2024's Top 10 Most Affordable Nashville Suburbs (See the List)

Nashville’s popularity may be driving up prices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great deal. There are a number of affordable suburbs located on the outskirts of Music City. You can get more bang for your buck on home prices, rent, and overall living expenses. But don’t worry - these suburbs are close enough to the action that you won’t miss a beat!

In this article, we’re breaking down the most affordable Nashville suburbs. We’ll explore some of the different things to do in each place and help you weigh out the cost-saving benefits. In this post, we’re specifically focusing on the Nashville suburbs. If you’re interested in exploring affordable neighborhoods located in Nashville-proper, check out this article we wrote on the most up-and-coming Nashville neighborhoods.

If you're interested in seeing a list of the top 10 most affordable Nashville suburbs, jump to the bottom of this article!


In order to provide you with the most accurate information, we’ll be analyzing historical data provided from the MLS (Realtracs). The statistics we examined are single-family home sales from the past year in Middle Tennessee. We sorted our findings by location and average sale price, as opposed to the average price per square foot. We felt the average sale price gives a more realistic representation of a location’s affordability.

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Affordable Things To Do That Won’t Break The Bank

Living in the suburbs doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on having fun. In fact, the cost of fun can even come at a much lower price tag compared to Nashville’s city center. Standard food costs, drinks, and even shopping can run you higher in the metropolitan hub than in many of the surrounding suburbs.

You can find plenty of low or no-cost fun activities near the outskirts of Nashville. The surrounding scenery is beautiful. At practically no expense, you can spend a day relaxing and enjoying nature at one of the many parks or lakes. Beaman Park Nature Center, Cheekwood, and Randor Lake are just a few of the many hidden gems located minutes from Music City.

The Nashville Zoo is another great low-cost activity. Daily ticket prices are reasonable, and guests are even welcome to bring in their own food. Also not far from Downtown Nashville is Arrington Vineyards, a beautiful wine vineyard situated amongst the rolling green hills. Admission is free and guests can also bring food for a picnic. Mark your calendars for Music in the Vines, a free concert that takes place at the vineyard every Saturday and Sunday between the months of April and October.

Besides The Cost Of Buying A Home, Are There Other Homeownership Costs That Should Be Taken Into Account

Not every suburban location is cheaper than living in the city center. You’ll want to factor in your total expenses before making a final decision. Upfront a low-priced home may seem like a great deal, but you’ll want to always look at the overall picture.

Most Nashville suburbs will require you to have a car, and while this may hold true in the city neighborhoods too, your daily commute will likely increase. Your back and forth drive is an expense you’ll definitely want to consider if you commute downtown.

You’ll also want to take into account the costs associated with homeownership. This includes general repair and maintenance costs for the home’s upkeep. Owning a home also means you’re required to pay property taxes. Davidson County recently underwent a 34% increase in property taxes.

Lastly, many of the Nashville suburban homes also fall within an HOA or homeowners association. The responsibilities and benefits of an HOA can vary depending on the area. However, the monthly HOA fees can be hefty and could impact your budget.

Will These Suburbs Remain Affordable

It would be impossible to guarantee that the current-day affordable Nashville suburbs will continue to remain affordable. As Nashville continues to be the “it” city, it’s likely that prices will rise in many different locations. For now, we’re encouraging those on the hunt for a bargain to capitalize on the deals within these areas now.

Are These Suburbs Safe

Many of the most affordable Nashville suburbs are also recognized as some of the safest places to live in Tennessee. As with any destination, you’ll notice some areas with higher reported crime and some sections with low crime. However, a location’s affordability doesn’t indicate that an area is dangerous, and vice versa. To gain a thorough understanding of an area’s overall safety and reported crime, we recommend checking out Crime Mapping.

Why Buying A Home In These Areas Could Be A Great Investment

As we mentioned before, Nashville’s popularity is on the rise. It’s likely that many of these affordable suburbs will at some point also increase their prices based on the demand. By locking in a home at a low price, you can gain a significant return on your investment. It should also continue to appreciate in value as more people move to Music City, resulting in even more money in your pocket. And, you never know, maybe that suburb will even become the new popular hotspot.

Some Clarification Is Needed On Our List Below

It’s important to note, as with any suburb, you’ll find parts that are expensive and parts that are more affordable. All statistics referenced are based on single-family home sales from the past year in Middle Tennessee. Our list includes Nashville suburbs where the median home price is close to or under $350,000 for a single-family home.

1. La Vergne

Median Home Price: $245,000

You can find a great deal on many of the homes in La Vergne, Tennessee. The suburb has a number of exceptional parks and recreational centers, and it even sits alongside Percy Priest Lake. It’s an ideal spot for raising a family, and the area’s public schools are highly ranked.

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2. Watertown

Median Home Price: $253,700

Watertown may be small in size, but its charm and affordable home prices are sure to win you over. It’s also one of the safest places to live in Tennessee, with only 14 reported crimes for last year.

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3. Columbia

Median Home Price: $262,690

Columbia may sit 45 miles out from Nashville’s city center, but the low-priced homes make the distance worth it. Also, many of the homes here feature an abundance of land. The small-town Southern vibe is easy to love, and its prominent arts and music scene make it even better.

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4. White's Creek

Median Home Price: $297,250

Distance isn’t a problem for those living in White’s Creek. This suburb sits only 12 miles from Nashville’s downtown region. Due to its premier location and affordable home prices, you’ll want to act fast for purchasing a property here.

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5. Goodlettsville

Median Home Price: $300,000

Goodlettsville is only a short 20-minute commute from Music City, however, this area is its own economic hub. Many notable corporations, such as Tyson and Dollar General, have their headquarters located in Goodlettsville. The area also has a number of great parks and recreational centers. With so much to offer, we don’t anticipate the home prices to stay low for long.

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6. Smyrna

Median Home Price: $310,900

Smyrna is one of the fastest-growing suburbs on this list. The population is a melting pot, appealing to both those old and young. You can find several unique bars, restaurants, and plenty of shopping. In an area with so much to do, it’s a pleasant surprise to see the number of affordable single-family homes throughout the area.

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7. Murfreesboro

Median Home Price: $318,474

Murfreesboro gives Music City a run for its money. This suburb is quickly becoming a leading hotspot. Not only is it Nashville’s largest suburb, but it’s also the sixth most populous city in the state. It even made the cut for being one of the top places to live in the United States. The fact that this location is relatively inexpensive is the cherry on top that you won’t want to miss! We don’t suggest waiting on these deals as the housing market here is competitive.

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8. Spring Hill - Maury County

Median Home Price: $324,990

Location is everything if you’re on the hunt for affordable housing in Spring Hill. This suburb makes our list strictly due to the average home prices located in Maury County. Keep in mind, the prices will vary if you’re searching on the Williamson County side primarily due to the notable schools. However, even with the influx in new development, many of the homes in Spring Hill within Maury County are reasonably priced.

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9. Lebanon

Median Home Price: $327,945

Lebanon is another Nashville suburb with its own economic hub. The area is buzzing with emerging businesses, but it’s still quiet and appealing to families and retirees. Overall housing prices remain affordable, with the exception of the multi-million dollar mansions along Old Hickory Lake.

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10. Gallatin

Median Home Price: $335,900

Last on our list of affordable Nashville suburbs is Gallatin. There’s plenty of outdoor activities to do here, especially for those who enjoy being close to the water. The housing inventory is fairly high, which is helping to keep costs low. While you can surely find a handful of upscale developments in the area, many of the single-family homes are still reasonably priced.

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