Living in Lebanon: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

About Lebanon, Tennessee

Lebanon is the county seat of Wilson County. For a sleepy southern town 30 miles east of Nashville, Lebanon carries some surprising clout. Thanks to its status as the home and headquarters of Cracker Barrel, the 36,000-person town has long enjoyed an outsized business presence. Recent years have only strengthened that reputation, as Lebanon is now home to a branch of PFG and America’s only plant for Wonderful Group, a Chinese tile manufacturer. These developments have helped forge Lebanon into an economic entity not beholden to Nashville, and its housing market reflects that independent value. For those willing to do a little digging, there’s an ideal home for everyone in this secluded suburb punching way above its economic weight class.

Where Is Lebanon Located?

Lebanon is located in Middle Tennessee’s Wilson County, just over 30 miles east from downtown Nashville. Its proximity locates residents within a forty-minute commute to downtown Nashville when traffic is moving well. To get downtown, it’s an easy trip via I-40. Lebanon is also conveniently located 40 minutes from Murfreesboro, Gallatin, and Hartsville.

How’s The Vibe In Lebanon?

The family-friendly town of Lebanon hosts many professionals that commute to Nashville and other surrounding areas for work. This quaint town offers its residents a quiet setting to raise a family or retire. Lebanon offers families more space to spread out, explore nature, and live in a close community with plentiful new construction homes. This small city is also a wonderful place for grandparents to host their grandkids.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Lebanon?

Lebanon is a small city with an eclectic array of restaurants. But if you’re looking for the bright lights, late nights, and party energy of Nashville’s downtown Broadway, you may be disappointed by Lebanon’s nightlife.

When it comes to good eats, locals flock to Demo’s Restaurant. This family-friendly Italian restaurant has daily specials and ample portion sizes. They offer unparalleled hospitality and a great place to meet friends and relatives.

For a nice date night out with your spouse, Town Square Social is one of the best places for a cocktail, glass of wine, and scrumptious food that isn’t too fussy.

Voodoo Smokehouse is sure to please those with a palate for spice and international delights. Al-Basha Lounge is also a great way to experience a unique menu with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flair. For pure American-pleasure Lebanon locals highly recommend New Moon Barbeque.

For a night out and a cold drink, Cahoots offers an authentic Honky Tonk experience with live music and a lively atmosphere.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Lebanon?

Just because Lebanon is about 30 miles east of Nashville doesn’t mean it’s short on things to do. The Don Fox Community Park for example includes four pavilions as well as a 2.5 mile track that surrounds the park’s perimeter. Adjacent to the Don Fox Community Park is the Lebanon Golf & Country Club, a private golf course. Fiddlers Grove Historic Village on the east side of Lebanon is a time capsule where residents can experience early life in Middle Tennessee and the Wilson County Fairgrounds is not far away. Located in the heart of the city, the Lebanon-Wilson County Library is located just off Cumberland Street near Cumberland University.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Lebanon?

Despite being a considerable distance from Downtown Nashville, Lebanon’s median home price is roughly $385,000 or about $200 per square foot. This relatively high sales price is partially due to the Laguardo area, where million-dollar homes along Old Hickory Lake aren’t necessarily representative of the rest of the residential market. Lebanon’s status as something of an economic hub also lends it a diverse population that enjoys a more varied housing market than many other Nashville suburbs. Forty percent of residents rent their homes, and Lebanon is not short on options to meet their needs. There are multiple well-situated large apartment complexes, like Hamilton Station, that have rental options for under $1,000/month. Unlike most other suburbs, though, the possibilities don’t stop there. Townhome complexes and smaller apartment buildings are widely available, and the market even boasts a fair amount of single-family homes that rent reasonably at under $2,000/month.

Closer to town, new construction has flowed in to meet the elevated employment needs of the expanding corporations. Since 2015, Lebanon has seen a considerable spike in population growth, and builders have responded with a menu of modern single-family construction, affordably priced between $300,000 - $400,000. Many of these new construction homes enjoy affordable luxury options such as open floorplans, granite countertops, stainless appliances, walk-in closets, and hardwood floors.

PRO TIP: See homes for sale in Lebanon

How’s The Cost Of Living In Lebanon?

The cost of living in Lebanon is on-par with the rest of the U.S. Overall, Lebanon is less expensive than other cities surrounding Nashville-proper. Although, housing prices in Lebanon continue to rise as more development comes to this small city.

How Is Transportation In Lebanon?

A vehicle is a must-have for comfortable living in Lebanon. The city doesn’t have a public transit system and an Uber or Lyft would cost a small fortune to get to downtown Nashville if you can find one. As far as getting around on foot or by bike, you may want to think twice. Most roads have narrow shoulders and fast-moving traffic.

What Are The Top Schools In Lebanon?

The Wilson County School District has an excellent reputation. Lebanon schools are a huge draw for many families looking to move further out from Nashville's city center. Southside Elementary and Castle Heights are top-ranked schools with wonderful teams of dedicated teachers. Lebanon High School also earns high marks for student achievement.

What Are The Best Parks In Lebanon?

Lebanon is surrounded by green space and ample opportunities for outdoor activities. One of the best-known parks is Cedar of Lebanon State Park, which draws visitors from all over Tennessee and beyond. Fox Den Community Park is a great park for parents looking for a playground for their little ones. If you’re looking for outdoor adventure, Lebanon has more parks than most can explore in a year’s time.

Is Lebanon A Safe Place To Live?

When it comes to crime, Lebanon is quite safe and uneventful. This area is suburban and quite placid with a family-friendly attitude. Compared to the city of Nashville, Lebanon is a wonderful place to raise a family.

Pros To Living In Lebanon

  • Many people are drawn to Lebanon for its historic depth, large yards, and unending outdoor activities. Lebanon is a slice of the South with a conservative culture and historic charm.
  • This quiet town is considered a safe place to raise a family, while being close enough to commute to and from downtown, daily.
  • Many residents move to Lebanon for its great schools. Year after year, this small city grows and expands to keep up with the demand for families wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of Nashville.

Cons To Living In Lebanon

  • Lebanon can be considered slower-paced and sleepier than larger metropolitan areas. While this can be great for those wanting a large garden, young single professionals find the city lacking excitement.
  • While Lebanon has quite a few wonderful restaurants, there is only a fraction of the variety of larger cities.
  • While the city continues to grow, some long-time residents don’t love all the new development.

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