2024's 10 Best (And Worst) Retirement Communities In Tennessee

It's no secret, living in Tennessee has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Between the excellent job market, the mild climate, and the culturally rich cities that promise tons of entrainment, people are flocking to The Volunteer State by busload!

You may be familiar with Nashville, Knoxville, or Memphis but there are many places in Tennessee that deserve your attention! Between the hiking trails, short drive to the smoky mountains, nightlife, and school systems, Tennessee has become known as a great place to raise a family. But the state-of-the-art health care facilities, affordable cost of living, and terrific retirement communities also make it a great place to spend your freedom years.

Tennessee retirement communities are popping up all over, and if you're considering making the move into one of these beautiful communities, we'll be glad to help you out. We're going to cover these communities below, and explain why they are so popular. You can scroll to the bottom of this article if you're interested in viewing our top 10 retirement communities in Tennessee.

What Is A Retirement Community?

Simply put, these are communities made up of residential homes, or a housing complex, where folks in their golden years choose to live. These communities are not nursing homes or long term care communities, but rather a community filled with men and women enjoying their golden years while being able to take care of themselves.

In Tennessee, these communities typically include many amenities that will keep you happy and entertained. Common amenities include; a pool, a community center, and a fitness center. Some are even situated on a golf course or lakefront and promote an active adult lifestyle.

Is a retirement community the same as a 55+ community?

There are numerous 55+ communities in TN - are they the same as a retirement community? Yes, they are. More and more people are starting to realize the amazing benefits Tennessee has, whether you're raising a family or enjoying the golden years, Tennessee has it all.

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What Are The Benefits Of Retiring In Tennessee?

Tennessee is a fantastic place to live and retire. In particular, the greater Nashville area is the most sought-after area in all of Tennessee. What's all the buzz and excitement about, and is it for good reason? It certainly is! Tennessee is becoming a leading retirement destination for numerous reasons:

The cost of living

Tennessee provides a great bang for your buck. Many people are choosing to leave the Northeast or West Coast, not only in search of a more desirable and mild climate but also because of the cost of living and tax advantages.

Tennessee is one of the few states that won't tax your retirement income. Retirees don't pay taxes on their IRA, pensions, or 401k income if they reside in Tennessee. You've paid income tax your entire life, it's now time to enjoy some tax benefits and stretch that dollar!

The culture

Nashville Tennessee is a culturally rich city. Nowhere else in Tennessee do you have such a great music scene, a wide selection of fantastic restaurants, and diverse nightlife. The residents embrace the southern charm and the city has a warm, welcoming feel.

The healthcare system

Without question, healthcare must be a major point of consideration when you're looking to enjoy your retirement years. Tennessee is well known for its excellent healthcare system. In fact, healthcare makes up the largest industry in Nashville with prominent hospitals and research facilities such as Vanderbilt University Medical Center or St. Thomas Hospital.

Ease of access

With just a short plane ride, you can be on the sandy beaches of southern Florida, or within the greater New York City or Boston metropolitan area. The airports in Tennessee are easy to access and can get you really anywhere in the country in just a short ride. Visiting family, old friends, or vacationing to another state will be a breeze!

What To Look For When Choosing A Retirement Community In Tennessee?

Finding the right community is entirely contingent on what you're looking for. There are a wide range of communities you can choose from, such as;

  • A golf centered community - The homes in a golf centered community will be situated on a beautiful golf course. Live on the country club year-round and play golf any day of the week!
  • Lakefront living - If you love fishing or the outdoors, you may want to find yourself in a lakefront community. Between hiking, swimming in the lake, enjoying the beautiful views, and casting a line into the beautiful Tellico lake water off your own dock in the backyard, what's not to love?
  • One with nature - There's arguably nothing more relaxing and beautiful than enjoying a nice cup of coffee on your deck overlooking the great smoky mountains. If nature is your calling, be sure to check out communities that blend seamlessly with nature. Generally speaking, homes in these communities are a bit more spaced out, but still provide a close community lifestyle.
  • Active adult communities - The active adult communities are becoming increasingly popular as many folks want to get or stay healthy in their golden years. Between a fitness center, tennis courts, walking trails, the active adult communities are truly a fantastic place to be.
  • Let's not forget about city living - If you're into the hustle and bustle of a city, you can certainly find a community to complement your lifestyle. Catch a performance downtown and walk over to your favorite restaurant for dinner, you can do it all!

It's also important to consider the number of rules, regulations, and fees the community has. There can be various age restrictions, max home occupancy rules, and fees that are worth taking into consideration. You certainly want a community feel, but you may not be willing to compromise on some of the rules you'll be required to live by.

What's the cost of buying a house in a retirement community?

Buying real estate in a Tennessee retirement community is certainly cheaper than in other areas of the country. Considering the amenities that come with these communities the price of a home is typically more expensive than buying a house outside of a community. Homes typically range from the mid $300,000's to over $1,000,000 on the high end and everything in between. The price of the home cannot be the only thing considered. You also must take into account the amenities!

