Moving to Nashville in 2023? Read BEFORE Moving to Music City

Nashville has quickly become one of the most appealing cities in the country for young professionals, families, and retirees. Its relatively low cost of living, strong economy and immense culture are leading to an increase in popularity never seen before. To answer your questions about what makes Nashville great, we put together a comprehensive guide outlining what put Music City on the map!

With its thriving professional career scene, safe environment, booming economy, and enriching culture, it's no surprise that Nashville was named as the 10th most popular city to move to in the United States. Ranked #11 on Forbes' Cities With the Best Cost of Living and the 2016 winner of Travel and Leisure's Friendliest City, Nashville could very well become your new home! We've compiled a list to help you consider the best options for finding your perfect Nashville fit.

“We are the friendliest, warmest, and most welcoming city in America. We’re diverse. We’re progressive. But we’re also pro-business. We still have that small town feel with lots of small businesses that are bringing their creativity and passion here, and it creates this unique culture that you don’t find anywhere else in America.” - Marion Barry, former mayor of Nashville

Why Do Tourists Flock to Music City?

Country Music

Located in the heart of Nashville, Broadway attracts thousands of tourists every year. Country music fans flock to this bustling strip that comes to life on weekend nights. From the classic, old-time country of Robert's Western World to the danceable, modern pop/country of the Florida Georgia Line House, Broadway is the staple of country culture in the United States and a must-visit for many tourists.

Tourists further interested in delving deeper into country music can visit the historic Grand Ole Opry and tour the iconic exhibits in The Country Music Hall of Fame.

Bridgestone Arena

Not only is Bridgestone Arena the location of the biggest concerts in Tennessee - from Elton John to Taylor Swift - this massive arena is also home to Nashville's increasingly famous hockey team, The Predators. With its impressive architectural design and massive draw, it's no wonder Bridgestone is ranked in the Top 20 for arena ticket sales in the world.

Celebration Central

Tourists frequently make Nashville their destination to celebrate life events of all kinds. In fact, Nashville now outranks Las Vegas as the #1 bachelorette destination. While Broadway is often the main attraction for party-goers, many tourists choose to instead hop aboard the General Jackson Showboat as another way to celebrate special events.

Tennessee Titans

Sports-lovers from out of town frequently make the journey to Nashville just to catch a game at Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans. The stadium is exceedingly convenient for locals to access as well, making Nashville quite alluring for football fans.


Because Nashville harbors a relaxed, down-home environment, many high-profile celebrities wander around the neighborhoods and mix with the locals without much notice. Keith Urban, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and Dolly Parton all have homes in Nashville for good reason - they get to escape from the public eye and live an easy-going life in a charming city. Many tourists love occasionally getting a glimpse of celebs in their "natural," everyday environment.


Located a little over 3 hours from Nashville, Dollywood is a fan-favorite of theme park enthusiasts from all over the country. Tourists love feeling more connected to the legacy of Dolly Parton at this Top 10 Tennessee attraction.

What Do Locals Love About Nashville?

Nashville has quickly risen to become one of the most coveted cities in the United States to reside in. With an astonishingly low unemployment rate of 3.3%, Nashville has seen nearly 100 people move in every day since 2019. What's the reason for this sudden burst of both economic and population growth? The answer lies in the high quality of life and consistent satisfaction of the locals.

Green Spaces

Despite its urban environment, Nashville features several lovely parks to take a break from the bustling city life. Centennial Park features a full-scale replica of The Parthenon, outdoor Shakespeare performances and big-band swing dancing in the summertime, and beautiful lakeside walking trails that offer plenty of tranquil picnicking spots.

The nearby Sevier Park is a favorite for young people, as it is only a few blocks away from Belmont University and a short drive from Vanderbilt University.

In downtown Nashville, Cumberland Park has an outdoor music venue with free live performances, a small rock climbing wall, and playground for children, and picturesque spots to relax by the Cumberland River.

Trendy Hotspots

From its hip coffee shops, unique and eclectic stores, and charming strips such as 12 Ave and 21 Ave S, Nashville is filled with exciting activities to constantly keep locals interested and invested in their hometown. Young professionals especially enjoy the vibrantly authentic culture, quirky environment, and appealing chic atmosphere.

