Living in La Vergne: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

About La Vergne, Tennessee

Like Antioch, its neighbor just up I-24, La Vergne is in the midst of an economic revitalization. Ingram Book Company, which started in the town as a small business in 2009, now employs 1,500 people. What’s more, Amazon has opened a massive new distribution center within La Vergne’s town limits, and companies like Sinomax and Talos Engineered Products have turned dormant factory space into productive economic contributors. La Vergne’s makeup is refreshingly diverse, with large Latino, African-American, and even African populations. Located in Rutherford County, La Vergne is feeling the positive effects of the Davidson County property tax increase as homeowners in neighboring Davidson County look to relocate. Similar to its neighbor Smyrna to the south, La Vergne enjoys its close proximity to Percy Priest Lake.

Where Is La Vergne Located?

La Vergne is a southeast suburb of Nashville, Tennessee. It falls within Rutherford County, surrounded by the towns of Antioch, Smyrna, and Nolensville. The northeast area of La Verge borders Percy Priest Lake. The city of La Vergne extends 25 square miles in size.

How’s The Vibe In La Vergne?

The suburban area of La Vergne, Tennessee is an affordable Nashville suburb that caters to middle-income families. The town’s population is roughly 39,000 people, and it continues to grow each year. The median age is 31, and the standard household size is 3. It also serves as an attractive place for those wanting to live an active and outdoor lifestyle.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In La Vergne?

Many of La Vergne’s restaurants sit along the main roadway, Murfreesboro Road. Within this central area, you’ll find a variety of diverse cuisine options. Some of the area favorites include Gowdy’s Seafood, C.R. Noodle House Thai & Lao, Kool Runnings Jamaican Cuisine, and El Rodeo.

Nightlife entertainment in La Vergne is mostly limited to nearby bars. A popular spot is Memories Bar & Grill, where they feature weekend karaoke. Many locals also enjoy grabbing drinks at Margarita House.

What Are The Top Things To Do In La Vergne?

The top things to do in La Vergne include Veterans Memorial Park, a local park that sits on 55 acres. Veterans Memorial Park has two pavilions, baseball fields, a basketball court, a football field, a hockey rink, a tennis court, and walking trails. La Vergne also has a number of historical attractions such as the home of Mary Kate Patterson, a confederate spy who collected intelligence for the Union from 1862 to 1865. The east coast of La Vergne is situated on the J. Percy Priest Lake, a reservoir located outside of Nashville which makes it ideal for fishing, boating, and kayaking.

How’s The Real Estate Market In La Vergne?

Over the last few decades, builders in the city of La Vergne have generally designed their developments to ensure that often disenfranchised populations have the opportunity to own an affordable home. La Vergne’s Lake Forest Estates, for instance, is the largest subdivision in the entire state of Tennessee and features homes that range in price from $325,000 - $450,000. The overall result of this development approach is a relatively mature housing market that resists upheaval — even amidst an economic renewal.

Another consequence of this homeownership focus is a unique landscape for renters. Over 70% of residents own their homes, an impressive ratio even for the most well-off neighborhoods. These homeownership opportunities, however, appear to have come at the expense of rental property development. While apartments, townhomes, and condos, like the Rutherford Pointe Apartments, do exist, they are generally quite dated. In place of these conventional rental options, single-family homes have emerged as the primary option in the La Vergne rental market. While the usual rent of $1,800 or so per month might seem exorbitant, it’s fairly reasonable for that much space in a neighborhood that’s definitely on the rise. Many of the homes in La Vergne are 2,000 - 4,000 square feet and offer modern features such as an open floor plan, hardwood flooring, and granite countertops.

As is often the case, the economic growth in La Vergne has caused positive ripples in the local housing market. Especially in the Lee Road area, near the interstate in La Vergne’s western reaches. The median sales price for a single-family home in La Vergne was $367,000 over the past 12 months. Compared to neighboring Nolensville, where homes typically sell for over $800,000, La Vergne looks like a steal. La Vergne is a community that has historically placed a premium on accessible homeownership. Home prices in La Vergne aren’t predicted to decrease anytime soon, even as builders start new construction projects.

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How’s The Cost Of Living In La Vergne?

According to Sperling’s Best Places, the cost of living in La Vergne is slightly under the nation’s average. Housing costs are the leading factor contributing to the overall lower cost of living. Home styles range, offering a variety of new construction options. The median cost of a home in La Vergne is $367,000. Homeowners account for over 70% of the residential population.

How Is Transportation In La Vergne?

The average one-way commute for those living in La Vergne is roughly 32 minutes. The suburban town doesn’t offer many options for public transportation, and nearly 82% of residents drive their own car to work. Statistics note that 13% carpool with other locals and the remainder of the residents work from home. Major roadways surrounding La Vergne include Murfreesboro Road/U.S. Route 41, Sam Ridley Parkway, and Interstate 24.

What Are The Top Schools In La Vergne?

La Vergne is home to several Grade "A" and "B" ranking schools according to GreatSchools. Rock Springs Elementary, La Vergne Primary, and Roy Waldron are some of the favorite elementary schools within the area. La Vergne Middle School is the leading public school, which offers classes for grades 6-8. The neighboring town of Smyrna has the top public school, Smyrna High School, which falls within the Rutherford County School District.

What Are The Best Parks In La Vergne?

La Vergne and its surrounding regions offer many parks and outdoor recreational centers. Closer to the water, you’ll also find a variety of campgrounds and RV sites, such as Poole Knobs and Music City Campground. Located in the center of town is Veterans Memorial Park. This is La Vergne’s main park, as it stretches over 55 acres. The park features a variety of sports fields, picnic shelters, pavilions, playgrounds, and even a skate park. Another popular spot is Lake Forest Park, which offers 5 acres of green space and picnic shelters.

Is La Vergne A Safe Place To Live?

According to Patch, La Vergne ranks within the top 20 safest cities in the state of Tennessee. Property crime within the town is overall low, falling under both the state and national average. Violent crime is slightly higher than the U.S. average, however, it is still lower than most cities within the state. In general, many of the residents feel safe throughout the La Vergne community.

Pros To Living In La Vergne

  • You’ll find a variety of outdoor activities available, especially near Percy Priest Lake.
  • The cost of housing is fairly inexpensive when compared to the surrounding locations in Tennessee.
  • The town is extremely diverse in its population and showcases a wide variety of cuisine options.

Cons To Living In La Vergne

  • The summer heat and humidity can become intense in this region of Tennessee.
  • Average commute times in La Vergne are higher compared to most suburbs.
  • If you prefer the hustle and bustle of a busy city, this rural environment is likely not the best option for you.

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