2024's Top 6 Nashville Neighborhoods for Singles & Young Professionals

Nashville may be known for being home to the country music scene, but is it a place where you can enjoy life when you're single or as a young professional? Absolutely! Many young people are attracted to Nashville’s rich culture, thriving local economy, and prestigious colleges and universities.

If you’re considering moving to Music City there are plenty of hip neighborhoods you can make your own. Where should you look for your next home as a young professional or a single moving to Nashville? Scroll to the bottom of this article for our local insights on the 6 best Nashville neighborhoods for singles.

Here Are The Top Nashville Neighborhoods For Singles And Young Professionals

Downtown Nashville

Image of the Broadway Honky Tonks in Downtown Nashville

What is Downtown Nashville known for?

Nashville isn’t the birthplace of country music, but it’s where the genre has put down the deepest roots; and downtown might as well be center stage. Perhaps the most famous of the Southeast’s iconic downtowns pulses with the energy of a Merle Haggard melody. It’s the main attraction for Nashville’s nearly 15 million visitors per year, the heart and soul of the Music City. Downtown is more than just the bars off Broadway, however. The area between I-65 and the Cumberland River, terminating at Jefferson Street, includes eight distinct neighborhoods that each provide a different taste of downtown living. Between and within these residential areas is a seemingly endless collection of cultural hotspots, historical landmarks, and event spaces. Basically, whatever you’re looking for can probably be found in this signature southern city center.

Who is Downtown Nashville a good fit for?

Downtown Nashville offers a front-row seat to Music City’s famous action and entertainment. If you’re drawn to the everyday, energetic city vibes, then living downtown is perfect for you. Nashville’s vibrant city hub attracts many youthful professionals and singles. Living within the busy city center is also great for young couples without kids.

Where is Downtown Nashville located?

Downtown Nashville lies in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. While there is no definitive neighborhood map, the downtown area stretches over 10 blocks down the popular Broadway strip. Bordering south of the downtown district are The Gulch and Sobro. Further north of the city center is Germantown, and across the Cumberland River sits East Nashville.

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The Gulch


Who is The Gulch a good fit for?

In the early 2000s, Nashville’s former industrial area began its modern-day transformation. Since then, the location has developed into one of the city’s most premier neighborhoods - The Gulch. The reinvented urban center attracts young professionals, food connoisseurs, and metropolitan lovers. Due to the profound city-like vibe, The Gulch may not be ideal for everyone, such as families raising kids.

Where is The Gulch located?

Situated south of Nashville’s Downtown district, The Gulch is only a short walk from the iconic Broadway bars. The convenient location features two bordering interstates, I-65 and I-40, making the urban hotspot easily accessible. Although densely populated, The Gulch is relatively small in size, expanding no more than a couple miles in total.

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East Nashville

Drone image of East Nashville

What is East Nashville known for?

Downtown Nashville gets most of the headlines, but many locals will tell you that East Nashville is the best spot in the city. It may be just a walk across the bridge from Downtown, but it cultivates a low-key cosmopolitan lifestyle that pairs urban living with a neighborhood feel. While purists would argue that this district is limited to just a few original neighborhoods such as Lockeland Springs and the 5 Points area, modern conceptions of East Nashville include the real estate between I-24 and the Cumberland River until they hit the Briley Parkway. Many of Nashville’s most walkable neighborhoods, like East End and Historic Edgefield, call this area home.

Who is East Nashville a good fit for?

Recognized as a hipster haven, East Nashville flourishes in its artistic energy and immense culture. The area is a thriving hotspot amongst many creative artists and local musicians. It’s ideal for those who resonate with eccentric vibes and enjoy living a laid-back lifestyle. East Nashville’s diversity and unconventional atmosphere are some of the many reasons locals love calling this neighborhood home.

Where is East Nashville located?

As its name suggests, you’ll find East Nashville located directly east of Nashville’s downtown center, separated by the Cumberland River. As one of the largest neighborhoods in Nashville, Tennessee, it is often noted as a city within a city.

The area stretches over 3 zip codes and features many sub-neighborhoods, including:

  • Inglewood: The largest district, showcasing several renowned restaurants and shops.

  • Lockeland Springs: The historic area and home to many Instagram-worthy spots.

  • Five Points: Known as the commercial center of East Nashville.

  • East End: Bordered with Five Points and is very walkable.

  • East Hill: Affordable, new construction, and offers easy access to Ellington Parkway.

  • Eastwood Neighbors: An area favorite, serving as a hub for many local residents.

  • Greenwood: An oasis for hidden neighborhood gems.

