Tips for Buying a Home

Buying a home may seem overwhelming. We've compiled our top tips to make buying a house simple. From mortgage pre-approval to the closing process, we've got you covered.

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  • Image of a road that is closed due to a flood
    Buying A House In A Flood Zone In Nashville
    The word flood leaves many people quaking in their boots. We've put together the resources you need to determine if buying a home in a flood zone is the right decision for you.
  • Image of a couple holding a sign that says 'home'.
    How To Choose A Top Real Estate Agent (Buyer's Agent) In Nashville
    Thinking of buying a home? Learn how to spot a top real estate agent who will provide insight into local neighborhoods, help negotiate the best price, coordinate the closing process.
  • Image of a young couple sitting on a couch looking at an iPad
    What Unmarried Couples Should Consider Before Buying A House Together
    Should unmarried couples buy a house together? We'll dive into some of the most commonly asked questions and review a pros and cons list in this article!
  • Image of a man packing a moving box with a woman standing next to him holding a notepad and pen
    How To Get A Buyer Agent Commission Rebate In Tennessee
    Tennessee's 1 of 10 states that makes it illegal for a buyer's agent to refund their client any part of their commission. But, now there's a way around the law.
  • Image of a man sitting in a motorized scooter and a woman walking next to him holding a cane
    Tips For Buying A Home If You Are Disabled
    Homeownership has never been more accessible for individuals with disabilities. Here are some tips to empower you throughout the homebuying process.