Living in Belmont: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

Where Is Belmont Located?

The quiet yet energetic neighborhood is just south of Music Row and Edgehill and is about 10 minutes south of the heart of downtown Nashville. Belmont is tucked between I-65, I-40, and 440, making it extremely convenient to get anywhere within the city quickly. One of the most often overlooked perks of this location is the numerous alternate routes to get here, making getting home during rush hour a cinch.

How’s The Vibe In Belmont?

Belmont sometimes referred to as the Belmont/Hillsboro area offers an array of activities for young professionals, college students, and young families. This hip neighborhood is home to Belmont University and right around the corner from Vanderbilt and Lipscomb, giving it a college-town feel with a twist. What’s the twist? The area is more family-oriented than most university areas. Throughout Belmont you will find historic homes, children playing in their yards, and college students kicking about.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Belmont?

Belmont offers plenty of choices for the adventurous eater. This welcoming neighborhood is a haven for foodies, late-night bites, and restaurants within walking distance. And while Belmont is no South Beach when it comes to nightlife, you will find plenty of inviting bars open past midnight.

PM is a local favorite for Asian Fusion with some American classics, and late-night take-out. Not only does PM offer some of the best Thai cuisine in the area, but this restaurant represents a cultural legacy in Nashville since it was founded by the son of Patti Myint, who opened the first Asian market in the city.

You cannot go wrong in choosing a spot to eat in neighboring Hillsboro Village. Everybody loves Biscuit Love and The Taco Mama for a quick meal that doesn’t skimp on flavor.

For a fun night out, you will want to head to 12 South where you can find upscale contemporary dining or more laid-back bars like Embers Ski Lodge or The Filling Station where you can find an impressive selection of local and hard-to-find brews. If you’re a fan of authentic Lebanese fare, Epice will become your go-to spot for date night.

How’s The Cost Of Living In Belmont?

As an established neighborhood with historic charm, prime location, and plenty to do, it’s not surprising that Belmont is more costly than some other Nashville neighborhoods. This area is in high demand and the housing prices reflect that. If you have your heart set on Belmont, don’t be discouraged, though, this area has a wide array of housing types, including charming and affordable apartments. The median price of a single-family home in Belmont was just over $1,227,000 over the past 12 months. A condo or townhome may be a more affordable option with a median sales price of $430,000.

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How Is Transportation In Belmont?

The Belmont area is remarkably walkable and bikeable. You will find residents walking to 12 South or Hillsboro Village throughout the day. It’s also easy to Uber downtown for a night out on the town. There are also several bus routes that go through Belmont, which can make getting downtown easy for those without vehicles. As for commuting to work elsewhere in the city, you will likely want to drive.

What Are The Top Schools In Belmont?

Hillsboro Comprehensive High School has a well-renowned IB program and students perform well year after year. Waverly-Belmont Elementary School is beloved by its students and local parents. Waverly-Belmont students outperform their peers in English by 8% and math by 7%, and this school’s PTO is quite active and involved in creating a supportive community.

What Are The Best Parks In Belmont?

Being just south of downtown Nashville, you won’t find many forested hikes in the Belmont area, but there are plenty of regional parks where residents get some fresh air and exercise. While not in Belmont, Centennial Park is just a stone’s throw away in the West End neighborhood. Residents also frequent Edgehill Community Memorial Garden, Rose Park, and Dragon Park

Many people also enjoy walking the grounds and enjoying the green spaces at Vanderbilt and Belmont University.

Is Belmont A Safe Place To Live?

Overall, Belmont is a peaceful but energetic neighborhood with the typical issues found in most metro areas. Most unsavory activities include petty theft and a bit of a rouse here and there near the bars. With plenty of families in the area, you can rest assured that you will feel safe living in the Belmont neighborhood.

Pros To LivingIn Belmont

  • Belmont offers a balance of quaintness and fun. This neighborhood is both charming and exciting with plenty of activities to keep everyone happy. From plays at the Belcourt Theater to grabbing coffee at Fido, it takes most residents years to fully explore all the area has to offer.
  • Belmont is family-friendly, close to downtown, walkable, and filled with neighborhood pride.
  • It also is located just minutes from all the major interstates.

Cons To Living In Belmont

  • Belmont exudes a young, college vibe, but the area may not be the best fit for everyone.
  • Because of its vicinity to downtown and the high demand for housing, you will find most yards are not as expansive as suburbs further out from downtown. This popular neighborhood also comes with its fair share of traffic.
  • The cost of living can also be restrictive for some potential residents.

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