Living in Berry Hill: Guide to Food, Entertainment, & Real Estate

Berry Hill offers convenience, accessibility, and a great location. Because of its central location, it’s easy to get to Green Hills, 12 South, Crieve Hall, Woodbine, or the Melrose neighborhood. It’s also less than six miles to downtown. Technically a city within a city (we’ll get into Berry Hill’s quirky history further down), Berry Hill offers a lot to those living there. Because of its small-town charm, it can feel like you’re in a funky neighborhood surrounded by a big city.

Berry Hill residents see themselves as unique and against the grain. There are many thriving small businesses in the area, and there are over forty recording studios that call Berry Hill home. We think it’s the perfect neighborhood for the commuter that likes to be close to Nashville but still wants to feel like they are off the beaten path.

We will walk you through what it’s like to live in Berry Hill and see if it’s the right fit for you when selecting your perfect place in Nashville.

What’s The History Of Berry Hill?

Nashville has a consolidated metropolitan government, which means that Nashville and Davidson County have one government and one boundary. This happened in 1958, and some communities didn’t want to annex to Metro Nashville’s government. You’ll notice that a lot of the addresses inside Nashville aren’t Nashville. Satellite cities include Berry Hill, Belle Meade, Oak Hill, Goodlettsville, and Forest Hills. They have their own city halls and police departments (watch out- they give many speeding tickets). So it’s just another quirky piece of Berry Hill history.

In 2010, just 600 residents were living in Berry Hill. Many of the reasons for this is that there aren’t that many houses. The houses in Berry Hill house businesses like recording studios, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. Today, because of increased multi-family properties, the amount of residents has doubled.

Most of the development in the area came after World War II, and original houses will mirror this period’s architecture. Berry Hill is a thriving community for the music business. Over 40 recording studios and music publishers base their businesses here. Berry Hill is a vital part of Nashville’s thriving artistic community.

How’s The Vibe In Berry Hill?

Berry Hill is the perfect neighborhood for the person on the move. The neighborhood is at the beginning stages of gentrification and has stayed largely untouched due to the fact there is a low volume of residential houses. Berry Hill isn’t very walkable, and you will have to look to other Nashville neighborhoods for walkability. But it does maintain a lot of the old Nashville charm that makes Nashville so unique. There is an amazing mural at the center of Bransford Avenue with a great patch of green space. This paired with the quaint cottages in this area fills Berry Hill with charm.

Nashville’s growth has led to more traffic, and there’s no area of town that is immune to the increase. But the best place to be stuck in traffic at rush hour is on Thompson Lane with your windows down listening to the Thompson Lane Tubatroll. Musicians can get creative when trying to find low-cost rehearsal space.

There are less charming parts of Berry Hill, but you can’t ignore these convenient areas. Often Nashville residents frequent this area for essential businesses like Home Depot, TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart, and Vanderbilt at 100 Oaks.

The final part of Berry Hill includes an industrial area that is now transitioning to an area with trendy businesses. One of the most notable places being Black Abbey Brewery.

Living in Berry Hill gives you access to many essential roadways like I65, 440, Thompson Lane, and Nolensville Pike. You will be amazed at how easy it will be to get to all of your favorite spots in Nashville. Did we mention it’s less than six miles to Broadway?

What’s The Food + Nightlife Scene Like In Berry Hill?

There are so many great places to eat in Berry Hill. Because of its location in Nashville, it brings a bunch of diverse dining options. There are many trendy neighborhoods to Berry Hill’s west, so you will see the trendier businesses that have drifted into Berry Hill. To the east, you will find a vibrant immigrant community in Woodbine, so there are many multicultural options as well due to this proximity. We’ll walk you through some of our favorites.

  • Baja Burrito: This burrito joint has been a staple in the community for years. Their burritos and tacos are delicious. On a sunny day, you can find a packed restaurant and patio. Try a burrito with their green hot sauce and a glass of fruit tea.