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On the weekend, locals love to relax atop Nashville's rooftop bars that provide a stunning sunset view of the city's iconic, ever-heightening skyscraper skyline. While tourists may head to Broadway, locals prefer the vibes of hidden gems such as L27 Rooftop Lounge, L.A. Jackson, and ACME Feed and Seed.

Vibrant Live Music Scene

Country music certainly isn't the sole genre of music in Nashville. Pop, rock, jazz, and indie music also thrive in this city of musical variety. Ryman Auditorium, The City Winery, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and Ascend Amphitheater host diverse acts from all over the country. Folks looking for a more intimate experience can discover smaller, upcoming bands hoping to catch their big break at Rudy's Jazz Room, The Bluebird Cafe, Exit/In, 3rd and Lindsley, and The Basement.

Easy Access to Beautiful State Parks

Not only are Percy Priest and Radnor Lake just a short drive away for hiking, boating, fishing, and biking enthusiasts, Nashville is also within a 2-3 hour drive of some of Tennessee's most stunning state parks. Be sure to visit Cummins Falls, Long Hunter State Park, Fall Creek Falls, and of course, the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

New Restaurants

Nashville is well-known for its incredible diversity and quality of cuisine. Folks can easily find authentic Mexican, Korean, Chinese, and Italian food in Nashville's surrounding area. Many unique dessert shops - including edible cookie dough and exotic ice cream flavors - are local fan-favorites.

Is Nashville Good For College Students And Young Professionals?

Nashville is a city where young professionals come to jumpstart their careers, especially in their pursuit of a degree. Here are some of the top universities:

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt is renowned for its outstanding programs in the sciences and medical fields. Young people aspiring to follow paths of biomedical research, nursing, and all other medical fields often consider Vanderbilt to be a top choice. Whether pursuing a bachelor's or Ph.D., Vanderbilt is known as one of the highest-ranked universities in the nation.

Belmont University

This beautiful school is known as one of the top universities for music and the arts. With televised performances on PBS, celebrity alumni, and access to recording studios, it's no wonder Belmont was listed within the Top 25 on Niche's Best Colleges for Music in America. Additionally, Belmont's Music Business program was recognized by Billboard Magazine.


Middle Tennessee State offers a variety of majors to suit diversified interests. A unique aspect of MTSU is its partnerships with Delta Airlines and the Marine Corps, providing excellent enrichment for prospective aerospace and engineering students. MTSU is also involved in Nashville's music scene and has a particularly strong Recording Arts program for aspiring audio engineers.

What Are The Most Popular Neighborhoods In Nashville For Young Professionals?

The Nations

Image of Old Man Mural in The Nations, Nashville

Who is The Nations a good fit for?

In some ways, The Nations is one of Nashville’s best kept secrets for active young professionals. The Nations is a highly desirable neighborhood for young families, as well. This neighborhood has undergone quite the change over the past decade. While it still retains some of its industrial aesthetic, this area has become one of the hippest and exclusive areas for residents looking for a friendly community, walkable breweries, and a short commute downtown.

Where is The Nations located?

The Nations is ten minutes west of downtown Nashville, tucked north of I-40 and south of the Cumberland River. This small yet contemporary neighborhood is located just north of the historic and established neighborhood of Sylvan Park. Those attending Vanderbilt or working nearby appreciate the short drive, which is often under ten minutes and includes various alternate routes that allow them to avoid the interstate.

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East Nashville

Drone image of East Nashville

What is East Nashville known for?

Downtown Nashville gets most of the headlines, but many locals will tell you that East Nashville is the best spot in the city. It may be just a walk across the bridge from Downtown, but it cultivates a low-key cosmopolitan lifestyle that pairs urban living with a neighborhood feel. While purists would argue that this district is limited to just a few original neighborhoods such as Lockeland Springs and the 5 Points area, modern conceptions of East Nashville include the real estate between I-24 and the Cumberland River until they hit the Briley Parkway. Many of Nashville’s most walkable neighborhoods, like East End and Historic Edgefield, call this area home.

