2022 Guide For Moving To Nashville

With its thriving professional career scene, safe environment, booming economy, and enriching culture, it's no surprise that Nashville was named as the 10th most popular city to move to in the United States. Ranked #11 on Forbes' Cities With the Best Cost of Living and the 2016 winner of Travel and Leisure's Friendliest City, Nashville could very well become your new home! We've compiled a list to help you consider the best options for finding your perfect Nashville fit.

“We are the friendliest, warmest, and most welcoming city in America. We’re diverse. We’re progressive. But we’re also pro-business. We still have that small town feel with lots of small businesses that are bringing their creativity and passion here, and it creates this unique culture that you don’t find anywhere else in America.” - Marion Barry, former mayor of Nashville

Why Do Tourists Flock to Music City?

Country Music

Located in the heart of Nashville, Broadway attracts thousands of tourists every year. Country music fans flock to this bustling strip that comes to life on weekend nights. From the classic, old-time country of Robert's Western World to the danceable, modern pop/country of the Florida Georgia Line House, Broadway is the staple of country culture in the United States and a must-visit for many tourists.

Tourists further interested in delving deeper into country music can visit the historic Grand Ole Opry and tour the iconic exhibits in The Country Music Hall of Fame.

Bridgestone Arena

Not only is Bridgestone Arena the location of the biggest concerts in Tennessee - from Elton John to Taylor Swift - this massive arena is also home to Nashville's increasingly famous hockey team, The Predators. With its impressive architectural design and massive draw, it's no wonder Bridgestone is ranked in the Top 20 for arena ticket sales in the world.

Celebration Central

Tourists frequently make Nashville their destination to celebrate life events of all kinds. In fact, Nashville now outranks Las Vegas as the #1 bachelorette destination. While Broadway is often the main attraction for party-goers, many tourists choose to instead hop aboard the General Jackson Showboat as another way to celebrate special events.

Tennessee Titans

Sports-lovers from out of town frequently make the journey to Nashville just to catch a game at Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans. The stadium is exceedingly convenient for locals to access as well, making Nashville quite alluring for football fans.


Because Nashville harbors a relaxed, down-home environment, many high-profile celebrities wander around the neighborhoods and mix with the locals without much notice. Keith Urban, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and Dolly Parton all have homes in Nashville for good reason - they get to escape from the public eye and live an easy-going life in a charming city. Many tourists love occasionally getting a glimpse of celebs in their "natural," everyday environment.


Located a little over 3 hours from Nashville, Dollywood is a fan-favorite of theme park enthusiasts from all over the country. Tourists love feeling more connected to the legacy of Dolly Parton at this Top 10 Tennessee attraction.

What Do Locals Love About Nashville?

Nashville has quickly risen to become one of the most coveted cities in the United States to reside in. With an astonishingly low unemployment rate of 3.3%, Nashville has seen nearly 100 people move in every day since 2019. What's the reason for this sudden burst of both economic and population growth? The answer lies in the high quality of life and consistent satisfaction of the locals.

Green Spaces

Despite its urban environment, Nashville features several lovely parks to take a break from the bustling city life. Centennial Park features a full-scale replica of The Parthenon, outdoor Shakespeare performances and big-band swing dancing in the summertime, and beautiful lakeside walking trails that offer plenty of tranquil picnicking spots.

The nearby Sevier Park is a favorite for young people, as it is only a few blocks away from Belmont University and a short drive from Vanderbilt University.

In downtown Nashville, Cumberland Park has an outdoor music venue with free live performances, a small rock climbing wall, and playground for children, and picturesque spots to relax by the Cumberland River.

Trendy Hotspots

From its hip coffee shops, unique and eclectic stores, and charming strips such as 12 Ave and 21 Ave S, Nashville is filled with exciting activities to constantly keep locals interested and invested in their hometown. Young professionals especially enjoy the vibrantly authentic culture, quirky environment, and appealing chic atmosphere.

