rent of $2,000, Hillsboro is not well-suited for lower-income families and individuals. However, because of the large student population requiring affordable housing, surprisingly affordable options can still be found. Reasonably-priced rentals, especially along Fairfax Ave, are often available but must be quickly obtained when discovered as they're not likely to last long.

It should also be noted that residents intending to work within Hillsboro’s borders can save a fair amount of money on transportation by walking or biking to work. Other than its high housing prices, Hillsboro’s cost of living is quite similar to other metro Nashville neighborhoods.

How Is Transportation In Hillsboro Village?

Owning a car is not essential for many Hillsboro residents as this area is very walkable. Additionally, many residents use Uber and Lyft, or simply bike to work. Bird and Lime scooter transportation is often readily available around this neighborhood and the Nashville MTA makes several stops in Hillsboro. However, if potential residents are planning on commuting to downtown Nashville or the surrounding areas, they should be prepared to utilize their own vehicles.

What Are The Top Schools In Hillsboro Village?

Hillsboro Village is well-known for its renowned, top-tier universities of Vanderbilt, Lipscomb, and Belmont, making this area a hotspot for young professionals.

When considering public schools, Hillsboro High is the top choice for high schoolers, while Eakin Elementary is ranked highly for elementary grades. For families seeking private education, Linden Waldorf School is a reputable choice for grades K-8.

What Are The Best Parks In Hillsboro Village?

Locals love that Hillsboro Village’s parks combine an exciting, urban atmosphere with beautiful, peaceful green spaces.

Fannie Mae Dees Park is easily distinguished by its large mosaic sea serpent sculpture. With a playground, picnic area, and plenty of walking paths, this park is a favorite for a wide variety of ages.

Sevier Park’s wide open spaces make this park the perfect spot to set up a frisbee game. Its community center offers exercise classes, playgrounds, a fitness center, and running tracks.

Centennial Park is Nashville’s largest and most popular park, just a 5-minute drive from the Village. This spacious area features miles of jogging paths, picturesque picnic areas by the pond, a full-scale replica of The Parthenon, and a multitude of summertime programs for all ages (such as swing-dancing under the pavilion or catching an outdoor theatre show).

Is Hillsboro Village A Safe Place?

Hillsboro is considered a very safe area to reside in, with Metro police reporting only 1% of Nashville crime in this area. Despite its dense population and close proximity to downtown, residents often feel extra safe because of the nearby campus security from the major universities. Ranked as one of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville, residents can feel a sense of security in this area.

Pros To Living In Hillsboro Village

  • Hillsboro Village is nothing short of vibrant, spirited, and lively. With walking access to countless restaurants and shops, as well as a 10-minute drive to all of Nashville’s amenities, residents are highly unlikely to become bored living in this area.
  • The easy access to downtown Nashville and its surrounding areas is a very desirable and convenient perk.
  • This area is especially suited for younger folks seeking to network and make connections in an invigorating, energizing atmosphere.

Cons To Living In Hillsboro Village

  • If residents are looking for a peaceful, tranquil environment, Hillsboro Village is not an ideal choice.
  • Most of this area is populated with young professionals, so families looking for playmates for their children will want to seek elsewhere.
  • While one of Nashville’s safest areas, residents should be prepared for Hillsboro’s increasing population to contribute to an expected increase in crime.

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