Living in Lenox Village: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

Tucked into the southernmost boundaries of Nashville along the east side of Nolensville Pike, you will find the fun, friendly, and attractive neighborhood of Lenox Village. While “unique” and “planned” often seem contradictory, Lenox Village stands as an example of how a planned community can have personality as well as unparalleled convenience. Not only is Lenox Village a shining success of urban planning, but it also has a strong community-centered vibe and plenty to do.

If you’re considering hunting for your next home in Lenox Village, this article will outline what it’s like to live there.

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What’s The History Of Lenox Village?

Lenox Village is the product of careful planning and cooperation between the city of Nashville and several developers. This neighborhood not only earned awards for its smart design, but the Lenox Village planners, Looney Ricks Kiss, Regent Homes, and Lenox Village I, LLC, considered more details than most could imagine. This carefully laid out village was to be built in stages over the course of 20 years.

The initial plans for Lenox Village were designed to embody a traditional, small Tennessee town, including a handful of businesses that residents could conveniently walk to. The design implements New Urbanist principles that foster inclusivity. These design aspects included a balance of home types to promote varying income levels, family types, and ages. The design also incorporates open space and community amenities (a great reminder that developers can improve quality of life rather than simply maximizing profits).

But this village wasn’t just built to suit its human residents. Lenox Village was designed to provide a balance of natural environments and manmade environments. This design included the restoration of a natural stream that runs through the area and a habitat for the endangered crayfish.

The 208-acre project broke ground in 2001 and the first models were opened to the public in 2002. Construction of the “Village Core” (the area with business) began soon after in 2004. And the project caught the eyes of various organizations and won various awards, including:

  • AIA Merit Award for overall design from the Middle Tennessee Chapter of American Institute of Architects
  • The Smart Growth Award
  • A grant from the Environmental Protection Agency for assistance from the Smart Growth Leadership Institute based in Washington D.C.

The Lenox Village project also elicited a great deal of attention from the press.

The initial design for Lenox Village included 1,200 to 1,400 homes. And this carefully measured expansion unfolded as developers hoped–every few years a new project would begin and new homes and businesses would be built.

From the onset, the townhouses and condos have been the best sellers. The shops and eateries have also been a mainstay for residents and other Nashvillians from surrounding areas.

From its inception, Lenox Village has been hailed as a great success. The village has grown and established itself as an idyllic place to raise a family, retire, thrive as a young professional, and work. Many of the businesses in the Lenox Village Core are among the most popular in the area.

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How’s The Vibe In Lenox Village?

Lenox Village can be described using a wide array of adjectives: hip, happening, family-friendly, quiet, quaint, and eco-friendly. And while some of these attributes may seem to conflict, the smart design of Lenox Village makes it possible for all of these aspects to work in harmony. Lenox Hall is home to top restaurants, boutiques, salons, and more. There are also many family-friendly businesses, including Dragon K Martial Arts.

The overall vibe of Lenox Village is energetic, friendly, community-oriented, yet fun and chic. As far as the architecture goes, this neighborhood hits a balance that can be described as, “contemporary traditional.” Homes have a southern flair with carriage garages, porches, and mixed materials, including brick, siding, and stone.

If you were to stroll through the neighborhood, you would not be the only one enjoying the outdoors. Many residents traverse the area on foot, often headed to Mill Creek Park or to the Village Core. Many Lenox Village residents also live active lifestyles and spend a great deal of time enjoying the fresh air.

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Lenox Village?

Lenox Village offers its residents an easy way to have fun: simply walk down the stairs or down the road to one of the many businesses. While Lenox Village isn’t a destination for bachelorette parties and party-goers like 12 South has become or Downtown Nashville, it does offer ample opportunities for foodies. The storefronts of Lenox Village include hip restaurants and places to grab drinks with friends.

One of the biggest perks of the area is its diversity in restaurants. Some of the best include:

  • Umami, a mom-and-pop that is famous for its Korean chicken wings.
  • China King is a top choice for carry-out with affordable but authentic cuisine.
  • Sushi-O-Sushi is always packed with a happy crowd of locals.
  • El Sombrero is a local chain and local favorite that offers authentic Mexican food with a fiery flair.
  • Blue Coast Burrito is a great place to grab a quick, casual Mexican-American bite

Deep South Growlers and The Other Place Sports Bar and Grill are both low-key places where you can enjoy a drink among good company. Many Lenox Village residents are regulars at Umami’s bar.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Lenox Village?

Young families, young professionals, retirees, and anyone in between can find plenty to do within the boundaries of Lenox Village. From enjoying nature with the grandkids to enjoying a martini on a first date, this unique neighborhood offers endless activities.

Mill Creek Park offers plenty of green space to relax, throw a frisbee, or have a picnic. It’s also an ideal area for walking, jogging, or running. In addition to Mill Creek Park, there is a smaller park at the heart of the neighborhood where the kids can stretch their legs and play.

The eclectic nature of Lenox Village makes the possibilities of things to do in Lenox Village nearly endless. The businesses in the Lenox Village Core include Anytime Fitness, a martial arts academy, and Paint + Canvas, which has adult and children’s art classes. Sweetwaters is a local coffee house that makes a great cup of Joe, excellent teas, and some delicious baked goods.

And if you’re looking to get to know the neighbors, Lenox Village Town Center organizes and coordinates various events that take place throughout the neighborhood. Some of the most popular neighborhood events include Fair on the Square and the Resident Holiday Party.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Lenox Village?

Whether you’re looking for a condo, townhome, single-family home, or a living/working unit, Lenox Village offers them all. Most homes and townhomes are two stories with ample square footage. Additionally, almost all homes have access to green space, whether it be a private yard, shared yard, balcony, or porch. No matter the size and style of the home, every property in Lenox Village is brimming with charm.

Home styles include cottages with porch swings, classic brick bungalows, and inviting condos with plenty of natural light. Unlike many other planned neighborhoods, Lenox Village homes are not cookie-cutter. Many have craftsman-style details. Others have been renovated and updated by homeowners along the way.

Our Final Thoughts On Lenox Village

Lenox Village is a historically groundbreaking neighborhood that lives up to its reputation for being a place where everyone, no matter their age, income level, and family style feels welcome. While demand for homes in this area increases, so do prices. Luckily, there is a wide spectrum of home types with equally diverse prices.

If you love the outdoors or simply want to be able to walk to your favorite bar, Lenox Village would be a great fit for you. With many of Nashville’s favorite restaurants and a collection of great businesses, this neighborhood allows residents to arrive home and not have to travel far to enjoy life.

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