Living in Antioch: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

About Antioch, Nashville

Located in Davidson County, Antioch is a neighborhood in the greater Nashville metro area. It may not have written the book on urban renewal, but it definitely perfected the art. Over the last decade, this residential afterthought 12 miles outside of Downtown Nashville has pulled off a nearly unprecedented resurgence. Companies like Community Health Systems, HCA, and LKQ Corp. have recently brought thousands of jobs to Antioch. These gains have helped revitalize the once-fading area, allowing neighborhoods to thrive and community fixtures — like the giant Hickory Hollow Mall — to be repurposed. Antioch is one of Nashville’s truly accessible up-and-coming neighborhoods, which allows it to maintain a uniquely diverse population and eclectic environment. Once you’ve finished your morning workout in a refinished mall, gone ice-skating a few doors down, then stopped for lunch at the Arabic market a street over, you might find that you don’t miss the conventional lifestyle.

Where Is Antioch Located?

Antioch is 12 miles southeast of downtown Nashville — barely over fifteen minutes from the heart of the city. Just to the west is Brentwood, while La Vergne rests a few exits below Antioch on I-24. Percy Priest Lake, one of the Southeast’s premier urban getaways, is 5-10 miles north of town depending on your access point.

How’s The Vibe In Antioch?

Real estate mavens will tell you that this isn’t the Antioch you’re used to. What was once a slumping section of town has transformed into a haven for first-time homeowners and families looking for affordable space relatively close to downtown. Also, if you enjoy living in a diverse community with unexpected cuisines and cultural experiences, Antioch is an ideal option. A wide range of ethnicities have established communities there, and around a quarter of its residents were born in another country. Of course, you may be drawn to the thousands of job opportunities that have followed corporate development in Antioch. If that’s the case, then there’s not a more accessible community to call home.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Antioch?

Antioch’s food scene centers around where Haywood Lane meets Antioch Pike right along I-24. We aren’t exaggerating when we say that this little corridor might have the most diverse, surprising restaurant options in town. Spots like Elotes La Milpa and Pupuseria Salvadorena bring strong Latin flavors, while Hai Woon Dai and King Market are there for your Korean and Thai fix. Of course, if you want to eat plain ‘ol American, Fat Mo’s Burgers and Whitt’s Barbecue will absolutely do the job.

When it comes to the bar scene, Antioch lacks an extensive selection, but there’s plenty of nightlife on the outskirts of the neighborhood. Just a five-minute drive from Antioch you can generally find your scene, whether that be karaoke, a biker hangout, or a sports bar.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Antioch?

Antioch’s proximity to Downtown Nashville, just 15 minutes away, and Percy Priest Lake means there’s something to do for everyone. It’s also near the Nashville International Airport giving residents convenient access to any city of their choosing. Animal lovers can check out the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, a 10-minute drive from Antioch. The International Indoor Soccer Complex provides residents with access to a turf field shielded from the elements year round. The Global Mall at the Crossings formerly known as the Hickory Hollow Mall located just off of Bell Road has seen a resurgence mirroring the neighborhood in which it occupies. The multi-million dollar revitalization project was a joint venture that has brought tenants such as the Nashville State Community College. Known as Tennessee's first international mall, the Global Mall at the Crossings now has nearly 20 international restaurants and is over 80 tenants strong!

How’s The Real Estate Market In Antioch?

How has this resurgence affected the local Antioch housing market? As you can probably guess, it has rebounded as well. Antioch has long been a working-class stronghold within the Nashville metro area, so even as shiny new businesses arrive, room for new construction is somewhat scarce. While modern residential options are on the rise, two to four-bedroom single family homes built between 1970 and 1999 still make up most of the market. Believe it or not, this slightly dated housing selection actually has its advantages. For one, many of the homes are single story ranch architecture. There is also a large number of homes with basements, something rarely seen in the Nashville real estate market. Even with the corporate development, sale prices for single family homes average a refreshingly reasonable $400,000.

Antioch apartments and townhomes are affordable as well. Thanks to relatively dated buildings, rent can be quite low for Nashville standards—sometimes as reasonable as $1,000/month. The more updated your place, however, the more likely it is that your rent creeps back up into that conventional $1,500-$2,500 range.

Home prices are rising, just like they are in most Nashville suburbs, but it’s still not at all unusual to purchase a 2,000-square-foot Antioch home for less than $350,000. At that price, there’s likely room in the budget for some remodeling. Real estate investors have been flocking to Antioch with the goal of buying these well-built homes and refinishing them to include modern touches like an open floor plan, hardwood floors, granite countertops, and stainless appliances.

PRO TIP: See homes for sale in Antioch

How’s The Cost Of Living In Antioch?

Considering its convenient location and somewhat competitive real estate market, Antioch is refreshingly affordable. Housing prices are just a fraction of what you’ll find for similar properties in Brentwood and Forest Hills, even though they offer a similar commute. The median price per square foot is hovering around $210 as new construction gains a foothold in the area. That’s a definite increase in value over the last year, but 3-4 bedroom houses and townhomes are generally available from $350,000 - $550,000. Combine that with low commute costs and Tennessee’s famously accommodating tax codes, and you have the recipe for frugal living.

How Is Transportation In Antioch?

If you’re looking to spend most of your time running errands on foot, then Antioch probably won’t be your first choice. Like most of Nashville’s suburbs (and the Southeast in general), it’s not especially walkable or bike-friendly. That being said, if you do own a vehicle, there aren’t many better places from which to access the city than Antioch’s prime location along I-24. For those who would rather not travel by car, Antioch does receive regular public bus service that allows access to the rest of the city.

What Are The Top Schools in Antioch?

If we’re sticking to the north side of I-24, then we have to give credit to Cane Ridge, Lakeview, and Smith Springs Elementary Schools for starting kids off with a solid educational foundation. Antioch Middle School, right in the center of the neighborhood, outscores other middle schools in the area, and Cane Ridge High is neck-and-neck with Antioch High for Antioch’s best high school. These don’t necessarily garner the highest ratings, but the latest indications are that they are moving in the right direction.

What Are The Best Parks in Antioch?

Antioch Park is home to the Mill Creek Greenway, which makes a 3-mile loop along Mill Creek. Along with the park’s playgrounds and fields, this greenway provides flat, paved walking trails that serve as an easy retreat from the city.

Is Antioch A Safe Place To Live?

Antioch is an area in the midst of a revival, but every transformation comes with some growing pains. Antioch isn’t an unsafe place to live, but, as far as Nashville goes, it’s on the lower end of safety. Property crimes are especially prevalent. Around 7% - 8% of residents are likely to experience some form of theft. That’s certainly not ideal, but as a wave of young professionals rolls into the affordable new construction, the crime rate will likely improve.

Pros To Living In Antioch

  • Antioch is all about affordable convenience and amenities. There’s perhaps no other place in the Nashville metro area where you can find quality, conveniently-located housing at such an affordable price.
  • You can’t beat Antioch’s value just 15 minutes from downtown Nashville.
  • The restaurant selection is about as impressive as anywhere in town. Basically, Antioch offers a lot to do, at an accessible price.

Cons To Living In Antioch

  • Antioch’s convenience and affordability comes at a price. The community is still working to develop the infrastructure to support every quality of life metric.
  • Antioch’s schools and crime rate are a work in progress as the neighborhood evolves, but as the neighborhood turns over to a more professionally-oriented population, these statistics are likely to look more favorable.
  • Antioch may not stay affordable for long. With its close proximity to Downtown Nashville, it’s likely home prices will continue to appreciate.

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