2024 Top 10 List Of Best Places To Raise A Family In Tennessee

The Tennessee real estate market is booming! So much so, builders are struggling to keep up with the increasing demand. The U.S. Census suggests the population for the entire state is just over 7 million people and is positioned to grow rapidly over the next decade. Between the natural beauty of the state, the low cost of living, and the unparalleled culture, Tennessee is welcoming an increasing number of residents each year. Tennessee is not only known for being one of the best places to retire but it's also a great place to raise a family and, generally speaking, a great place to live!

More families with children are calling Tennessee home. The mild climate, outdoor amenities, low crime rate, and fantastic school system make this state a great place to raise a family. We've canvased the entire state and compiled a list of our top places families with children should consider living. Whether you're looking to move to Tennessee, or simply relocate within the state, this list is for you!

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2024 Top 10 Best Places To Raise A Family In Tennessee

#10 - Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro may be known as the home of Middle Tennessee State University but the city has so much more to offer. Murfreesboro's population is quickly approaching 140,000 residents and is among the fastest-growing cities in all of Tennessee. Why's that? There's so much to love about Murfreesboro from its rich Civil War history to the affordable cost of living.

Additionally, the city has a fantastic school system, plenty of outdoor parks, and a diverse culture. If you're a foodie, you're in luck. Murfreesboro has many delicious restaurants to choose from, a cute downtown, and is located less than 40 minutes outside of Music City.

The real estate market is diverse and very competitive. The median home price is just over $300,000. But make no mistake, you get a lot of value for your buck.

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#9 - Green Hills

If you're looking to live in Nashville proper, Green Hills may be the right neighborhood for you! Located just 13 miles from the international airport, folks here love the convenience this area has to offer. High-end new construction is popping up all over, and it's causing housing prices to surge! It's not uncommon to pay close to one million dollars for a home in Green Hills.

With that said, families who live here agree it is well worth the investment. The value really comes from everything this neighborhood has to offer. Between the notorious Bluebird Cafe, various music venues, Lipscomb University, and an endless amount of restaurants, there's so much to like about Green Hills. That being said, many families who live in Green Hills decide to send their children to private schools. If a strong public school district is important to you and your family, we would recommend looking for homes in Williamson County.

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#8 - Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain is a suburb of Chattanooga located in Hamilton County. Signal Mountain is without a doubt a fantastic place to live! Residents here enjoy picturesque views year-round, but autumn is arguably the most beautiful time of year.

If you love the outdoors, this may be the perfect place for your family. Rainbow lake trail is a popular hiking trail, with plenty of beautiful waterfalls to admire along the trail. Not only does Signal Mountain glow with natural beauty, but it is also one of the safest towns in Tennessee with low crime rates.

Most people who live in Signal Mountain commute less than 25 minutes to work, and housing will likely run you less than $400,000. The school system is top-rated, and the median household income is above the national average.

#7 - Nolensville

Nolensville is located about 30 minutes southeast of downtown Nashville and is split between Williamson and Davidson counties. It's well known for its beautiful landscapes and rolling hills. The average household income is roughly $130,000 and the folks who live in this town enjoy some of the lowest unemployment numbers in the entire state.

Make no mistake, this is a small town with a population of fewer than 8,500 people. Residents living here enjoy the beautiful view nature provides, and some of the best school systems in middle Tennessee. The vast majority of residents in this town own their homes and have children.

Housing costs generally range between $450,000 - $650,000 for a single-family home, many of which were built within the past five years. Considering the school district, low crime rate, and location, Nolensville is one of the most popular places for families to settle down. Many people have said that Nolensville is the next Spring Hill and we're anticipating the population to continue to increase in the coming years.

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#6 - Hendersonville

Image of Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville Tennessee

When you think about what it's like to live in Tennessee, waterfront property may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But that dream is possible for the folks who live in Hendersonville. Just 20 miles north of Nashville sits this gorgeous family orientated community. Hendersonville is situated on Old Hickory Lake, and offers plenty of lakefront homes, activities, and views!

Families with children love to call this place home. There are plenty of small businesses and shops which really compliment the community's southern charm. The school district is excellent and, all things considered, Hendersonville has a rather affordable cost of living. There are not many places in Tennessee where you can combine lakefront living, a strong school system, low crime rates, and affordable housing costs. It's no wonder why so many people choose to raise their children here.

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#5 - Franklin

Image of main street in Downtown Franklin Tennessee

Just south of Nashville is Franklin, Tennessee. This town has a population of close to 80,000 residents and while it can sometimes be overshadowed by Nashville, make no mistake that Franklin is one of the premier cities in the south. The vast majority of residents own their homes and there is certainly a strong suburban vibe. There are plenty of restaurants, entertainment, parks, and cafes sprinkled throughout. Families do not only enjoy a lively town with great entertainment, but the school system is also one of the best in Tennessee.

The median house will cost you north of $400,000 and it's not uncommon to see luxury homes in Franklin listed for $700,000 or more. Franklin is a young city in the sense of the average resident is 37 years old according to the U.S. Census. However, Franklin also has a deep history with ties to the Civil War, creating the perfect blend of modern and historic culture - making it one of the best places to live in Tennessee.

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#4 - Germantown

Germantown is a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee with a population just shy of 40,000 people. Germantown's economy is primarily retail or the commercial industry. The average working professional commutes roughly 22 minutes to their job.

Convenience isn't the only selling point to Germantown. Housing is extremely desirable and you can expect to spend between $375,000 - $450,000 on a nice single-family home. The public schools are award-winning and some of the best in West Tennessee.