  • Cleveland Park: An emerging center, undergoing substantial growth, and development.

  • Historic Edgefield: A charming region, known for beautiful, Victorian-style homes.

  • McFerrin Park: Sits close to downtown and is experiencing extensive growth.

  • Rolling Acres: Walking distance to Shelby Golf Course.

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The Nations

Image of Old Man Mural in The Nations, Nashville

Who is The Nations a good fit for?

In some ways, The Nations is one of Nashville’s best kept secrets for active young professionals. The Nations is a highly desirable neighborhood for young families, as well. This neighborhood has undergone quite the change over the past decade. While it still retains some of its industrial aesthetic, this area has become one of the hippest and exclusive areas for residents looking for a friendly community, walkable breweries, and a short commute downtown.

Where is The Nations located?

The Nations is ten minutes west of downtown Nashville, tucked north of I-40 and south of the Cumberland River. This small yet contemporary neighborhood is located just north of the historic and established neighborhood of Sylvan Park. Those attending Vanderbilt or working nearby appreciate the short drive, which is often under ten minutes and includes various alternate routes that allow them to avoid the interstate.

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Who is Germantown a good fit for?

Germantown in Nashville, Tennessee reflects the perfect blend of urban and historic charm. Named for its early German settlers, the neighborhood has since transformed into a diverse melting pot. Germantown offers a mix of new and old architecture, appealing to a range of residents. The classic Victorian-style homes draw in many families to the area. Whereas the modern, new construction attracts more youthful creatives.

Where is Germantown located?

The 18-block historic district sits north of Nashville’s downtown area. Separating the two neighborhoods is the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. Germantown borders the Cumberland River to its east and the Buena Vista neighborhood to its west. Further north, you’ll reach Salemtown and North Nashville, an up-and-coming area focused on the Arts.

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Hillsboro Village

Image of Hillsboro Village Dragon Mural in Hillsboro-West End, Nashville

What is Hillsboro Village known for?

The Hillsboro Village neighborhood is a dynamic area that offers something for nearly everyone. With close proximity to Nashville’s largest universities and downtown.

Who is Hillsboro Village a good fit for?

Hillsboro - West End is a thriving community of young professionals and university students. This area is also bustling with young families alongside Nashville long-time residents that have stayed put and embraced the ever-changing personality of this area.

Where is Hillsboro Village located?

One of the biggest draws of the Hillsboro Village neighborhood is its prime location. You can easily get to Hillsboro Village via 440, I-40, or I-65. You can also take West End Avenue or Charlotte Avenue directly downtown and arrive within minutes. This happening area is just west of Music Row and immediately southwest of downtown Nashville. Do you want to find Hillsboro Village on the map? Look for Vanderbilt University. It’s at the heart of the Hillsboro Village area.

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12 South

Who is 12 South a good fit for?

The trendy neighborhood of 12 South showcases a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Featuring several locally owned businesses, the area attracts eccentric creatives and young families. Living in 12 South is a great option for those looking to experience Nashville, Tennessee, beyond the Broadway fame.

Where is 12 South located?

The 12 South district gains its name for its location along 12th Avenue South. It sits south of Downtown Nashville, near Belmont University. 12 South also borders Hillsboro to its west and Melrose to its east. The area is small in size, expanding roughly about a half-mile. However, despite its tiny footprint, this Nashville neighborhood has a lot to offer.

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Why Is Nashville A Great City For Millennials And Gen Zers?

Many Nashville neighborhoods boast increasing points of interest for millennials and Gen Zers. From greenways to farmers’ markets and upscale second-hand stores, Nashville keeps its residents busy, enjoying an easy-going lifestyle. In the most popular neighborhoods for young professionals, you will find breweries, taco joints, and bars within walking distance.

Additionally, Vanderbilt, Lipscomb, Fisk, Belmont, Trevecca, Nashville State, and many other colleges attract students and the businesses that come along with the college lifestyle. As Gen Zers and millennials graduate, they are greeted with plenty of opportunities awaiting them.

For those wanting to experience a greener lifestyle, neighborhoods like The Gulch are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified.

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Nashville's Nightlife Has Something For Everyone From Touristy Honky Tonks To Local Bars And Trendy Restaurants

For young residents making a splash in the workforce and looking for a bit of fun, Nashville is home to plenty of bars, clubs, honky tonks, and restaurants. If you want to grab a drink, chat with new people, and meet other young professionals, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. There are also a great array of spots to grab a beer or a foodie-worthy meal and unwind after a stressful day.

What Are Some Of The Top Spots For Nightlife In Nashville?