Who is East Nashville a good fit for?

Recognized as a hipster haven, East Nashville flourishes in its artistic energy and immense culture. The area is a thriving hotspot amongst many creative artists and local musicians. It’s ideal for those who resonate with eccentric vibes and enjoy living a laid-back lifestyle. East Nashville’s diversity and unconventional atmosphere are some of the many reasons locals love calling this neighborhood home.

Where is East Nashville located?

As its name suggests, you’ll find East Nashville located directly east of Nashville’s downtown center, separated by the Cumberland River. As one of the largest neighborhoods in Nashville, Tennessee, it is often noted as a city within a city.

The area stretches over 3 zip codes and features many sub-neighborhoods, including:

  • Inglewood: The largest district, showcasing several renowned restaurants and shops.

  • Lockeland Springs: The historic area and home to many Instagram-worthy spots.

  • Five Points: Known as the commercial center of East Nashville.

  • East End: Bordered with Five Points and is very walkable.

  • East Hill: Affordable, new construction, and offers easy access to Ellington Parkway.

  • Eastwood Neighbors: An area favorite, serving as a hub for many local residents.

  • Greenwood: An oasis for hidden neighborhood gems.

  • Cleveland Park: An emerging center, undergoing substantial growth, and development.

  • Historic Edgefield: A charming region, known for beautiful, Victorian-style homes.

  • McFerrin Park: Sits close to downtown and is experiencing extensive growth.

  • Rolling Acres: Walking distance to Shelby Golf Course.

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The Gulch


Who is The Gulch a good fit for?

In the early 2000s, Nashville’s former industrial area began its modern-day transformation. Since then, the location has developed into one of the city’s most premier neighborhoods - The Gulch. The reinvented urban center attracts young professionals, food connoisseurs, and metropolitan lovers. Due to the profound city-like vibe, The Gulch may not be ideal for everyone, such as families raising kids.

Where is The Gulch located?

Situated south of Nashville’s Downtown district, The Gulch is only a short walk from the iconic Broadway bars. The convenient location features two bordering interstates, I-65 and I-40, making the urban hotspot easily accessible. Although densely populated, The Gulch is relatively small in size, expanding no more than a couple miles in total.

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Who is Germantown a good fit for?

Germantown in Nashville, Tennessee reflects the perfect blend of urban and historic charm. Named for its early German settlers, the neighborhood has since transformed into a diverse melting pot. Germantown offers a mix of new and old architecture, appealing to a range of residents. The classic Victorian-style homes draw in many families to the area. Whereas the modern, new construction attracts more youthful creatives.

Where is Germantown located?

The 18-block historic district sits north of Nashville’s downtown area. Separating the two neighborhoods is the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. Germantown borders the Cumberland River to its east and the Buena Vista neighborhood to its west. Further north, you’ll reach Salemtown and North Nashville, an up-and-coming area focused on the Arts.

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12 South

Who is 12 South a good fit for?

The trendy neighborhood of 12 South showcases a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Featuring several locally owned businesses, the area attracts eccentric creatives and young families. Living in 12 South is a great option for those looking to experience Nashville, Tennessee, beyond the Broadway fame.

Where is 12 South located?

The 12 South district gains its name for its location along 12th Avenue South. It sits south of Downtown Nashville, near Belmont University. 12 South also borders Hillsboro to its west and Melrose to its east. The area is small in size, expanding roughly about a half-mile. However, despite its tiny footprint, this Nashville neighborhood has a lot to offer.

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Image of Historic RCA Studio B in the Midtown neighborhood of Nashville

Who is Midtown a good fit for?

Midtown gains its recognition for being a hub for Nashville’s nightlife. Music lovers have a strong appreciation for the area, as it sits beside the famous Music Row. The neighborhood is also home to Vanderbilt University, making it a hotspot amongst college students. The location offers an overall residential vibe, but the crowd is primarily younger.

Where is Midtown located?

You’ll find Midtown to be southwest of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The neighborhood begins at the split between West End and Broadway, continuing on through its branch into Division Street. The area of Midtown also borders Edgehill, West End, and Sylvan Park.