Families not only appreciate the fantastic schools, but they also have some of the best healthcare facilities in the Memphis area. This Memphis suburb has plenty of restaurants, parks, and gorgeous neighborhoods - making it undoubtedly one of the best places to live. Route 72 is filled with countless shopping centers, restaurants, and grocery stores.

#3 - Mount Juliet

You'll find the "City Between the Lakes" just 20 miles east of Nashville. Mount Juliet of course needed to make our list! Families from all over want to live in Mount Juliet, which is causing the local housing market to quickly rise. Homes in Mount Juliet typically range from $400,000-$600,000, and for good reason.

Mt. Juliet has fantastic schools, low crime rates, delicious restaurants, and an endless amount of activities on the lake. With Old Hickory Lake to the north and Percy Priest Lake to the south, residents can enjoy boating, fishing, and swimming right in their own backyard. Could you imagine a better quality of life?

It's common for many Mt. Juliet residents to commute to downtown Nashville, which typically takes 20-25 minutes. Household income is around $85,000 making this an affordable place to live for the time being. But as more people decide to move to Tennessee, we anticipate the housing market to continue to rise in this area.

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#2 - Spring Hill

Less than 40 miles south of the capital is the city of Spring Hill. This suburb, much of which used to be farmland was primarily developed within the past 10 years. If you're looking to take a break from city life, look no further! Spring Hill is made up of roughly 45,000 friendly residents, most of which are young professionals or families who own single-family homes.

Spring Hill has it all! The location is beautiful and convenient, the school system is excellent, and the town attracts a lot of educated young professionals with families. Not to mention, the cost of living is still favorable! The vast majority of homes were built after 2000, and homes are generally priced between $320,000 and $650,000. If you're looking to buy a home in Spring Hill, pay close attention to which county you are in. Spring Hill is split between Williamson and Maury Counties. Homes in Williamson County can command a steep premium due to the stellar school district.

We're predicting the Spring Hill real estate market to rise for the years to come. Its location, low crime rates, and strong school system make this the perfect community to live and raise children.

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#1 - Brentwood

Just 15 minutes from downtown Nashville, Brentwood is arguably Nashville's preeminent neighborhood. Known not only for its convenience in and out of Nashville but also for its luxury. The town is made up of roughly 42,000 residents and young families love Brentwood for its school system, which is consistently ranked the best in the entire state.

Everything about Brentwood is absolutely stunning. The town center is lively and well maintained. The homes are big and gorgeous and the school system is top-notch. The vast majority of residents own single-family homes and their average commute to work is less than 30 minutes. Families who live here enjoy all the luxuries the location has to offer, while still maintaining a small-town community feel. Families aren't concerned about the crime rates, as Brentwood is considered one of the safest communities in Tennessee.

With that said, entry into this suburb doesn't come cheap. It's difficult to find a quality home for less than $800,000 and, the cost of living is nearly 25% above the national average. Home prices are high for a reason as many people rate Brentwood as one of the best places to live in the south.

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2024 Places To Raise A Family In Tennessee - Honorable Mentions


Knoxville is a great mid-sized city to call home. Knoxville is home to the University of Tennessee, so you will have access to all of the events and cultural amenities near a large university. Knoxville has a charming downtown area full of quirky cafes and shops called Market Square. Knox County Schools are popular options for families, and the most family-friendly areas are in West Knoxville.


Chattanooga may be one of the most overlooked cities in the state. It's not a big city for Tennessee but is located right on the border between George and Tennessee. So you have access to Nashville and Atlanta. But living in Chattanooga will bring a ton of family fun with the myriad of state parks and outdoor activities. There's a variety of schools for families. Hamilton County is the public school system, but there is also a variety of private schools.


Collierville is a family-friendly community outside of Memphis with excellent schools. They have a charming town square with an authentic hometown feel. Collierville is a great option for those who want a small-town feel. Collierville High School is consistently ranked highly.

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You Can't Go Wrong With Our Top 10

It's not easy limiting our list to just 10 suburbs. The state of Tennessee is certainly large and diverse. Between the metropolitan cities like Nashville and Memphis, lakefront living, or beautiful country views of the smoky mountains, you can have it all. Our list is centered around suburbs or communities that families consider a great place to live. No matter where you end up on this list, you will not be disappointed!

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What Makes Tennessee A Great Place To Live

Now that we've identified the best places to raise a family in all of Tennessee, let's briefly review why so many folks want to live in Tennessee.

No state income tax

Taxes, a small word that ignites so much anxiety in countless families. It seems like everyone is looking to pay fewer taxes, and if you live in Tennessee, that's possible! Tennessee does not have a state income tax. That's part of the reason why so many people from the North East, or even the West Coast are flocking to Tennessee in busloads. You're able to keep more of your paycheck and spend it on what matters to you and your family. Taxes are not the only financial incentive the state offers. The overall cost of living is favorable, and families are able to get a lot of bang for their buck.

A lively culture of food, history, and music

If you love music, southern charm, and fantastic food, look no further. Tennessee's culture is second to none. That said, Tennessee has quite a few desirable cities to live in, all with their own history, unique culture, and southern charm twist.

The local economy and the job market

The overall economy is booming in Tennessee and for good reason. Many corporations are choosing to call Nashville, Knoxville, or Memphis home. Not only are companies able to save money with the tax laws in the state, but these corporations also realize they can attract top talent considering the universities and colleges within the state. Tennessee's population continues to rise as more companies park their headquarters in the Volunteer State.

The convenience of living in Tennessee

Tennessee has numerous international airports, which makes international or domestic travel a breeze. In just a short flight you can visit your friends in the North East, or dip your toes in the beautiful clear water off the coast of Florida.

Between the favorable cost of living, great schools, mild climate, culture, economy, and healthcare system, it's no wonder why Tennessee is considered one of the best places to live, not only for families but for retirees as well!

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