Moving to Nashville Alone: Tips for Making Friends in Music City

Choosing to move to an entirely new city is like hitting the refresh button on life. Although thrilling, the nerves quickly set in. One of the biggest worries tends to be how to meet new people - especially if moving alone.

Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S, with nearly 82 people moving here each day! If you’re becoming a part of this rapid transplant population, we’ve got all the tips you need for meeting new people and finding your fit right here in Music City. We’re also sharing some of the best neighborhoods suitable for those new to Nashville and looking to socialize. Lastly, we’ll highlight a few Nashville activities and places to enjoy with your new friends.

Don’t worry - it’s normal to be nervous! Be yourself, have fun, and try out these different ways to meet people if you’re moving to Nashville alone.

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The App Approach

Apps aren’t just for dating. They are also a great way to meet new friends. Of course, you’ll want to use one designated for finding friends to avoid mixed messages, but there are a variety of options. Most of the friendship apps are free to use, and top platforms include Meetup, Yubo, Bumble BFF, Nextdoor, Friender, and Hey! VINA.

Although the details of each app may vary slightly, the processes are all relatively similar. It allows you to virtually connect with like-minded people, which leads to in-person meetups, followed by new friendships. In the same notion of online dating, you’ll begin by creating a short bio of yourself and your interests. Next, the selection or swipe process begins for finding potential friend matches. Depending on how a conversation flows, you can plan for an in-person meetup.

Friendship apps are becoming increasingly popular, especially for those new to an area. The platforms that originated as dating apps often have a broader user base, but the niche apps are also fun. While you’ll always have some skeptics, using a friendship app is a great place to start.

Leveraging Social Media

If you’re on the fence about friendship apps, another option for connecting with new friends virtually is through social media. Facebook groups are a great way to meet like-minded local people. Two popular Facebook groups for the Nashville community are Hip Nashville and YEP Nashville. The platforms are great for networking, discovering city events, and meeting new friends. Additionally, you can browse local Facebook groups based on interests and activities. Since it is Music City, you can count on finding several community groups for those musically inclined. However, there are also a variety of Facebook pages for those interested in yoga, running, and other sports activities. If using Facebook is not your thing, you can even check out similar accounts available on Instagram.

Friends In Common

One of the great aspects of living in a big city, like Nashville, is you likely have a common connection with someone already living here. Reach out to your family and friends and see if anyone has a friend or even a friend of a friend that currently lives in the area. You can even take to social media for suggestions on introductions of a mutual connection. With a little bit of effort, it can be surprising how much you can leverage your current social circle.

Local Watering Holes

This next tip requires stepping out of your comfort zone - especially for introverts. However, a great way to meet new people is by checking out the local hotspots. We get it, online shopping is great. However, if you’re wanting to meet friends, consider checking out the local shops in your area instead. Spend time discovering neighborhood bars, restaurants, and local music venues. While you might meet more hi-bye friends in these types of settings, you never know who you’ll connect with.

Nashville also has an abundance of neighborhood parks. Find out what’s nearby your home and spend some time relaxing in the outdoors. If you have a dog, be sure to bring them along too. A shared love for pets is one of the easiest ways to connect with a new acquaintance.

Neighborhood Activities

When you’re first moving into an area, make an effort to meet your neighbors. Consider inviting them over for a casual housewarming party or get-together. If you’re friendly, polite, and show a genuine interest in them, making friends becomes a lot easier.

Stop in at your local coffee shop. You’ll likely find a variety of flyers and business cards of activities happening within the community. You can even discover possible clubs to join. Several Nashville neighborhoods also offer weekly farmer’s markets. Not only is this a great way to support the local community, but you can meet a variety of people who live in the area.

What are some fun activities around Nashville you can do with your new friends?

When forming a new social circle, you’ll likely be on the hunt for fun activities to do with your new pals. Luckily for you, Nashville offers countless options suitable for everyone. You can spend a day checking out the beautiful Cheekwood Botanical Gardens or hiking at Percy Warner Park. If you’d prefer to look a nature from afar, head over to one of Nashville’s popular rooftop bars. Both L27 and L.A. Jackson offer picturesque views of the city and surrounding rolling hills.

You can also find great happy hour deals in almost every Nashville neighborhood. A few favorites include those at Butchertown Hall, Nicky’s Coal Fired, and Saint Anejo’s. While on the topic of Nashville restaurants, you’ll for sure want to plan a Sunday Funday brunch with your new friends. Popular hotspots include Liberty Common, Hampton Social, and The Sutler.

Which Nashville Neighborhoods Are The Best For Meeting New People?

Nashville is home to a variety of different neighborhoods. If you’re new to Music City and strive to socialize with the locals, it’ll be best to live in the heart of the action. These neighborhoods are great for singles and young professionals. They also appeal to those looking to experience Nashville for its fame and glory.

The Nashville neighborhoods best for meeting new people feature clusters of bars, restaurants, shops, and other local businesses. They’re all pretty walkable too, making exploring your new community that much easier. If you’re planning on moving to Nashville, be sure to check out these top neighborhoods for meeting new people:

The Nations

The Nations is 10 minutes west of Nashville’s downtown area. Over the recent years, the neighborhood has undergone a tremendous amount of change and is one of Nashville’s fastest-growing areas. Many even consider it to be one of the city’s hidden gems. You’ll find plenty of local bars, restaurants, and shops to frequent for meeting new friends.

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East Nashville

Located across the Cumberland River is the popular neighborhood of East Nashville. This is the largest neighborhood found in Nashville and contains several “sub-neighborhoods” within its boundaries. Similar to the Nations, East Nashville underwent a vast transformation, although on a much broader scale. The neighborhood now attracts local creatives, artists, and musicians. Stop in at one of the many quaint coffee shops in the area to find out what’s going on locally. You can also head over to a unique cocktail bar or lounge to socialize with others.

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The Gulch

The Gulch is another great option for those wanting to live in a lively and social neighborhood. It provides a city-like atmosphere and is extremely walkable. The area is home to a number of fitness studios and gyms, which is an excellent way to meet new friends. The majority of the home types in The Gulch are apartment complexes or high-rise condominiums. These types of residences often host community events, which is another great opportunity for meeting new friends that live in the building.

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Germantown is a popular neighborhood for many Nashville newcomers. This neighborhood offers a wide selection of renowned restaurants that serve as a playground for meeting other locals. The area consists of both historic homes and new construction, so it appeals to a variety of people. The neighborhood is also home to one of Nashville’s best farmer’s markets located at the Bicentennial Capitol Mall Park. The market is open daily, but you’re likely to meet more people during the busier weekend days.

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12 South

A trendy neighborhood perfect for those new to Nashville is 12 South. It’s a great fit for those looking to experience the Nashville notoriety, hence the newbies, but on a smaller scale. You’ll want to check out the local restaurants and boutiques for an opportunity to meet others who live in the area. 12 South is also home to Sevier Park, which serves as a popular destination for a number of community events.

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Final Piece Of Advice

Although on its surface Nashville can seem like a big city where people keep to themselves, if you’re friendly, polite, and put yourself out there, you’ll be sure to experience Nashville’s famous southern hospitality. Being nervous is normal, but don’t forget to have fun, and you’ll find your social circle in no time.

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