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Downtown Nashville

Image of the Broadway Honky Tonks in Downtown Nashville

What is Downtown Nashville known for?

Nashville isn’t the birthplace of country music, but it’s where the genre has put down the deepest roots; and downtown might as well be center stage. Perhaps the most famous of the Southeast’s iconic downtowns pulses with the energy of a Merle Haggard melody. It’s the main attraction for Nashville’s nearly 15 million visitors per year, the heart and soul of the Music City. Downtown is more than just the bars off Broadway, however. The area between I-65 and the Cumberland River, terminating at Jefferson Street, includes eight distinct neighborhoods that each provide a different taste of downtown living. Between and within these residential areas is a seemingly endless collection of cultural hotspots, historical landmarks, and event spaces. Basically, whatever you’re looking for can probably be found in this signature southern city center.

Who is Downtown Nashville a good fit for?

Downtown Nashville offers a front-row seat to Music City’s famous action and entertainment. If you’re drawn to the everyday, energetic city vibes, then living downtown is perfect for you. Nashville’s vibrant city hub attracts many youthful professionals and singles. Living within the busy city center is also great for young couples without kids.

Where is Downtown Nashville located?

Downtown Nashville lies in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. While there is no definitive neighborhood map, the downtown area stretches over 10 blocks down the popular Broadway strip. Bordering south of the downtown district are The Gulch and Sobro. Further north of the city center is Germantown, and across the Cumberland River sits East Nashville.

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How Is The Cost Of Living In Nashville?

When calculating the cost of living, we most often use a Cost of Living Index which combines numerous factors - including housing price, rent, utilities, insurance, and groceries - to compare geographical areas. The average Index is 100 - above or below this number can indicate a higher or lower cost of living than the average.

Which Neighborhood in Nashville Has A High Cost of Living?

Upscale Nashville neighborhoods often trend towards a high cost of living. These areas especially include Franklin, Brentwood, The Gulch, Green Hills, Germantown, and downtown Nashville. Affordable options are certainly possible, but much more difficult to snag.

Which Neighborhood in Nashville Has A Low Cost of Living?

Neighborhoods slightly farther outside of Nashville tend to have a lower cost of living. These neighborhoods include Murfreesboro, Antioch, Old Hickory, and Donelson.

What's the Real Estate Like?

The average price of a single-family home in Nashville is approximately $474,939.

What Are The Popular Job Opportunities In Nashville?

Healthcare Industry

Due to Vanderbilt's strong presence, Nashville is a hotspot for medical professionals. Esteemed opportunities in surgery, pediatrics, anesthesiology, research, and internal medicine are plentiful and highly-sought by some of the nation's most talented medical professionals.

Corporate Hub

The Nashville area is home to several prominent company headquarters. Nissan, AllianceBernstein, Amazon, Dollar General, Cracker Barrel, and iHeartMedia all have HQs in the Nashville area, generating a significant number of jobs opportunities and continuing to foster Nashville's booming job market.

Entertainment Industry

Because of Nashville's reputation as "Music City," singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists move from across the country to jumpstart their music careers in Nashville. This also means that business job opportunities in the arts - law, copywrite, management, publicity, licensing, filmmaking, photography, and graphic design - are extremely plentiful.

Real Estate & Realtors

Ever since Nashville earned the title of "Nowville," this in-demand city has become one of the best places for real estate careers.

What Nashville Neighborhoods Are The Most Family-Friendly?

Sylvan Park

Image of Sylvan Supply in Sylvan Park, Nashville

What is Sylvan Park known for?

Situated southwest of Downtown Nashville between the West End and Whitebridge neighborhoods, Sylvan Park is a surprisingly quiet, family-friendly area nestled near some of Nashville’s greatest attractions. With Richland Creek as a western border, Sylvan Park’s tranquil, tree-lined streets and comfortable local businesses provide a retreat from the concrete and bustle surrounding it on almost every side. Visitors and residents to the community often find it hard to believe that the heart of downtown Nashville is less than five miles down the road.

Who is Sylvan Park a good fit for?