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On the weekend, locals love to relax atop Nashville's rooftop bars that provide a stunning sunset view of the city's iconic, ever-heightening skyscraper skyline. While tourists may head to Broadway, locals prefer the vibes of hidden gems such as L27 Rooftop Lounge, L.A. Jackson, and ACME Feed and Seed.

Vibrant Live Music Scene

Country music certainly isn't the sole genre of music in Nashville. Pop, rock, jazz, and indie music also thrive in this city of musical variety. Ryman Auditorium, The City Winery, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and Ascend Amphitheater host diverse acts from all over the country. Folks looking for a more intimate experience can discover smaller, upcoming bands hoping to catch their big break at Rudy's Jazz Room, The Bluebird Cafe, Exit/In, 3rd and Lindsley, and The Basement.

Easy Access to Beautiful State Parks

Not only are Percy Priest and Radnor Lake just a short drive away for hiking, boating, fishing, and biking enthusiasts, Nashville is also within a 2-3 hour drive of some of Tennessee's most stunning state parks. Be sure to visit Cummins Falls, Long Hunter State Park, Fall Creek Falls, and of course, the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

New Restaurants

Nashville is well-known for its incredible diversity and quality of cuisine. Folks can easily find authentic Mexican, Korean, Chinese, and Italian food in Nashville's surrounding area. Many unique dessert shops - including edible cookie dough and exotic ice cream flavors - are local fan-favorites.

Is Nashville Good For College Students And Young Professionals?

Nashville is a city where young professionals come to jumpstart their careers, especially in their pursuit of a degree. Here are some of the top universities:

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt is renowned for its outstanding programs in the sciences and medical fields. Young people aspiring to follow paths of biomedical research, nursing, and all other medical fields often consider Vanderbilt to be a top choice. Whether pursuing a bachelor's or Ph.D., Vanderbilt is known as one of the highest-ranked universities in the nation.

Belmont University

This beautiful school is known as one of the top universities for music and the arts. With televised performances on PBS, celebrity alumni, and access to recording studios, it's no wonder Belmont was listed within the Top 25 on Niche's Best Colleges for Music in America. Additionally, Belmont's Music Business program was recognized by Billboard Magazine.


Middle Tennessee State offers a variety of majors to suit diversified interests. A unique aspect of MTSU is its partnerships with Delta Airlines and the Marine Corps, providing excellent enrichment for prospective aerospace and engineering students. MTSU is also involved in Nashville's music scene and has a particularly strong Recording Arts program for aspiring audio engineers.

How Is The Cost Of Living In Nashville?

When calculating the cost of living, we most often use a Cost of Living Index which combines numerous factors - including housing price, rent, utilities, insurance, and groceries - to compare geographical areas. The average Index is 100 - above or below this number can indicate a higher or lower cost of living than the average.

Which Neighborhood in Nashville Has A High Cost of Living?

Upscale Nashville neighborhoods often trend towards a high cost of living. These areas especially include Franklin, Brentwood, The Gulch, Green Hills, Germantown, and downtown Nashville. Affordable options are certainly possible, but much more difficult to snag.

Which Neighborhood in Nashville Has A Low Cost of Living?

Neighborhoods slightly farther outside of Nashville tend to have a lower cost of living. These neighborhoods include Murfreesboro, Antioch, Old Hickory, and Donelson.

What's the Real Estate Like?

The average price of a single-family home in Nashville is approximately $474,939.

What Are The Popular Job Opportunities In Nashville?

Healthcare Industry

Due to Vanderbilt's strong presence, Nashville is a hotspot for medical professionals. Esteemed opportunities in surgery, pediatrics, anesthesiology, research, and internal medicine are plentiful and highly-sought by some of the nation's most talented medical professionals.

Corporate Hub

The Nashville area is home to several prominent company headquarters. Nissan, AllianceBernstein, Amazon, Dollar General, Cracker Barrel, and iHeartMedia all have HQs in the Nashville area, generating a significant number of jobs opportunities and continuing to foster Nashville's booming job market.

