Living in Arrington: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

About Arrington, Tennessee

Those looking to get in on the ground level of Nashville’s next blossoming suburb need look no further than Arrington. This unincorporated community, already known for its rolling green hills and elegant wines, has all the makings of a residential Eden, and developers are beginning to take notice. Just off of I-840, less than a half-hour south of Nashville and ten miles away from Franklin, Arrington retains a rare pastoral purity within the city’s metro area. Arrington is strongly connected to Nolensville, another prospering Nashville suburb, which means it shares many characteristics with its larger counterpart.

Where Is Arrington Located?

Arrington is located approximately 26 miles directly south of Nashville, surrounded by I-65, I-840, and I-24. Despite the long distance from Nashville, it is a fairly straightforward commute into the city because of the close proximity of these three major highways.

How’s The Vibe In Arrington?

One of Tennessee’s most beautiful rural areas with an upscale twist, Arrington is becoming a very popular area to reside. Retirees enjoy the peacefulness of this tranquil area, while families love the open spaces, larger housing options, and reputable school system. This area is less popular among young professionals and couples due to its distance from Nashville and minimal renting options.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Arrington?

For those looking for exciting nightlife, Arrington residents will want to head towards downtown Nashville, as this area quiets down in the evenings. However, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the day, particularly for those who love the outdoors. Arrington Vineyards is one of the area’s most popular attractions, featuring outdoor live concerts, wine tastings, and beautiful grounds to roam.

Residents of all ages delight in touring Castle Gwynn, the location of Tennessee's annual Renaissance Festival. Stoney Creek Farm offers classes for gardening aficionados and teaches visitors tips for growing their own produce. The whole family will enjoy picking fresh apples at Morning Glory Orchards, just a short drive away.

Those seeking heart-pounding thrills can take a 10-minute drive to the border of Franklin and experience SOAR Adventure Tower. Test your courage by climbing and overcoming creative obstacles at a dizzying height – an adrenaline-inducing activity for all ages!

What Are The Top Things To Do In Arrington?

Arrington Vineyards offers one of Nashville’s singular dining experiences. Guests can sample eighteen elegant wines and plenty of gourmet finger foods as they gaze out on the 75-acre vineyard. The vineyard even hosts musicians on the weekends for accessible live performances. Right down the road, the Hideaway at Arrington provides a private golfing experience that few in the city even know about, let alone have access to. These features help showcase a rural landscape dotted here and there with sparkling event venues that make one wonder if the whole region isn’t actually some elaborate, sprawling park.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Arrington?

Arrington offers expansive single-family homes — usually with four to five bedrooms — that cater to white-collar workers looking to establish a base for their families. Homes tend to be new construction, with the vast majority having been built after the turn of the century. These traits usually lead to higher prices. While the Nolensville market tends to have a high financial threshold for entry, Arrington truly ups the ante for belonging to a community.

The median single-family home price in Arrington sits at just over $1,175,000, which is steep even for Nashville. Much of this can be attributed to the large, new construction houses located in a convenient location. Also contributing to the high prices is the area’s extremely low vacancy rate of only 2.6%. With so many homes filled, prices on the available houses tend to inflate as buyers compete over fewer properties. Builders are working to rectify this market inefficiency by quickly establishing new developments. Right along the I-840 corridor, new neighborhoods are popping up like daffodil clusters in the area’s verdant green fields. Subdivisions like Arrington Ridge, The Enclave at Dove Lake, and multiple developments in the King’s Chapel area are currently under construction, with homes ranging from the $800,000s to $2,000,000.

Ultimately, this intersection of location, space, and recreation makes Arrington one of the best-kept secrets around Nashville, and residents seem to know it. When they come here, they’re here to stay, which is why Arrington boasts one of the highest homeownership rates in the United States. Basically, if you’re looking to establish your family in a part of Nashville that you can truly make your own, then the Arrington hills are your sanctuary.

All indications are that these home values won’t be coming down any time soon, as residences in the area have sold for an average sales price of well over $1,200,000 in the past 12 months. To complement these homes, Arrington comes with a few upscale touches that remind you that you’re living a life of countryside luxury.

PRO TIP: See homes for sale in Arrington

How’s The Cost Of Living In Arrington?

Arrington’s cost of living is higher than the national and state average with a median house price of just over $1,175,000. However, potential residents should note that because Arrington is located a fair distance outside the city, new housing developments continue to pop up.

How Is Transportation In Arrington?

Because Arrington is located in a more rural area, owning a car is a must for residents. Utilizing Uber and Lyft simply isn’t practical or financially sustainable in this area.

What Are The Top Schools In Arrington?

There are pros and cons for families searching for schooling options who plan to reside in Arrington. A major pro is Arrington’s location in Williamson County, Tennessee’s nationally and state-recognized school system, reason enough for families to settle down in this area. However, since Arrington is a more rural area, these schools are located further away in the suburbs of Franklin, Brentwood, and Nolensville.

Attending a school in the nearby areas of Nolensville or Franklin is the best choice for most families since the 15-20 minute drive is the most reasonable out of all options. Mill Creek Middle and Elementary, Woodland Middle and Kenrose Elementary, and Ravenwood, Franklin, and Independence High are all top-tier, highly-regarded public schools.

The nearest private schools are Battle Ground Academy and Brentwood Academy, located in Franklin and Brentwood respectively. Both of these private schools are well-known and very reputable.

It should be noted that Arrington is a continuously growing and developing area, with the potential for schools to be established close to its center in the near future.

What Are The Best Parks In Arrington?

Arrington’s lovely, rural landscape offers gorgeous areas for outdoor enthusiasts that are more than just traditional parks.

Residents have the benefit of convenient access to Henry Horton State Park, located only 20 miles away. This beautiful area offers 10 miles of hiking trails, guided river floats, golf courses, a skeet range, and serene fishing areas.

Dog lovers will appreciate the spacious Blake’s Bark Park, located just 5 minutes away from Arrington and featuring agility obstacles for your pooch’s enrichment.

For sports fans, Osburn Park Soccer Complex and College Grove Ball Park are conveniently located a short drive to the north and south of Arrington. Equestrians will be delighted that Peach Tree Farms, situated at the very heart of Arrington, is within walking distance depending on the specific neighborhood.

Is Arrington A Safe Place To Live?

Arrington is a very safe place to live, with crime rates far below the state and national average. Because of its distance outside the city of Nashville, Arrington escapes much of the crime that often plagues densely populated areas.

Pros To Living In Arrington

  • Arrington offers an escape from city life for potential residents looking for a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere, yet still having access to downtown Nashville.
  • Its spacious homes, safe environment, and highly-ranked school system make this area a perfect option for families. Retirees especially find this restful area an ideal spot to settle down and relax.
  • Those who are particularly fond of the outdoors will very much appreciate Arrington’s charming countryside atmosphere.

Cons To Living In Arrington

  • More than just a few will balk at the longer commute to downtown Nashville, as well as the distance to other Nashville amenities.
  • Residents looking for vibrant nightlife could feel bored with Arrington’s slower pace of life.
  • Homes in Arrington have quickly jumped in value and many neighborhoods in Arrington are quickly becoming unaffordable for young families on a limited budget.

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