A quick stroll through the Sylvan Park area makes it apparent that this neighborhood is inclusive to people of all ages, interests, and professions. In Sylvan Park, it’s commonplace to find retirees living beside young professionals and growing families. Additionally, this area offers a variety of housing types at varying prices, making the neighborhood a convenient choice for college students and single professionals. Part of the charm of this lovely neighborhood is how seamlessly historic homes blend with the new.

Where is Sylvan Park located?

Sylvan Park is just beyond the 440-loop, west of downtown Nashville. This neighborhood borders the fun, hip, and happening Charlotte Avenue and is an easy 10-to-15 minute drive to the heart of downtown. Sylvan Park is also just minutes away from Midtown and Centennial Park (home of the Parthenon). One of the biggest perks of the Sylvan Park area is its proximity to 440, I-40, and other major roads that carry you through the outskirts of Nashville.

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Green Hills

What is Green Hills known for?

Green Hills offers a slice of peak suburban living just a stone’s throw away from Downtown Nashville, which makes it a rare find even in a market as diverse as Nashville. It’s truly one of the original homes of suburban swank, with delightful boutiques tucked between sprawling lawns and elegant houses. The style of living caters to Nashville’s high-powered professional class, as well as to retirees looking for a comfortable community. Combine these groups with the intellectually-inclined populations of Vandy, Belmont, and Lipscomb Universities, and you get a diverse mix of white-collar residents. What binds them all together? Their love of the exquisite Green Hill lifestyle.

Who is Green Hills a good fit for?

Green Hills is a vibrant, lively, and city-oriented area. For those wanting to reside in an area filled with energy and activity, Green Hills is an excellent choice. Because Green Hills features a safe, yet exciting environment with a variety of housing options, it is a top choice among retirees moving to the Nashville area. Green Hills is also a popular option for middle-to-upper income families and established young professionals seeking to network. It should be noted that the expense of this area may be a dealbreaker for a number of potential residents, but many consider the amenities and convenience of this area to be worth the higher cost of living.

Where is Green Hills located?

Green Hills is located only 7 miles south of downtown Nashville. Although it has a desirably close proximity to downtown, Green Hills often suffers from heavier traffic. Those who plan to commute by car and find traffic congestion stressful may want to consider this factor before settling down in this neighborhood.

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What is Bellevue known for?

Wild, wooded, and only 13 miles from downtown Nashville, Bellevue offers a lifestyle alternative to cosmopolitan living without having to sacrifice its convenience. During the 1950s, Bellevue was a simple farming community with a few shops. As it was slowly folded into the Greater Nashville real estate market the farms may have gone, but the area’s reputation as a peaceful, green shelter persisted. Today, it stands as one of Nashville’s largest and most established suburbs, and a pleasant aesthetic contrast to the bustling city life.

Who is Bellevue a good fit for?

Featuring several homes and apartments for a mid-range budget, Bellevue is an excellent location for first-time buyers, young professionals, and families with lower income. Although a longer commute into downtown Nashville, Bellevue is positioned directly in the midst of several of Tennessee’s most picturesque locations, a major perk for lovers of the outdoors. While Bellevue offers a suburban feel, potential residents shouldn’t expect a cohesively upscale vibe, nor the vibrant bustle of neighborhoods closer to the heart of downtown.

Where is Bellevue located?

Bellevue is located approximately 13 miles southwest of downtown Nashville and is situated directly adjacent to major interstate I-40. Bordered to the north by the Cumberland River and the Warner Parks to the west, Bellevue is known for its close proximity to beautiful natural areas. Both the Harpeth River and the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway run through this location as well, further adding to the serene setting.

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12 South

Who is 12 South a good fit for?

The trendy neighborhood of 12 South showcases a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Featuring several locally owned businesses, the area attracts eccentric creatives and young families. Living in 12 South is a great option for those looking to experience Nashville, Tennessee, beyond the Broadway fame.

Where is 12 South located?

The 12 South district gains its name for its location along 12th Avenue South. It sits south of Downtown Nashville, near Belmont University. 12 South also borders Hillsboro to its west and Melrose to its east. The area is small in size, expanding roughly about a half-mile. However, despite its tiny footprint, this Nashville neighborhood has a lot to offer.

