Living in Leiper’s Fork: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

Ever long for a quaint, quiet escape from the overwhelming busyness of life? Do you wish for the “simple” life, filled with the vintage, rustic nostalgia of a bygone era? Are you seeking a peaceful place to nurture your inner creativity? Leiper’s Fork could be the perfect fit for you! Take a step back in time at this historic village that has combined the comforts of modern life with idyllic country charm.

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What's The History Of Leiper’s Fork?

The very first residents of Leiper’s Fork were the Cherokee and Chickasaw tribes. As pioneer families began to settle in the 1700s, most of this area’s acreage was eventually granted to Colonel Jesse Steed after the Revolutionary War. As travelers of the Natchez Trace passed through this beautiful land, they began to settle down. After the population continued to steadily increase, a post office was granted in 1818 and was officially established as Leiper’s Fork, drawing its namesake from the nearby creek.

In 1995, residents of Leiper’s Fork came together to preserve the land’s beauty and historicity. Underneath the oversight of Aubrey Preston, who pledged in 1992 to revitalize the area into a rustic suburban paradise that stayed true to its roots, Leiper’s Fork has become an iconic utopia of Tennessee.

How's The Vibe In Leiper’s Fork?

Leiper’s Fork, located approximately 30 miles south of downtown Nashville, is a down-home, Southern village that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this peaceful town is home to less than 500 residents. Dubbed by Country Living as a “Mayberry meets Marfa” town, this friendly community is the perfect spot for antique-lovers, artists, and those with an appreciation for rural life. In the past few years, Leiper’s Fork has developed into a tourist spot famous for its music, shops, food, historical preservation, and celebrity presence. Despite the tourism, this town remains tranquil and protected from overdevelopment - in fact, this is the exact reason why many celebrities choose to reside here. If you’re looking for a place to be welcomed as part of a family, Leiper’s Fork is an excellent choice.

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What's The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Leiper’s Fork?

This welcoming small town is famous for its delectable, down-home cooking, causing Nashville tourists to flock to its locally-owned restaurants. The iconic Country Boy Restaurant is TripAdvisor’s top restaurant recommendation in Leiper’s Fork, serving up delicious Southern comfort food. For a more upscale experience, head to 1892. With a continuously changing menu that surprises and delights guests, this charmingly vintage restaurant feels like a step back into the colonial era.

Coffee lovers should be sure not to miss RedByrd Coffee Shop, a hip spot that has been featured on DIY Network’s “Tiny House, Big Living” and is a haven for creatives.

Although the easy-going pace of life does not make for vibrant nightlife in Leiper’s Fork (most residents head to downtown Nashville for an exciting night out), Puckett’s of Leiper’s Fork provides weekly open mic nights that often draw sizeable crowds. Paired with hearty Southern cuisine, entertainment at Puckett’s is a hotspot for both tourists and locals.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Leiper’s Fork?

This little haven is brimming with unique activities and shops that tourists flock to and locals enjoy year-round.

Take a tour of the fascinating Leiper’s Fork Distillery and sample their wide array of whiskies. Art aficionados should head to Leiper’s Creek Gallery, Copper Fox Gallery, and David Arms Gallery. Each of these galleries are locally owned by passionate collectors striving to share some of Nashville’s finest creations.

Want to enjoy Nashville’s music, but without the crowds of downtown Broadway? Stop by Pickin’ Corner inside Serenite Maison, one of the most popular antique shops at Leiper’s Fork and featuring beautiful European antiques. Musical visitors can try out Maison’s vintage guitars and banjos, often leading to impromptu, foot-stomping concerts (sometimes graced by Nashville’s local Grammy-winners!) Live music is also the centerpiece of Puckett’s, with musical acts performing almost every night of the week.

More fascinating antiques can be found at Creekside Trading Company and Pick-It Fence. Featuring amazing vintage furniture, leather goods, hats, decor, jewelry, books, and paintings, the shops in Leiper’s Fork are absolutely a must-see for antique hunters.

Often mistaken for an ordinary gas station and rustic market, Leiper’s Fork Market is actually home to the Leiper’s Fork Farmers Market and RedByrd Coffee Shop. This market also distributes several unique goods and brands, including local brews from Mill Creek Brewing Co.

Nashville locals often head to Pot N’ Kettle Cottages for a weekend away from hectic city life. These beautiful cottages are a locally-owned answer to Airbnbs. Guests can choose from a variety of cozy houses, decorated in a modernized farmhouse-style, and relax on the outskirts of Leiper’s Fork. For the ultimate getaway experience, visit The Spa at Leiper’s Fork and unwind as the day’s stress melts away.

Looking to explore the great outdoors? Leiper’s Fork is a beautiful area to explore! Located directly adjacent to the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, one of Tennesee’s most beautiful scenic drives, outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to immerse themselves in nature. Along the 444-mile Trace, visitors can camp amidst the scenic views, as well as horseback ride, fish, and hike. Additionally, head to Timberland Park and tour the gorgeous butterfly exhibit, visit the educational Interpretive Center, and explore the miles of extensive trails and beautiful overlook.

How's The Real Estate Market In Leiper’s Fork?

Because of its location just 10 minutes east of Franklin - one of Tennessee's most expensive suburbs - Leiper’s Fork real estate ranges on the pricey side. Additionally, its location within the top-tier school district of Williamson County also raises the value of properties.

The median house price for a home in Leiper’s Fork is $912,000, while the average comes out to approximately $1,415,000. However, more affordable options do exist - the least expensive homes hover in the $245,000 range.

Although expensive, Leiper’s Fork is a more affordable option for potential residents who can’t quite swing Franklin’s budget. Additionally, most of the houses at Leiper’s Fork come with a lot of acreage, a significant perk of living in this area. With homes ranging from remodeled historical houses to classic farmhouses to vintage Southern mansions, Leiper’s Fork has several options for those who thrive in a rural atmosphere.

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Our Final Thoughts On Leiper’s Fork

This neighborhood is especially suited for middle-upper-income families and retirees. Families will be very appreciative of the exemplary school system, safe environment, and generous acreage that many houses of Leiper’s Fork provide - a perfect place to raise active children. Retirees will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with an aura that reminds them of the “good old days,” while also providing them access to Nashville’s excitement. Folks invested in supporting small businesses and local artists will also be particularly drawn to this area.

Leiper’s Fork isn't particularly suited for potential residents seeking a vibrant and immersive community with plenty of networking opportunities, nor is it particularly budget-friendly for young professionals. This area is also a significant commute from Nashville, clocking in at almost 40 minutes during off-hours.

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