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Our mission is to teach our community how to live a financially savvy lifestyle. Follow along for our top tips on how to save money and understand the true value of a dollar.

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  • Birds-eye image of a woman working at a desk while on her laptop
    How To Write Off Home Office Expenses On Your Taxes?
    Many people don’t realize that their home office can mean a significant break on their taxes. We’re here to help you determine if your home office qualifies.
  • Image of a woman sitting on a couch looking at her laptop while her daughter jumps on the couch beside her
    10 Tips For Working From Home
    Faulty connections, endless Zoom meetings, children screaming in the background—welcome to working remotely in 2020. Get our top 10 tips for working from home.
  • Image of a condo rooftop with a view of downtown Nashville in the background
    Are Condos A Good Investment?
    If you're looking to invest in real estate, you may be questioning which direction is right for you. Should you buy a single-family home, or invest in a condo?
  • Image of a front porch with an outdoor couch and swing
    One Percent Commission Realtor
    Deciding when to list your home for sale is no easy decision. For financial, and sentimental reasons, it can be tough to say goodbye to your home. But, you’ve decided the timing is right and you’re ready to sell. What’s next?
  • Image of stack of coins with one-hundred dollar bills on top of the coins to look like a house
    Should I Rent Or Own My Home?
    Few decisions are more significant than whether to buy or rent your home, so we’ve provided a guide to help take the stress out of that choice.
  • An image of an older couple looking at the screen of a laptop
    The Benefits Of Downsizing And What Pitfalls To Avoid
    The kids just graduated from college and have officially moved out of the family home. Does it make sense to downsize?