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What is Hermitage known for?

Hermitage Tennessee is a neighborhood in the Nashville metro named after its marquee feature, President Andrew Jackson’s 1,100-acre plantation called “The Hermitage”. Besides being an obvious magnet for history buffs, the neighborhood’s situation along the banks of both the Cumberland River and the Percy Priest Lake make it a refuge for outdoorsmen. Hermitage’s six waterfront parks, many with trails and boat access, are an anomaly even for Nashville. Another perk of the town’s maturity is its developed restaurant district with enough tantalizing options that you might find yourself forgetting that Downtown Nashville is such an easy drive away.

Who is Hermitage a good fit for?

Hermitage may be known for its namesake, “The Hermitage,” President Andrew Jackson’s residence, but this Nashville suburb hosts young families, nature-lovers, and retirees looking for large yards and a neighborly atmosphere. This delightful neighborhood offers a small-town feel with an easy commute to downtown. Hermitage is just around the corner from some of the best hiking, kayaking, and farmer’s markets in the area. It is also a short drive to all the excitement of downtown or Long Hunter State Park.

Where is Hermitage located?

It’s hard to miss this pristine Nashville suburb while traveling on I-40. Since it is the home of Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, you will see several signs denoting the exit. But if you’re locating Hermitage on a map, it is 14 miles east of downtown Nashville and one of the furthest east neighborhoods in Davidson County.

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Old Hickory

What is Old Hickory known for?

Old Hickory, a neighborhood in the Nashville metro area is a lakeside suburb that was once a planned company town for the DuPont plant that still operates on a limited basis. Named after President Andrew Jackson whose nickname was “Old Hickory”, this neighborhood is sandwiched between the Cumberland River and Old Hickory Lake. A 20-minute drive to Downtown Nashville is convenient but many Old Hickory residents don’t find themselves making the commute that often thanks to the numerous restaurants and entertainment options in neighboring Hermitage and Madison. While its housing situation is no longer an extension of the corporate hierarchy, the neighborhood’s stratified heritage does promote a unique living situation.

Who is Old Hickory a good fit for?

This charming small town, located right off the banks of the Cumberland River, is popular amongst folks seeking access to downtown Nashville, but desiring to live in a more peaceful and tranquil setting, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With a laid-back, “lakeside town” atmosphere, many retirees enjoy settling down in this serene area, particularly in the Historic Old Hickory Village, a more suburban setting with beautifully renovated vintage houses. In recent years, this area has continued to grow in popularity as its community develops.

Where is Old Hickory located?

Situated just a few short miles southwest of the Cumberland River, Old Hickory is located approximately 16 miles northeast of downtown Nashville. Outdoor enthusiasts will be particularly drawn to this area because of its convenient river access and encompassing natural areas.

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What is Antioch known for?

Located in Davidson County, Antioch is a neighborhood in the greater Nashville metro. It may not have written the book on urban renewal, but it definitely perfected the art. Over the last decade, this residential afterthought 12 miles outside of Downtown Nashville has pulled off a nearly unprecedented resurgence. Companies like Community Health Systems, HCA, and LKQ Corp. have recently brought thousands of jobs to Antioch. These gains have helped revitalize the once-fading area, allowing neighborhoods to thrive and community fixtures—like the giant Hickory Hollow Mall—to be repurposed. Antioch is one of Nashville’s truly accessible up-and-coming neighborhoods, which allows it to maintain a uniquely diverse population and eclectic environment. Once you’ve finished your morning workout in a refinished mall, gone ice-skating a few doors down, then stopped for lunch at the Arabic market a street over, you might find that you don’t miss the conventional lifestyle.

Who is Antioch a good fit for?

Real estate mavens will tell you that this isn’t the Antioch you’re used to. What was once a slumping section of town has transformed into a haven for first-time homeowners and families looking for affordable space relatively close to downtown. Also, if you enjoy living in a diverse community with unexpected cuisines and cultural experiences, Antioch is an ideal option. A wide range of ethnicities have established communities there, and around a quarter of its residents were born in another country. Of course, you may be drawn to the thousands of job opportunities that have followed corporate development in Antioch. If that’s the case, then there’s not a more accessible community to call home.