These amenities and benefits also come at a price. Retirement communities will have monthly fees that must be paid to the association. These fees help pay for all the benefits and amenities you are provided. The fee typically covers; a grounds crew which will keep all properties looking like a resort at all times, the upkeep of the pool, gym, tennis courts, roads, and even some major exterior home repairs.

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What are some of the amenities typically offered in a 55+ community?

Typically, a Tennessee retirement community will feel very much like a country club! Between a gym, clubhouse, beautiful lawns, mountain or lakefront views, golf courses, and beautiful new single-family homes or townhomes - you'll have no problem enjoying an active lifestyle

Is there a lot of maintenance for homeowners in a 55+ community?

Owning a home in one of these communities can be a great experience. Typically, these homes are low maintenance, but not all. To start, many of the homes are new homes built by reputable builders. Additionally, the fees you pay each month will help cover a lot of maintenance expenses.

You may be able to throw away your lawnmower, as a professional grounds crew will tend to the lawn and make it look resort-quality all the time. The pool will be cleaned and maintained daily, the entertainment and gym center will always be cleaned and ready for use, and the roads will be well maintained.

You'll be free to tinker with the inside of the home as you choose. If you want to add a backsplash to the kitchen, paint the walls, or upgrade the vanities, you're more than welcome to do so.

Top 10 Retirement Communities In Tennessee

#10 - Sherrill Hills

Sherrill Hills is an apartment-style living that is fully all-inclusive. From dining to their no fee for pets policy, seniors are able to maintain their independence and live in a beautiful setting.

#9 - Reid Hill Commons

Reid Hill Commons in Franklin, Tennessee is another active adult community where folks can enjoy an active lifestyle. Each condo is beautiful, fairly new construction, and various activities will help foster the community vibe with your neighbors.

#8 - Avenida Cool Springs

Avenida Cool Springs, in Franklin, are beautiful apartment homes designed with the active adult in mind. If you're not interested in buying and owning your home, this is a perfect option for you. There are a variety of floor plans to choose from and the amenities will keep you entertained. With beautiful outdoor seating and fire pits, group rooms, and swimming pools, you'll love to call this place home.

#7 - The Cottages of Providence

Mt. Juliet is home to The Cottages of Providence. Enjoy walking trails, views of a lake, aquatic activities, and homes priced from the mid $200k - low $300k. This active community is a lovely place to call home.

#6 - Fairfield Glade

Fairfield Glade is home to 11 lakes, 25+ miles of walking and hiking trails, 5 golf courses, recreation, and fitness complexes, and overlooks a beautiful mountain backdrop. Less than 60 minutes outside of Knoxville sits this beautiful community.

#5 - Lenoir City Wind River Lakefront and Golf Resort

If you're looking for luxury, look no further than the beautiful Lenoir City Wind River Lakefront and Golf Resort. Homes are typically around $500,000 - $1,500,000 and are absolutely gorgeous. You'll have access to all the benefits of living on Tellico lake and in just a 30-minute drive, you'll be in downtown Knoxville.

#4 - Tellico Village

Tellico Village in the Great Smoky Mountains is such a beautiful place to live. Their website states "the picturesque Great Smoky Mountains are clearly visible from Tellico village and provide unique and beautiful views for its residents." Who wouldn't want to breathe the fresh air, and make new memories hosting a wonderful dinner party with the mountains as your backdrop? Watch how the beautiful mountains evolve with each season.

#3 - Tellico Village at Tellico Lake

Another Tellico Village option, but this time we trade the mountains for the beautiful lake. Spend the day fishing, or stare at the beautiful lake views, you are also situated on a pristine golf course!

#2 - Lake Providence by Del Webb

Lake Providence by Del Webb is a gorgeous place to call home. Their 24,000 sq/ft clubhouse is certainly one of its main attraction pieces. Residents also enjoy an indoor spa, beautiful swimming pools, a walking track, a billiards room, a library, and a fantastic fitness area. Folks are sure to keep an active, yet peaceful lifestyle here.

#1 - Southern Springs

Just south of Lake Providence is another beautiful Del Webb community, Southern Springs. New homes start at $361k, and they are sure to pack a lot of punch. Southern Springs has 16 tennis courts, a gigantic pool, a state-of-the-art gym, and a grand group entertainment room.

Looking To Sell Your Home In Favor Of Moving To A Retirement Community?

We don't blame you. These communities are becoming increasingly more popular and for good reason. If you're approaching that age where you're tired of taking care of your property or the age where you are looking to reduce your income tax, considering moving to one of the many Tennessee retirement communities.

Between Fairfield Glade, the beautiful Del Webb communities, or a home situated on Tellico lake, our agents at Felix Homes are prepared to help you find your perfect spot to call home and live your life to the fullest.

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