If Nashville Neighborhoods Were Musicians

Ever wondered what Nashville’s neighborhoods would be like as musicians? Even though this idea may seem like a strange concept, associating locations with music can often be a helpful way to determine if you will enjoy a neighborhood’s atmosphere. We’ve compiled a list of popular Nashville neighborhoods and imagined them as musicians from a variety of genres. Read on to discover if any of these Nashville “musicians” resonate with you and check out our article on living in Tennessee if you're thinking about moving to The Volunteer State.

The Gulch

Classic with a trendy, contemporary twist, this Nashville neighborhood most closely represents a modern jazz musician. The Gulch’s vibe offers a unique atmosphere similar to current trends in present-day jazz music. The Gulch's fresh spin on timeless foods and unique Nashville entertainment is reminiscent of contemporary jazz’s combination of classic sophistication and vibrant, energetic experimentation. Surrounded by quirky, colorful murals and a backdrop of the sparkling Nashville skyline, The Gulch’s elegant modernity attracts visitors of all ages. This spot offers a variety of upscale cuisine, including popular restaurants Sambuca, Saint Añejo, and Virago. Date nights are popular in this area, as many of these establishments also offer nightly live music (including jazz)!

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Image of Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Downtown Nashville


Looking for your fill of country music? You’ll find them in Nashville’s Downtown, the heart of country music. Brimming with the history of some of country music's biggest superstars, Downtown is surrounded by up-and-coming acts performing along the famous Broadway strip. Tourists flock to this musical hotspot to get a taste of Nashville’s country roots. Whether it's the morning or evening, Downtown is filled with the sounds of twangy guitars, fiddles, and crowds singing along in unison to a lively two-step. You’ll find both modern pop/country and classic country venues lining the streets, including Florida Georgia Line House, Tootsie’s, Robert’s Western World, Jason Aldean’s, and Honky Tonk Central.

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Image of Hillsboro Village Dragon Mural in Hillsboro-West End, Nashville

Hillsboro Village

Are you a fan of plaid, beanies, and oversized glasses? If so, you’ll be a fan of Hillsboro Village, the favorite hangout spot of local indie/folk musicians. This small area is located near 12 South and 21st Avenue South. Counter-culture is the norm here and indie musicians find this area a safe haven to create, brainstorm with fellow peers at a coffee spot, and perform multitudes of house shows. This college town is populated by Belmont, Vanderbilt, and Lipscomb students, creating an energetic atmosphere. Home to some of Nashville’s most popular hipster spots, including Bongo Java, Ladybird Taco, Urban Grub, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, and Five Daughters Bakery, this area will be especially appealing to younger folks seeking networking opportunities. A myriad of independent shops and locally-owned boutiques line the busy sidewalks of this trendy neighborhood. With a forward-thinking, progressive, artistically-minded, and uniquely vibrant vibe, it’s no wonder Hillsboro Village is closely associated with hipster, indie musicians.

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Green Hills

If you’re looking to host a celebration, look no further than Green Hills. Every party needs a DJ and that’s exactly the role of this neighborhood in Nashville. Filled with plenty of entertainment - including one of Nashville’s premier shopping malls - Green Hills is the hotspot for late-night hangouts and lively parties. With its vibrant culture and upbeat, busy (and often chaotic) vibe, it’s easy to picture Green Hills as Nashville’s DJ - ready to hype the crowd and energize late-night visitors for a good time.

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Image of Historic RCA Studio B in the Midtown neighborhood of Nashville


Are you seeking a more relaxed environment that still harbors a unique Nashville vibe? Head to Midtown, where you’ll find your classic rocker. Laid-back and easy-going, this area is a no-fuss, no-frills atmosphere that is industrially focused. Pubs are the most popular hangout spots here - favorites include The Row Kitchen & Pub, The Stillery, Brewhouse, and Tin Roof. Good burgers and beer is the highlight of dining in Midtown. With a slightly grunge vibe, it’s easy to imagine a classic rockstar pub-hopping amongst the numerous bars, then heading to record at one of Midtown’s many studios.

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Germantown represents a historic yet modern vibe and lays claim to Nashville’s many singer-songwriter musicians. With a more upscale vibe than Midtown, but without resorting to the high-end extravagance of The Gulch, Germantown’s relaxed, yet reflective atmosphere perfectly encapsulates the heart of singer-songwriter music. This friendly neighborhood attracts both young entrepreneurs seeking networking opportunities, as well as older folks who will enjoy settling down in the historical, beautifully architectured Victorian homes. A particular haven for foodies, including popular restaurants 5th & Taylor, City House, The Optimist, and Butchertown Hall, Germantown is the perfect spot to imagine relaxing to the soft sounds of an acoustic guitar and wavering storyteller melodies.

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Which Musician Would You Choose?

People who are not from Nashville think the city only caters to country music lovers. While country music does play a large part in Nashville's history, the city offers a diverse array of vibes from smooth jazz to grunge metal. Nashville's neighborhoods are no different. From the modern condos in The Gulch to the historic Victorian homes in Germantown and everything in between. Nashville's inviting character truly has something for everyone!

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