Where is Antioch located?

Antioch is 12 miles southeast of downtown Nashville—barely over fifteen minutes from the heart of the city. Just to the west is Brentwood, while Le Vergne rests a few exits below Antioch on I-24. Percy Priest Lake, one of the Southeast’s premier urban getaways, is 5-10 miles north of town depending on your access point.

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How Strong Are The Public & Private Schools In Nashville?

Nashville and its surrounding suburbs feature some of the top public and private schools in Tennessee, making this city a popular spot for families. Take a glimpse at some options:

Top Public Schools in Nashville

Most families opt to live in Williamson County because of their highly ranked schools. Sumner County, Wilson County, and Rutherford County are the runner-ups.

Top Private Schools in Nashville

The highest-rated private schools include the University School of Nashville, The Ensworth School, and Battle Ground Academy.

Is Nashville A Safe Place To Live?

Nashville is mostly a very safe place to live. Although the crime rate is slightly higher in Nashville than in the rest of Tennessee, this is normal for most cities and is usually confined to downtown areas that can easily be avoided. There are numerous safe areas to live in and outside of Nashville that caters to all budgets.

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What Are The Most Popular Suburbs Of Nashville?


What is Brentwood known for?

Those seeking the epitome of stately southern charm just barely removed from the downtown Nashville bustle need look no further than Brentwood, one of Nashville's preeminent neighborhoods. Brentwood’s appeal is as much about convenience as it is about luxury. Located in Williamson County, Brentwood is also home to an impressive network of small local parks just south of Radnor Lake State Park and Percy Warner Park, two of Nashville's best urban recreational areas. Throw in that fifteen-minute drive to Downtown Nashville, and it’s not hard to understand why finding your dream home in Brentwood can afford to demand such a steep barrier to entry. Brentwood is not the most walkable community so most errands will require a car.

Who is Brentwood a good fit for?

Brentwood is a tranquil, peaceful suburb and features an easy commute to downtown Nashville. Although Brentwood is one of Tennessee’s most popular suburbs due to its appealing atmosphere and beautiful houses, its high cost of living makes this area most suitable for couples, retirees, and families of a middle-to-high income. Ranked #20 on’s 100 Best Places to Live in 2017, Brentwood’s charm and beautiful setting are strong pulls for potential residents.

Where is Brentwood located?

Brentwood is located approximately 10 miles directly south of Nashville and is an easy, straightforward commute. I-65 runs through the middle of Brentwood, making it simple to quickly access surrounding areas.

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What is Franklin known for?

If you’re looking for upscale homes without the hassle and traffic found near the suburbs adjacent to downtown Nashville, then Franklin is your ideal suburban experience. Split between Davidson County and Williamson County (of which Franklin is the county seat), Franklin is known for its downtown historic Victorian single-family homes and the sprawling lots with farmhouse style homes on multiple acres. Everything about Franklin sparkles with a touch of class that caters mostly to white-collar workers. Perhaps that’s why people who come to Franklin are usually there to stay. Historic downtown Franklin is known for being America's favorite main street and is lined with trendy boutiques and restaurants. Cool Springs is Franklin's main commercial center where you can find new construction single-family homes with desirable open floorplans as well as condos and townhomes.

Who is Franklin a good fit for?

Franklin offers the best of both worlds for many folks interested in making the move to Nashville. Its close proximity to the excitement of downtown, combined with its quiet, picturesque suburban life, makes this area a top choice for families, couples, and retirees with middle-upper income.

Where is Franklin located?

Franklin is located approximately 20 miles south of Nashville and is an easy, straight-forward commute to downtown.

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What is Murfreesboro known for?