Whether you’re looking to sip a mixed drink or grab a beer while listening to live music, you won’t be short of choices in Nashville. Some of the best spots for nightlife include The Gulch, which is tucked between downtown and Music Row and is home to Bar Louie and Gertie’s Bar.

Many locals also enjoy walking the 12 South area, where they can stop at fun restaurants and bars such as The Filling Station, Bartaco, and Bottle Cap.

Germantown has nearly too many great bars to list, but if you’re in the area, you will want to check out some of these unique spots: Mother’s Ruin, The Back Corner (a bar and club that’s open late for night owls), and Green Hour.

The Nations offers a more laid-back vibe with neighborhood breweries, including Harding House Brewing Co. and Fat Bottom Brewing.

If you’re in East Nashville, you will experience a more artsy and younger bar scene. For an unforgettable night out, East Nashville offers 3 Crow Bar, Attaboy, and The Crying Wolf.

Nashville Is A City That Loves The Outdoors

Nashville has a reputation for feeling more like a small town than a big city in most respects. Its green spaces reflect this. You will still find plenty of places to enjoy the great outdoors. The two most popular places to hike within the city limits are Percy Warner Park and Radnor Lake State Park. Both offer a variety of scenic trails and wildlife. As for parks, Centennial Park is a prime spot for having a picnic, taking photos, and enjoying the fresh air.

Just beyond town, the hiking spots are nearly unlimited. Marcella Vivrette Park is a top choice for trail running, and The Trails at Fontanel offer an ideal dog walking spot.

For those that really want to escape the city and get lost in nature, there are short trails leading to waterfalls and longer trails of varying difficulty. Twin Falls and Burgess Falls Trail are both about an hour and a half away from downtown and offer magical scenes. Fall Creek Falls is a must-see for anyone living in or near Nashville. In fact, this fantastic state park is worth visiting every season as the breathtaking scenery evolves from burgeoning green to brilliant fall color and frigid icy natural architecture.

Nashville's Economy Is Booming

Nashville remains a young and growing city with economic opportunities in diverse industries. Amazon, Asurion, AllianceBernstein, Oracle, Bridgestone, iHeartMedia, and Tractor Supply are all headquartered or have a large presence in Nashville. HCA Healthcare, a Fortune 500 company, also calls Nashville “home.”

And while these major companies will continue to encourage healthy economic growth, new Fortune 500 companies continue to move to The Music City. NTT Data is one of the newest to join the city’s thriving economy.

Nashville also offers abundant opportunities in its historic and well-established music industry along with publishing, tourism, healthcare, technology, advertising, and the growing food scene. As more and more companies allow employees to work from home, Nashville becomes an even more popular choice for young professionals.

Nashville Is Events Galore From Music To Sports And Everything In Between

It’s likely no surprise to you that Nashville hosts a plethora of live music shows throughout the year. But did you know that Nashville offers sporting events and arts events throughout the year? The Country Music Awards are also hosted in downtown Nashville annually.

As home to the Titans, you can catch a football game. If hockey is your thing, the Nashville Predators have a huge fan following in the city. The Nashville Soccer Club is the newest kid on the block when it comes to Nashville sports, but this Major League Soccer team is really kicking the fun into high gear.

And if country music isn’t your jam, you will find a diverse mixture of music venues featuring an array of genres. Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is an easy one-hour drive southeast of the city.

As for those interested in the arts, the monthly Downtown Art Crawl is unbeatable. You will also want to experience the revolving shows at The Frist and the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.

Nashville Is An Affordable City, Depending On Who You Ask

Owning a home in Nashville is still an achievable dream. Unlike Los Angeles and New York City, Nashville residents can experience home ownership and even afford lawns. The average home price in the Nashville city limits is $474,939. Those looking for a lower mortgage or a more expansive yard often go beyond Nashville-proper and find a home in the mid-$300,000s.

Nashville locals also appreciate the fact that the low cost of living in a big city affords them the opportunity to enjoy all the activities the city has to offer.

For young professionals and singles that may not need as large of a home (or have the free time to mow a lawn), there are plenty of attractive, modern, and convenient townhomes and condos in Nashville that will not break the budget. These housing options often range between $200,000 and $300,000.

Davidson County property tax rates are .82%, which means you will pay just over $4,000 for the average home and $2,000 for a townhome.

With no state income tax, Tennessee residents get to keep more of their income in their pockets. Local taxes also won’t break the bank, at 7% state sales tax with another 2.25% county tax within Davidson County.

Nashville offers diverse home types, affordable events, and an easy way of life for those lucky enough to live in the Music City.

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