Entertainment Industry

Because of Nashville's reputation as "Music City," singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists move from across the country to jumpstart their music careers in Nashville. This also means that business job opportunities in the arts - law, copywrite, management, publicity, licensing, filmmaking, photography, and graphic design - are extremely plentiful.

Real Estate & Realtors

Ever since Nashville earned the title of "Nowville," this in-demand city has become one of the best places for real estate careers.

How Strong Are The Public & Private Schools In Nashville?

Nashville and its surrounding suburbs feature some of the top public and private schools in Tennessee, making this city a popular spot for families. Take a glimpse at some options:

Top Public Schools in Nashville

Most families opt to live in Williamson County because of their highly ranked schools. Sumner County, Wilson County, and Rutherford County are the runner-ups.

Top Private Schools in Nashville

The highest-rated private schools include the University School of Nashville, The Ensworth School, and Battle Ground Academy.

Is Nashville A Safe Place To Live?

Nashville is mostly a very safe place to live. Although the crime rate is slightly higher in Nashville than in the rest of Tennessee, this is normal for most cities and is usually confined to downtown areas that can easily be avoided. There are numerous safe areas to live in and outside of Nashville that caters to all budgets.

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Nashville FAQs

Q. How's the public transportation in Nashville?

A. Nashville's main source of public transportation is its bus services. However, commuting by car is by far the easiest, most common method of getting around the area. Those interested in moving to Nashville should be fully prepared to commute with their own vehicle.

Q. Is it worth moving to Nashville?

A. Most locals would answer this question with a resounding "yes." Everyone has different needs, but with Nashville's winning combination of economic growth, opportunity, culture, and housing variety, this vibrant city could very well be your next home!

Q. What salary do you need to live comfortably in Nashville?

A. Short answer: It depends. Nashville's cost of living is 101.4 which is a bit higher than the average of 100. However, it's important to break down the expenses and determine where money can be saved to drop yourself below this average. For example, Nashville's healthcare costs and utilities are lower than average, while housing pricing is higher than average. If you're on a budget, compromising by moving 20-30 minutes outside downtown can save you a fair amount of money.

Keeping all this in mind, the median household income is about $60,000.

Q. Who is moving to Nashville?

A. With no exaggeration, almost everyone. Families, young professionals, and retirees are all moving to Nashville.

Q. Why is Nashville called Music City?

A. Nashville gets this moniker from its thriving music scene that makes it one of the most vibrant hotspots for music in the world.

Q. If I'm a huge fan of country music, should I move to Nashville?

A. If you love country music, Nashville will be a very attractive option for you! There's no other city so inseparably linked with the foundations of country music.

Q. What's the weather like in Nashville?

A. Nashville has a fairly mild climate, making this region very amenable to most folks. Winters aren't bitterly cold, and while summers can be humid, they aren't unbearable. Nashville's median high is around 75 degrees with the low around 49, an agreeable average.

Q. What is Nashville famous for?

A. Many things! Live music of all varieties, hockey, entertainment, universities, celebrities, bachelorettes, family activities, and so much more!

Q. What are the top things to do in Nashville?

A. There are endless possibilities! Catch a live show on Broadway, visit The Adventure Science Center or Nashville Zoo, stop in at one of the many museums, walk the pedestrian bridge, catch an indie film at The Belcourt, paddle the Cumberland, and so much more!

Q. What is the population of Nashville?

A. The current population is approximately 1,272,000 and steadily increasing at about 2% each year.

Q. Is Nashville a big city?

A. Nashville is a midsize city - as in, not on the overwhelming scope of New York or LA!

Q. What are the best new restaurants in Nashville?

A. Start out with Party Fowl, Sopapilla's, Villalba, Plaza Mariachi, Bartaco, The Grilled Cheeserie, Coco's Italian Market, and Urban Grub. There are countless more to try! Click here for just a sample of more options.

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