Even Belle Meade might be a little jealous of Murfreesboro’s consistent ranking as one of the top places to live in the United States. Murfreesboro may be convenient—just 45 minutes southwest of Downtown Nashville—and affordable, but don’t mistake it for just another big-city bedroom community. Especially over the last two decades, people have discovered this quiet, college town, to the point that it’s not just Nashville’s largest suburb, but the sixth-largest city in the state of Tennessee with a population of 162,651. If you’re concerned that all this new growth is threatening Mufressboro’s distinctive charm, then there’s no need to worry. The city is 39 square miles but Murfreesboro’s downtown square is as pleasant as ever, and historical features like Stones River Battlefield and Oaklands Mansion continue to keep Murfreesboro a timeless residential haven.

Who is Murfreesboro a good fit for?

Because of its affordable cost of living, Murfreesboro is an excellent option for lower-income families and young professionals. Potential residents should expect a more simple, often rustic vibe in many sections of this area. However, Murfreesboro is seeing rapid growth and more upscale communities are quickly popping up every day as its popularity and resident satisfaction increases. In fact, Money Magazine named Murfreesboro #19 on its Best Places to Live in 2018.

Where is Murfreesboro located?

Murfreesboro is located approximately 34 miles southeast of downtown Nashville. It is positioned directly adjacent to major interstates I-24 and 840.

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Mount Juliet

What is Mount Juliet known for?

Located in Wilson County, the “city between the lakes” is arguably the newest darling of the Nashville commuter scene and is a quickly growing community. The school district is exemplary and while the half-hour long drive to Nashville might seem like a dealbreaker, there’s actually a commuter train line running right through town that can make the morning rush more peaceful and productive. Ultimately, it’s a residential gem new enough to have developed with modern families in mind. This often means homes in Mount Juliet enjoy modern living spaces and a desirable open floorplan design.

Who is Mount Juliet a good fit for?

Known to locals as “The City Between the Lakes,” Mt. Juliet is becoming an increasingly popular spot to reside. Mt. Juliet is located in Wilson County, the 49th fastest-growing county in the nation, and continues to see upward growth as brand-new communities are built. This area’s popularity is due in large part to its desirable mix of outdoor recreation, suburban living, and city access - appealing to a wide variety of age groups, including young professionals, families, and retirees. With a 15% employment increase in 2015 and still rising, it’s no surprise ranked Mt. Juliet #22 on its “50 Best Places to Live in 2020.”

Where is Mount Juliet located?

Located approximately 20 miles east of downtown Nashville, residents of Mount Juliet have the significant advantage of easy access to major interstate I-40, which passes directly through the area. Additionally, the Nashville International Airport is situated only 13 miles away, a convenient perk for residents who are frequent travelers. Outdoor enthusiasts will particularly appreciate Mt. Juliet’s location - sandwiched between the Cumberland River to the north and Percy Priest Lake to the south.

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Spring Hill

What is Spring Hill known for?

Rather than try to be all things to all people, Spring Hill embraces its role as a sanctuary for families in the Nashville Metro area. At the turn of the 21st Century, Spring Hill was barely a footnote on the Nashville real estate scene. As families started to get word of this affordable haven just south of Franklin and neighboring Thompson’s Station, though, Spring Hill became the next big thing in suburban Nashville real estate. Over the past two decades, Spring Hill has more than quintupled in size to become the 27,039 person community it is today. Spring Hill is split between Williamson County and Maury County. When searching for the perfect home in Spring Hill, this is an important distinction and will determine important factors such as school district, home prices, and county taxes.

Who is Spring Hill a good fit for?

Spring Hill combines the best of Tennessee’s rural beauty with suburban, down-home charm. Ranked #12 on Niche’s “2018 Best Places to Live in Tennessee,” this area is becoming an increasingly popular spot to settle down. Because of its peaceful atmosphere and picturesque environment, Spring Hill has been recognized by the American Association of Retirement Communities as an ideal area for retirees. Brand-new suburban communities continue to sprout up throughout Spring Hill as its desirability grows.

Where is Spring Hill located?

Located approximately 20 miles east of downtown Nashville, residents of Mount Juliet have the significant advantage of easy access to major interstate I-40, which passes directly through the area. Additionally, the Nashville International Airport is situated only 13 miles away, a convenient perk for residents who are frequent travelers. Outdoor enthusiasts will particularly appreciate Mt. Juliet’s location - sandwiched between the Cumberland River to the north, and Percy Priest Lake to the south.

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