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    Should You Use A Friend Or Family Member Who's A Realtor?
    Choosing the best realtor can feel overwhelming. Using a friend may feel like a no-brainer, however, agents that are either friends or family can further complicate the buying or selling process.
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    What People Really Think About Their Roommates
    Have you ever had roommate problems? Had a crush on your roommate? Ever wonder if everyone else does too? Read on to learn fun roommate statistics here.
  • Image of the front of a horizontal property regime or HPR
    What Is A Horizontal Property Regime (HPR) Real Estate?
    Horizontal Property Regimes (HPRs) are popping up all over Nashville. We'll examine the different types, if they're a good investment, and why they're so popular.
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    Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction Tennessee
    Mortgage interest deduction enables homeowners to subtract the interest expense they pay on a real estate loan from their taxable income.
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    Capital Gains On Selling A Home In Tennessee
    If you're planning to sell your home, it's important to know about capital gains tax so you do not get hit with any tax surprises when you file your return.
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    A Guide To Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Tax
    Real estate transfer tax is imposed on all transfers of realty defined by any instrument evidencing the transfer of real property from one owner to another.
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    Who Pays For Title Insurance In Tennessee?
    Title insurance is the thing people love to hate. Is it worth it? What does it protect? Does the buyer or seller pay for title insurance in Tennessee?
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    Why Do People Decide To Move To Another City?
    Every year around 10%-12% of Americans find a new home, and a large portion of those people change cities entirely. Here are the top reasons why people move.
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    How Much Do Realtors Make?
    If you plan to use an agent it’s best to know exactly how much money they’ll cost you, and what they do to earn it. Learn more about how much realtors make.
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    What Is A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)?
    While you may have tried out some online home value estimators, most of these tools won’t provide you with the most accurate estimate of your home’s value.
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    VA Loan What You Need To Know
    A VA Loan is a type of home mortgage available to Veterans, Service Members, and select military spouses that allows them to borrow money to purchase a home while receiving certain benefits.
  • Image of the interior of a house being renovated
    5 Home Improvements That Will Actually Lower Your Home’s Value
    Many home sellers think that these improvements are a sure-fire way to increase the value of their home but in reality, there are a number of home improvements that will do exactly the opposite.
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    Selling After Divorce? Here’s What To Do About Your House.
    If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, deciding what to do with your house is a major challenge. Learn the top tips for a stress-free sale.
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    How Does A Buyer’s Agent Get Paid?
    Are you thinking about buying a home but not sure whether you should use a buyer’s agent? You may be wondering, what does a buyer’s agent do, how much do they cost, and why should I use one?
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    A Definitive Guide To Closing Costs
    How much are closing costs when selling a home and who pays what? What are the top ways to save on closing costs?
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    Do I Have To Pay My Mortgage During The Coronavirus Pandemic?
    While they might not be facing foreclosure yet, people are struggling to make their mortgage payments and their savings are dwindling each day.
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    Are Realtor Commissions Negotiable?
    The largest cost associated with any real estate transaction is the commissions paid to the real estate agents. Learn how to negotiate a lower commission.