  • Hugh Baby’s: This is the brainchild of Pat Martin of Martin’s BBQ. Hugh-Baby’s give some old-school vibes with their classic cheeseburger and retro decor. Their smash burgers are simply classic. Their fresh-squeezed lemonade and hand-cut fries are out of this world. Also, you can get the same Martin’s BBQ here.

  • The Yellow Porch: This is a charming and cozy date spot that has been around for years. It has an eclectic and seasonal menu.

  • Calypso Cafe: This is a fast-casual spot that serves Caribbean-inspired food with an eclectic healthy flair. Check out their rotisserie chicken and salads.

  • Sunflower Cafe: This is an excellent vegetarian-focused restaurant that serves its food “Meat & 3” style. It’s the perfect place to grab lunch, and it’s a hidden gem that is a little off the beaten path.

  • Little Gourmand at Berry Hill: This French Market outpost serves French pastries, sandwiches, and quiche. Hit up Little Gourmand on a lazy weekend and bring home some pastries.

  • House of Kabob: Nashville has a thriving Kurdish and Middle Eastern community. This Persian restaurant serves traditional Persian food like Kabobs, crispy Persian rice, and Persian ice cream. While you’re at it, check out the diverse restaurants on Nolensville Pike in the Woodbine neighborhood.

Berry Hill is not the neighborhood known for a party. But that just means it’s the perfect quiet spot to come home to after going out. Here are a few options in Berry Hill for going out for a drink.

  • Black Abbey Brewery: Black Abbey is the perfect neighborhood brewery. Try their Rose Ale. It’s the ideal easy-drinking beer.

  • Santa’s Pub: This dive bar is a Santa-themed trailer bar. No, really. You never know who will show up for karaoke: sometimes Kacey Musgraves, sometimes Miley, and sometimes you.

  • Big Machine Distillery and Tavern & Brothers Burger Joint: Both of these places are great options for a cozy drink and bar food in the heart of Berry Hill.

The great thing about Berry Hill is that you are so close to trendy areas like 8th Ave South or the Melrose neighborhood. A quick Uber ride can bring you to popular places like M.L. Rose, The Sutler, and Craft Brewed.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Berry Hill?

On sunny days, we recommend checking out East Iris park. It’s home to Berry Hill’s mural, green space, and playground. There are three other parks: Azalea Park, Columbine Park, and Rosedale Park.

Berry Hill is home to many places to shop. The shopping lineup is truly a diverse lineup of funky boutique spots.

The Beaded Bungalow and ME Jewelry are great spots for finding the perfect accessory. Gaslamp Antiques is the best spot for vintage finds. They also have a second location called Gaslamp Too. Maybe crystals are more your speed? Check out the Nashville Crystal Store.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Berry Hill?

Most of the single-family homes are charming bungalows constructed in the 1940s. You can also find a deal compared to neighboring communities like Green Hills and 12 South. You just need to act fast because houses don’t come up for sale often. Many of the homes have been updated with modern luxuries.

In the past 12 months, there were 17 homes that sold in Berry Hill according to Realtracs MLS. The least expensive home sold for $310,000 and the most expensive home sold for $989,000. The average price for a home in this neighborhood was $471,108 and the median is $425,000

There has been more high-density construction happening in the area. This includes apartments, condos, duplexes, and horizontal property regimes (HPR). You should see more opportunities to own a property in Berry Hill. But just like every neighborhood in Nashville, the market is hot. So you’re going to want to make move sooner, rather than later.

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Our Final Thoughts On Berry Hill

Berry Hill is the neighborhood for those on the move. It is at the center of a lot of fun communities, and its biggest advantage is its accessibility to many of the desirable parts of Nashville. It is also a neighborhood where you can find a deal compared to neighboring areas. If you were thinking about making the move to Berry Hill in Nashville, TN reach out to our team at Felix Homes!

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