Living in 12 South: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

Where Is 12 South Located?

The 12 South district gains its name for its location along 12th Avenue South. It sits south of Downtown Nashville, near Belmont University. 12 South also borders Hillsboro to its west and Melrose to its east.

The area is small in size, expanding roughly a half-mile. However, despite its tiny footprint, this Nashville neighborhood has a lot to offer.

How’s The Vibe In 12 South?

The trendy neighborhood of 12 South showcases a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Featuring several locally owned businesses, the area attracts eccentric creatives and young families. Living in 12 South is a great option for those looking to experience Nashville, Tennessee, beyond the Broadway fame.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In 12 South?

12 South is a haven for delicious eats. The original Frothy Monkey opened its doors within the neighborhood in 2004. The cafe serves specialty coffee drinks, along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Another area favorite is Five Daughters Bakery, famous for its 100-layer doughnut.

Don’t pass up a visit to Burger Up, where they feature unbeatable, gourmet burgers. Or, if you’re in the mood for barbecue, you can’t go wrong with Edley’s Bar-B-Que. It’s a Nashville staple, and they even offer family-sized take-and-bake meals.

Although the neighborhood is small, 12 South has a few standout spots for its nightlife scene. Locals love the rotating craft beer selection and live entertainment at 12 South Taproom. Others also enjoy the cozy, warm vibes at the Embers Ski Lodge. The location reflects a classic apres-ski lodge, featuring great food, unique cocktails, and Nashville’s largest selection of whiskey.

How’s The Real Estate Market In 12 South?

Purchasing a home in 12 South is a good investment as the real estate inventory is extremely limited and the demand is high. The area is undergoing tremendous growth and it’s quickly becoming a leading hotspot in Nashville. The median sales price for a home in 12 South was $1,545,000 over the past 12 months.

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How’s The Cost Of Living In 12 South?

Since 12 South is one of the smaller neighborhoods in Nashville, not too many locals live within its direct center. According to Rentcafe, average rent prices are slightly over $1,800. However, keep in mind, there are currently only a few apartment complexes in the area.

The majority of those living in 12 South, reside in houses found throughout the neighboring side streets. Due to 12 South’s popularity and steady growth, area real estate is in high demand. Homes typically range from $700,000 to over $2,500,000.

How Is Transportation In 12 South?

Recognized as one of Nashville’s most walkable neighborhoods, you can experience all that 12 South has to offer within a few steps. Surrounding the area, several neighborhood streets have defined biking lanes and sidewalks. Additionally, the neighborhood has two B-Cycle bike stations, Nashville’s shared bicycle program. However, most residents within the area prefer having a vehicle as their primary form of transportation.

What Are The Top Schools In 12 South?

The 12 South community favors Waverly Belmont Elementary School as its leading choice in education for grades K-4. Another popular choice is Rose Park Middle School, located further north of the neighborhood. For additional education options, many residents travel to surrounding neighborhoods, such as Hillsboro and West End for school.

The neighborhood is a very popular spot for those undergoing higher education. Close within the vicinity is Belmont University, a private Christian university. Additionally, you’ll find a number of places providing lessons within the music and arts industry, such as W O Smith Music School.

What Are The Best Parks In 12 South?

Sevier Park is a local favorite nestled within Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood. The kid-friendly park is home to two separate playgrounds, picnic tables, and a newly-opened community center. During the warmer months, the popular Sevier Park hosts the 12 South Farmers Market on Tuesdays.

Is 12 South A Safe Place To Live?

Back 15 years ago, 12 South was not a desired destination for many Nashville locals or tourists. However, with the steady increase in local development and commercial businesses, that has all changed. The area has made a huge transformation in terms of its safety and crime rates. 12 South has now grown into one of Nashville’s most favored locations for locals and tourists alike.

Pros To Living n 12 South

  • The trendy and charming area has an abundance of unique shops and restaurants available.
  • The neighborhood is undergoing tremendous growth.
  • It is extremely walkable and offers a great park and community center.

Cons To Living In 12 South

  • Due to its demand, the cost to live within the 12 South neighborhood is high and limited.
  • Although the area has a lot to offer, some view its small footprint as a hindrance.
  • 12 South’s popular reputation contributes to the steady rise in tourism, making some areas feel crowded.

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